Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quickie "TAT"

Ate at a Golden Corral today in Burleson, TX.   Got my 1st food plate  (the salad came first, but there is some discussion on whether salad is food).

Walking back to the table, I passed a 20 something yr old girl with a low cut blouse - 2 tiny straps.  Alongside her was her big, burly tattoooooood  boyfriend.  They had plates piled high and deep.

Across her chest - in bold script - was the word   O S C A R --- Yes, acros her chest, written in a "TAT" script, the word Oscar.   I quickly looked the other direction (did I mention her boyfriend was big?)  

The question:   Was this big guy named Oscar?    Remember that one of my weinee dogs is named Oscar.  Does this girl have a thing for my boy Oscar?   I think she is too old for him   I didn't ask her.

There is no explaining some people and their brains.  I have made stupid decisions in the past.  But, this one I have never made.

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