Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fritz vs snake

We think Fritz has been bitten by a snake. He is lethargic, mouth too sore to eat hard things, etc. Gave him a benedryl.

Went in the back yard and moved the storm drain outlet - there was a little cottonmouth snake - big enough apparently. It got the shovel treatment and no longer glares at us.  

Fritz vs Snake,  Fritz lost.
Snake vs Shovel,  Snake lost.

Poor Fritz. He is resting now. Of course it is the weekend and Vets are hard to find around here. Benedryl it is.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quickie "TAT"

Ate at a Golden Corral today in Burleson, TX.   Got my 1st food plate  (the salad came first, but there is some discussion on whether salad is food).

Walking back to the table, I passed a 20 something yr old girl with a low cut blouse - 2 tiny straps.  Alongside her was her big, burly tattoooooood  boyfriend.  They had plates piled high and deep.

Across her chest - in bold script - was the word   O S C A R --- Yes, acros her chest, written in a "TAT" script, the word Oscar.   I quickly looked the other direction (did I mention her boyfriend was big?)  

The question:   Was this big guy named Oscar?    Remember that one of my weinee dogs is named Oscar.  Does this girl have a thing for my boy Oscar?   I think she is too old for him   I didn't ask her.

There is no explaining some people and their brains.  I have made stupid decisions in the past.  But, this one I have never made.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quickie - 8/21/11

I was sitting and thinking...(you can make more of that later, if you wish)

Remembering my mother, she had several things she said which were colorful...Raised in the back country of Oklahoma, she was never from a rich family...or the Emily Post main groupies.   Someday, I'll write more on the family.

One of her sayings was   Shizzlin Grits.

...someone has the Shizzlin Grits

(think diarhea and then, this makes more sense)

I heard it more when there was a baby in tow - babies fill diapers often
and with that I close my quickie

Friday, August 19, 2011

Abby, the dog

We bought our lake lot back in 2006 or 2007, I forget which.   It was nothing but trees and grass.  The previous owner had built a sea wall and a boat slip.   The sea wall has proved to be fine, but the boat slip is a snake pit...somethings look good on paper.

There is a nice house on the westerly side of our house.  There was a family in there with a teenage daughter and a couple of young kids.  These kids wanted to talk  and bother all the time.  Who knows about the teenage daughter; she was never home.

Our lot was covered with bermuda.  The rules of the home owners asso. said all lots had to be mowed, so within a few months we got a John Deere riding mower which we used on the lot as often as necessary.   In the meantime, we cleaned up the lot and started putting new boards back on the walkway of the boat slip.

These neighbors had a fairly new puppy - named Abby - a beagle.  She was sweet.  The water level was down and I stood on the dry lake bottom to work on the boat slip.   Abby would come see me.  She would stand on the top level and put her front paws on my shoulders - looking me square in the eye.  She was a fun puppy and enjoyed playing with our 3 dogs.   The were all buds.

We left the area for half a year - I had the mistaken idea that I wanted to go back into teaching - boy did I pick the wrong school for a return.    We came back in February, winter season.   The neighbors had moved out - who knows where they went.

Here is the catch - when they moved, they left Abby behind.  That sweet little dog had no home.  Some people down the hill, around the corner, and up the the way, took Abby in.   I just cannot understand how ANYONE could move and leave a little dog behind.  When we discovered Abby in her new home, she was SO VERY excited to see us.   That dog had grown up and remembered us like we were her parents.

To this day, 3 years later, she still recognizes us and runs to greet us when we walk by her new home.  Everyone loves Abby.   Now, these new folks over-feed her.  She is a plump butterball.  
Today's Abby Stone:  This morning at 7:30, I was asleep.   Outside my window, my little Oscar starts barking - he won't stop.  Bark Bark Bark.   My wife, who has been up for 2 or 3 hours - who knows - looked out the front.   Sitting about 20 feet from our front door - sitting, and facing our door, looking straight at the door -- Abby.  She had walked to visit and was waiting for our door to open.  

By this time, I was awake.  I opened the front door and she trotted  (waddled is a better word) straight at me and climbed into my lap.  When chubby  Abby sits on you lap, you have been sat upon.  The wife and I loved on her.   Sue, the next door lab, dropped by wanting to share the love.

As Abby aged, she has become fussy.  My two girls wanted to touch noses, Abby growled.  I popped her on the head and the growl stopped.  To end our session, my wife brought a cookie for all dogs.   Sue snapped it up.  My girls grabbed theirs.   Abby smelled and leaned harder into my side.   Finally, she slowly took the cookie, turned, and walked up the hill, never looking back.  

We like Abby.  Abby likes us.   This 7:30 a.m. stuff has to stop though.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quickie - 8/16/11

This is the start of a new blugging concept - the QUICKIE !!  .... something that just dawned on me, but no sense saving it for the future.

Example - and I may have already talked about this - can't remember obviously.

Moving stuff around in my classy office I re-found a package of plastic Easter eggs waiting to be filled with candy and hidden.  I find these to be funny because they are camo green colored.   There is something wrong with camo Easter eggs to fool little kids.   They may never find these eggs when hidden.

Side thought - if it doesn't rain soon, the yard will be just a brown mess - the green camo eggs will stand out like PINK.   I love pink.

2nd bit - I have a motorhome;  it is almost 8 years old.  I am afraid of it as it grows older and older.   Thought I might trade it in.   Talked to one guy -   he offered me $6000 less than I owe, I owe, I owe.
There is no justice. 

Quickie Over

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cammy Gramps 2011, the last day

Here is the question.   Does Grammy Camp end when the parents of the grandchildren walk through the front door?   Or, when they walk through the front door, does that just add two more children to the mix?

They have arrived and are headed back in the morning.  We opened no envelope this morning.  Instead, we dressed and headed for the Outlet Mall in Hillsboro.  It was lunchtime when we arrived but nobody, MAKE THAT NOBODY, wanted to eat at the Chinese Buffet....except me.  We finally ended up at the Lone Star Cafe, apparently a new adventure for my wife and the rest of the crew.   I really must take her out more often - at least to somewhere other than Panchos and Subway.

Speaking of Panchos - totally unrelated to anything else - coming back from Lubbock a couple weeks back, we pulled off at Granbury Road to eat at that Panchos - I20 ?  and Granbury.  They had moved; the store was empty; no tortillas in the Inn.  They had instructions for finding the new location.  We followed same - about a mile further into town it was. 

This Panchos was a smaller place - less people working - food was not hot - service was poor -  the condiment bar was poorly staffed -  I don't think I have been in a Panchos as bad as this one.  Bro Jim was with me and equally made unkind comments.  Many of my "snooty" relatives find Panchos to be one level above traveling 3rd Class in Bulgaria.  I have not agreed until we found this particular store front.   Let me tell you now.   Don't get off the highway at Granbury Road.  Nothing awaits you of pleasure - other than a JoAnn Fabric Store that my wife dearly loves.

Back to today.  Made the rounds of clothing stores for the grandkids to become well-attired for the start of school.   I have yet to understand buying faded Jeans, but it is not my opinion in these matters that counts.  One place sold jeans full of holes and another splattered with paint.  C'mon folks, go through my closet - I am so in style.

Last stop was Love's - BIG GULP (Love's style).

As we left Hillsboro, the sign said:  "Corsicana 37 miles."   Penney commented on the fact that the Corsicana sign going the other way had a different # of miles.  At that moment we passed another sign:  "Corsicana 27 miles"   It had been less than a minute.   Me thinks this is Government at its best.

Got home - fed Fritz - threw ball for Oscar - loved on Bruno, Greta, and Liesl - started watering the yard - had Mexican Food, which I over-ate the Guacamole.   I should know better; don't.

The family is now gathered around the dining room table working a 1000 piece puzzle manufactured by Coca Cola.

The end of Cammy Gramp has been nice.
see ya,
mtz 3

Family Quickie

I have 3 brothers:   Marshall (the oldest), Jim (the 2nd oldest), and Pat (the youngest).  I was #3 of 4.  

We lost Marshall a very few years back; it seems like yesterday.  He had been sick off and on for quite a while.   Diabetes, I think, was the biggest varmit in his arsenal.   He spent =say= the last 3 years living in apartment type places designed for elderly folks and in nursing homes.   I can tell you that he was pretty much an intellectual with a PhD in Psychology - and a gift of gab which he could use to confuse the truth if he so chose.

We moved him to a nursing home in Corsicana eventually where I got to see him daily.  Oft times, we would make a side trip out to a local eating joint.

I take the Dallas paper  - always have when I could.  Marshall did too until he moved here.  I would read my paper and take him the copy which he would read through failing eyes. 

What brought this whole conversation up today is - it is Friday.   In Friday's paper is ALWAYS an advertising section for Fry's Electronics.   I can tell you that Marshall lived for this insert.  He poured over each detail.  When he was younger and could drive his own car, he would make a Friday ( or weekend ) excursion to Fry's - Computer City - Best Buy - Costco - and that other one compu-something.  Can't remember.

So, long story short - EVERY FRIDAY when I open my paper, I remove Fry's advertisement and Marshall is once again sitting there beside me pouring over the details.  That is it.  I miss my brother.

M3  (#3 child)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cammy Gamp 2011, Day 10

I missed Day 10 on the puter.   It was a lovely day.   I am sure we did something - starting to walk around in a fog.  In the morning we watched a Netflix bonanza called:   Dogs and Cats, the Revenge of Kitty Galore.  Somehow I felt there were references to a James Bond movie throughout, but couldn't say for sure.

Actually, after a delightful morning of doing little else, off to town we went.  We dumped the grammy (otherwise known as spouse, wife, girl, hey you) at HEB.   I drove the G'girls to a playground and gave them exactly 15 minutes to play.   It was hot.   Megan did not last the full 15,  Shelby made it to 15 min., and Kayla still wanted to go go go after 15.   We returned to the air cond car.

Drove by the post office and dumped off the Netflix movie - then on to HEB.   First order of business, drain the water fountains....and they did....multiple turns.   HEB has 2 fountains at different levels of heighth.  That was truly a blessing.

Now we jiggled to the frozen food area where everyone got to pick out their own Frozen Food Dinner for supper.   Seems like all 3 contained some form of macaroni and cheese.  Whoever invented macaroni and cheese should get the Peace Prize - not some stupid politician.   Macaroni has solved more lunch noise issues than any full blown war.

Loaded up the groceries, and off we drove to DAIRY QUEEN.   Small Blizzards all the way around.   The wife had a Snicker Blizzard - and, I think, all girls had a Cookies and Cream.  Of course I worked my way around a large Diet Coke.  Sugar products are not my friend.   Megan was soooooo thirsty still.  I took a cup lid and scraped ice on it for consumption.  She ate all ice.

Home - groceries in - dogs out - rest - eventually supper with Megan guiding the cooking of the TV Dinners.

In the meantime, it was "make a bracelet" time.   We found a deal where you get lock washers from Home Depot - round silver connectors from Walmart - and silver clasp from Walmart -- hook them all together with needle nose pliers and you have a really nice looking bracelet.  It could double as a charm bracelet - and it has the popular industrial look.  Try It.  You'll Like It.  Mikey Likes It.

Bedtime did not offer me the opportunity to beat anyone.  Ruined my whole day  as they slept through the night.

Day 11 is today.  Maybe it will be posted soon

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011, day 9

Day 9  started really really slow as little ones slept in - and I watered the yard.  The envelope was opened about 10 -  today's busy work ( craft ) was foam.   Walmart sells these foam stickers that you  put on bigger foam things.   We had 6 door knob hangers....2 per child.   They decorated and decorated and foamed and foamed.   It was a good easy craft.   The biggest problem was the division of colors.   Everyone always wants the same colors --  so,  rock/paper/scissors. 

But the best part of the day:  Jennifer came to visit.  Jen is the daughter of my brother Pat...that makes her Roger's cousin and, I believe, the G'girls 1st cousin, once removed.  I don't know.  She is Jennifer and kids all love her.   Anyway about 4  Jennifer and her boyfriend Justin  and their English bulldog  or was it a French bulldog........think French.  Anyway they arrived on the doorstep.  Jen has a funny boxy KIA car that had an interesting look.    

Justin is a nice guy - tall - well maybe not as tall as Kareem Whats-his-name, but certainly taller than me.  The girls loved the visit.   Just to show you that Jen is wwwaaaaayyyyy above average,  she went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and picked up some craft type things which she brought with her for the kids.  Now, I can tell you from my point of view, that was special.  We have been slowly running out of busy activities for the day shift.

After a short period of loving and hugging and talking and kid's stories and you name it, Jennifer helped them make lip gloss, scented and colored.   It was a fun busy thing.   She is so good with the girls.

The dog.   Cannot spell the name.  Starts with  Ahhh-something - which is French for Anna.  Cute little black and white thing.  It is a fire ball.  After our 5 dachshunds and her dog finished the appropriate sniffing, little Anna didn't stop moving.  She was a fire ball or ball of fire.   This dog gave Oscar a run for his money.  Gadzooks, it was a cute little dog.

Think I will close; it is late.  Jennifer and Justin and Anna-whatever are invited back tomorrow if they wish to come.   Today was Tuesday -- girls will be around through Sat./ maybe  - we'll see.   It will be so quiet when they gone home.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011 - Megan talks

The following is a guest commentary from G'daughter Megan.  She will introduce herself and take the show from there.   Y'all be good now.

Hi, I'm Megan. I'm 11 years old. I'm gonna start middle school in 14 days!!!! I think that's 2 weeks. Yep I'm sure, 2 weeks. I live in  Lubbock, Texas. And of course, as you know, I'm his granddaughter.
 Grammy camp is very fun. Every day I wake up bout 9:00. Then we have a very delisouse breakfast. After everyone is ready and cleaned we open up the envolope.
(I'm not the world's best speller.) ;)
 The best day this past week was going to the Science and Nature building. At the science place we saw dinosaure bones from China. Some were really awesome!! There was one that looked like a unisaure!!!!! This creature had a big, long, crazy, weird name. For short Shelby, Kayla, and I called it a unisaure.
 On our way here to Corsicana, we stopped at "Walley-World" to get gas and some other things like ballons and flip-flops etc. When we were at the gas station Shelby said, "Draw something, Meggi." So i got out my notebook colored pencils and drew something. I drew a unicorn mixed w/ a dinosaure. I called it an unisaure.
Anyways, back to the China-thingie, all of the other exibits were cool, too. Then we stopped to eat lunch. I got a grilled cheese (to eat) and a Mountain Dew (to drink). After we ate we went back to the other exibits. We just finished the D.N.A. exibits when Kayla asked, "Can we go down-stairs??" So we went to the the "baby" area, and down there was a cow that you could milk. Except it didn't have milk, water was it's "milk". So I was milking it, apperently to hard, and i pulled off the milk thing... oh yeah, I think it's called an utter. Yeah I pulled off the utter! Opps... ;) Then after that we left for the nature building. When we got there, we went to the LEGO hall. What they made in that room was AMAZING!!!!!! The person who made that must be paid a lot of money.$$$$ He made that big hotel in Dallas. It was so cool. We went to the light show, then to the rocks & minerals. They even had GLOW IN THE DARK rocks!!!Then we went down stairs to the other exibits. Then we went for what we came for: the IMAX MOVIE. It told us about the time of dinosaures and water creatures. To me the movie was ok. After the movie, we went to the gift shop. I got sand that NEVER GETS WET... it was soaking wet by the time we were done playing with the sand! We got our toys and headed for the car. The car was so hot you wouldn't believe how hot it was in the car! But we still had to get in the car. We got in the car and got an energy drink (slushi) ;) and left for the house... 

                                                                  THE END!!!!

Grammy Camp 2011, Day 8

today's report will be on a different page.

G'girl's dog,  Sparky, a beautiful full sized dachshund who has been in the family longer than the girls,  had to be put down this morning.  He had become quite ill and was going downhill faster daily.  This morning he had problems standing.

Rog & Pen called the girls this evening and broke the news.  

I know that a lot of people would have taken their kids to the Vet for the process....but, is that really the way you would want to remember your Sparky.

I had to take my Mandy down over 7=8 yrs ago.  I still can remember her eyes looking up at me.   I cannot handle this type of thing.  I suppose that is why I have not taken in 5 more dachshunds.   We humans are not the smartest creatures.

oh, well, while I am here....
Today, Grammy Camp - Christine / Laura / Tom all left fairly early for home leaving the children alone with the  grandparents.   We wrapped them all up and hustled them to the theater to see  Smurfs,  3-D.   This is a fun kid's movie - I'd guess no Academy Awards - 3D ==== my first time to see 3D since my childhood.  It was interesting.

As a kid I saw a few in 3D like The Fly  and  The House of Wax.   Those were great 3-D movies for sure.  They scared the pants off me (so to speak).    In Levelland, we had 3 movie houses, theaters, picture shows ...  The Wallace (for 1st run stuff),  The Rose  (for 2nd run), and the Old Rose (for Spanish movies).  The 3-D movies were at the Rose for some reason.  Also we saw "The Greatest Story Ever Told" there.  That is a sidebar subj.   In JHS, the entire JH was walked down the street - about 6 or 7 blocks, during the school day - we walked to the Rose and saw "The Greatest Story Ever Told."   Can you see the politically correct people doing that now?

Back to Grammy Camp.   Went to the show.   Afterwards, I said, "Where do you want to go eat for lunch?"  In unison they chimed, "Subway."   I argued and argued -  after all Subway is really nothing but glorified baloney sandwiches.    Nope, we went to Subway.  The Grammy loves Subway so she was very well pleased.

While we were there the guy behind the counter had to talk to me about the Marauder.  See previous bluggys for that to make sense.

Home, the spouse took a forever nap - and I taught the girls how to make bread.  The bread is in the oven right now.  One regular loaf of white bread  and another loaf wrapped around cinnamon and sugar -  Both will be great.   They had a lot of fun mixing the dough with their hands.   Our boy Fritz and Greta enjoyed laying on the floor under the table licking up the spilled flour.  Oh, yeah, now I remember one of the reasons we have the 5 dogs - not as cleaners, but for the joy they bring watching their innocent stunts.   

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011, day 7

On the 7th day - aren't you suppose to get to rest?  We have.   Thanks to having my two daughters (plus Tom), the day has not been major tough.   Everyone slept late due to staying up half the night.   Naturally, Tom & Laura were up early fishing.  She caught 2 cats off the dock with cat fish bait.  Wha a dirl.

Lunch was ham / corn / salad / and fried onions & potatos.   Didja know that Napolean's favorite meal was fried potatos and onions?  Didja know?  He had that the night before his Waterloo.  So far, we have not had a waterloo here this afternoon.

The envelope was opened - activity for today:   face painting.  We bought this kit at Walmart.  Christine did Kayla's mug,   Shelby and Megan fixed each other,  Tom & Laura enjoyed slathering paint on each other.   Photos were taken  = and faces were scrubbed....not because we told them to.  Their choice.  

One other activity = photos of everyone in a tie dye shirt.  There was a discussion about the spelling of tie -- tye dye won the discussion.... or   tie die one da talk.  Seems like I failed to mention that white T-shirts were bought for Christine, Laura & Tom.  They dyed last night.  My wife had a light green shirt with a spot on the front.  It was dyed too.   I was the only one without a shirt - so I took the photos.   They'll get revenge by outfitting me in a tye dye suit in my casket...probably even be barefoot and suspenders. 

We are closing in on 5 p.m.  Fritz gets to eat at 5 - he cannot tell time, but he "knows" when it is five.  Good dog.   BJ (spouse) is napping as well as Christine.  The kids don't comprehend a nap.

Sometimes I fergit what I relayed previously.  Last Friday was my wife & mine (obviously)  49th anniversary.   Now I remember, I told you how I feasted her at the Sirloin Stockade with the 3 g'girls in tow.   Wife  talks of an Alaskan cruise next summer to celebrate the 50th.  I am nervous about doing things I've never done.  Buck Up  they say - it will be alright.

if anything extra happens today - I'll add below.

Have I ever told you about the Queen and King?  Maybe later.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Heat

I was responding to an email and figured out - the response would be a good enough blug.

As all should know, we are having 100 +  degree weather here in north Texas.   I have lost count, but it is nearing 30 days in a row.   Now major rain for months.

Some lakes are down more than ours.  Richland-Chambers Lake is down about 5 ft. This gives us less than 4 ft of water under the boat on the dock. Our 100+ degree temps are continuing.   Read in the paper that El Nina is striking up again which normally gives us drier weather.   It might have been El Nino - but I would bet it was El Nina.

Our main prayer is for a couple of major hurricanes to come ashore around Galveston to Corpus. Then, we would get water and more water. Now, the ethical question - water for my lake and yard vs. the mayhem along the Gulf coast. The answer of course is simple...Katrina where are you when we really need you?

We are getting up in the morning in 85 degree heat.  Then, it gets hot.  I feel sorry for the band directors having to fight through this.  Athletes don't have my sympathy - working out in the heat is just the price THEY pay for becoming millionaires in the future.    Most band kids don't make it in the big time money pit.  All h.s. athletes do - or will - or just ask them....better yet, ask their parents.

Yes, as I sit here in the morning heat watching the sun rise, I can be thankful I am not herding 100 some kids back and forth across unwatered grass...keeping my eyes open for that kid who begins to sway funny in the LITTLE or NO breeze...they with their little flasks of water; I with my Super Big Gulp...trying to balance the upperclassmen power and knowledge   versus  the Freshman syndrome of klutz and childish-like behavior.  Then, lest we forget, the power struggles with twirlers and flags and  more seniors and drum majors and asst. drum majors -- and, not in my ex-world --  but asst directors who get in the way more than help.  I was lucky in Manor to be blessed with nice helpers.

Another thing that drove me crazy - I had to design a marching show around the number of students that I BELIEVED would show up the first day of class.   Let's say for arugument here that I have exactly 150 warm bodies expected for the fall.  Now I subtract the drum majors, flags, twirlers from the total.   Then, one must calculate a percentage of students who will fail some class during the first 6 weeks - your marching show at contest cannot use these.  Sure you have a general idea how many will fail = but are you right. 

So let's say you believe  you will have exactly 100 marchers ( + front line) for UIL contest.  You design a show - get music etc.   It doesn't matter what you think, you are always wrong.   Sure, some schools have 200 to 300 band students.  They have a different problem.   the guy with the 50 piece band, how does he plan for failures.   I had my plan.  Sometimes I got it  right - other times I was re-writing the show when the grades came out.

In Gainesville, many a year past,  I could count on 50% of all band students to fail at least one class EVERY 6 weeks  all year.  50%.   One year I lost BOTH drum majors and half the drums.   I was starting to get a little better group of band students in there when it became apparent, I had no future in Gainesville.  That, my dear, is another long bluggy which will go unstated here at this time.

enough - heat bad - retirement in the air conditioning good

Grammy Camp 2011, day 6

Frankly cannot remember if this day 5 or 6?  Everything is becoming a blurrrrr....  That is not accurate, but it was fun to write.

Christine, Laura & Tom  are here for a couple of days to blunt the days -- should have written daze.  All are in the living room weaving bracelets from tiny string or wrapping bigger string around clothes hangers.   The dogs are all here enjoying the backyard, which is hart to do at 100 + degrees/  Dogs will be dogs as they say.  I'm sure there is someone named "they" who has said that.

Sloppy Joes for lunch -- enchiladas (our style) for supper....or is it baloney sandwiches?  Y'know there is nothing better than a big ole baloney and cheese sandwich slathered in mustard and liberally drizzled with hot pepper sauce.  I'm talking the vinegar you find on those little green peppers that you shake out.   More than once I have taken a toothpick and pulled those delicious little green peppers out of the jar upon my plate.  And with baloney sandwiches, they excel. 

Lately I have gone to more of a peppered lunch meat while the spouse leans towards turkey things.   Or summer sausage, yum.  This has nothing to do with Grammy Camp - just good.   Remember as a kid, I'd make a baloney/cheese sandwich and pile potato chips between the meat and the bread.  A most satisfying crunch I'd say.

Christine has adopted a little dog - long hair dachshund who has lost his hair.  He is recovering from a mispent childhood...tiny at 8 lbs.   Isabella  I think is the color and is also the name of same.   The littlest girls seem to have a thing for carrying this dog around.  No other dog is getting special treatment.  Nobody has offered to carry me around either.

Other than the weaving, the youngest g'girls and I filled the bird feeders....which reminds me of a stone.   Bird food.  I have been buying big sacks cause it is so much cheaper.  I found a 40 lb bag of corn and a likewise size of sunflower seeds - Plan:  mix together and create my own bird food and squirrel food.  Good plan.  You never know about mice in a garage, so I have been keeping the birdfood in the spare bedroom.  This worked out just fine.

A couple weeks back, Laura & Tom were headed this way so my wife began the "cleaning of the guest bedroom"  process.  She walked in that room and little black bugs were everywhere coming out of my big sacks of bird food.  They are the little bugs you might see in flour.  Food was moved to garage (c'mon  mice have a featst )  and the suction device rolled up.  The room was taken part and bugs went down the big tube into bug heaven.   We think we got them all.  Laura & Tom had a restful evening and didn't scream out once.

Twice maybe, but not once.

As I signed on to AOL this afternoon and read the news headlines - one stuck in my mind:  "Get a Bikini-Ready Bottom in Days."   It all depends upon how you view this sentence.   Can you imagine me with a bikini-ready bottom?  What does that mean in my case.  If I were much younger, single, and going to the beach to find girls - is that what is meant by  "get a" ?  I am thinking there is confusion here on my part.


Just read that the energizer bunny was arrested yesterday - charged with battery.
Driving back from Lubbock couple weeks ago - going through Breckenridge.  At the intersection on the left was the 1st Natl bank.   Across the street was a small loan operation called "Gotcha Loans."  That's what it said.   Gotcha!!!!
Same trip at a convenience store,  big Ford Pickup, 4 door, dually, pulls up.   Painted on the hood and the doors:   "You ring,  we spring.  Gomez II  bail bonds,  Lubbock.    Never had heard that little bit before.    You ring -- how about instead -- Hey stupid, you quit breaking the law and I will have to find a different way to make a buck.
one last thing before I reenter the world of Grammy Camp.  I went into a Taco Bell last month.  The lady behind the counter looked up at me, and I began to order   "I'll take a #8 ....."
She said, rather loudly,  "Hold On Just A Moment!"    
       I froze.  Froze solid.   She moved back a bit and said  "Sorry, sorry,  No, not you."
She had been talking to the guys in the back on her headset.    Awkward.

okay, I'll return later and add something to this day. 


Friday, August 5, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011, Day 5

Day 5, Friday

This was another slow day.   We wrapped the kids up and headed for town.  Our plan:  introduce them to the cheesy world of garage sales.  The local paper listed 7.   First we set the rules:  1.  We are going to be nosy, not to spend money.  Estate sales are especially good since we get to see the inside of a house.  2.  keep your hands back.  3.  you may not get anything, it just depends upon what's there because everything one sees is trash to another soul.

Our first stop was a bomb.  The address did not jive with any house.  We moved on.  2nd stop was an estate sale in one of the older homes around.   The sign on the door said, "Absolutely no children,  no bambinos."   After I walked through the house and started the conversation, she said to bring the kids in - cause they are not bambinos.  It seems that these people bring 25 kids and turn them loose to run through the house.  The walls of the house were wood with old cloth wallpaper.  In the back a piece of the ceiling had come down.  The wood ceiling had a pattern wallpaper.  They had nailed sheetroock on top of the wallpaper and painted it.   Someone forgot to use enough nails to keep the ceiling up.  Really an old house, needs work, handman's get the picture.

The next stops were just normal stops.  We skipped one place which had only clothes showing.   When we finished it was off to the Sirloin Stockade.

Side Bar:  Today is my wife & mine's 49th anniversary.  A major outing is somewhat out of the question with 3 kids in tow.  Thus, for our celebration:   garage sales and sirloin stockade.  The Romance continues.

The g'kids each created a card for us.  The refrig now holds such bounty.

Back home was watch TV, play video games, throw the ball for Oscar,  water the yard -- and at 7 p.m.  the movie Tangled.  There can be no grandparents as exciting as we.

More company comes tomorrow.

Purple Martins:   We have 2 houses out by the lake.  When I walked to the dock to start our water pump, the underside was loaded with birds - purple martins - mostly young one (you can tell by the light colored stomachs).  Without trying I flush somewhere between 50 & 100 -  Tried to count but those little beggars are fast and furious.   I love purple martins.

One final thing for now:   Brother Jim's chihuahua Charley died last night at the Vet's office.  He was anemic and had quit eating plus....   The vet was talking about $800 to $1000 to more for an operation to see if certain things were the cause.   Charley passed before a decision could be properly made.  Charley came to them from the neighbors.   He liked Jim and stayed after a fashion.  There is more to that stone, but it will wait.

Tomorrow Saturday,  I cannot remember what is in the envelope.  I hope it is sleep late, eat lots, and leave the grandfather to putter about.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011 Day 4

I am afraid this one might be somewhat short.  The kids seemed eager to get up this morning.   A trip was planned to visit the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science.   Really nice.   We saw a special traveling exhibit Chinasaurus + the regular museum +  an exhibit of Legos +  plus some type of a light show + and + we ended up in the IMAX watching SeaRex - all about dinosaurs.

I don't think I will give a travelog regarding the museum - if you want to know about it, go.

Did I mention it was around 110 degrees?

Lunch at the museum was varied.  Kayla had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich - she seemed a little unhappy because there was peanut butter on both pieces of bread with the grape jelly in between.   The other two had toasted cheese sandwiches - so did the wife.  I had a BBQ sandwich was really quite messy and sufficient.  I am closing - maybe more later.  maybe not.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grammy Camp 2011 Day 3

Day 3 of day camp - my oh my, how time flies - it seems like just a couple of days ago that Grammy Camp began.

Today was less busy - less structured.  Up at their leisure, we open the envelope which proclaimed a 4 in one craft thing.  Go to Walmart and you will find one for sale.  4 different items in one big box.   Clay,  Stickers and the stamping thing, a pencil thing that writes on black paper leaving pretty colors, and something else - I fergit.  That kept them busy till lunch.  Lunch:  chicken fried steak, mashed potatos, corn, salad, and fresh stawberries.  The dogs got a delicious chew stick - made Fritz happy.

Now I need to mention, last night - midnight about - I took the 5 dogs to the Dog Pit for their nightly relief session.  As they were finishing and returning to the house, I walked by the gate looking towards the back porch.  There in the grass, curled up, a black snake.  My feeling about snakes, is, if they are potentially dangerous, I want to eliminate that snake.    I can tell a copperhead now - no problem - but black snakes can be deceptive.  The books say to check under the eye for the Pit.  C'mon, how to you get close enough to even find the eye, much less the pit.

I moved all dogs into the garage & grabbed by shovel.   The snake was dispatched in one stroke.  I put the critter in a clear jar.  Part of today was spent discussing the snake with the g'girls.  I think we were all impressed some.   As a sidebar:  I showed it to all dogs.  Not one displayed an interest in getting it.  Most turned their heads.  Greta, the snake dog, since her last being bit, was standoffish.  Eventually she changed her tune and snatched the dead snake by the tail.  I corrected her - eventually throwing the snake over the fence and out-of-mind.  The day continued.

Afternoon was sloooowwwww.  I fired up the laptop, and we lost Megan into it.    I am not sure she ever came up for air.  Shelby loved TV & I am not sure what Kayla was doing other than bothering her sisters - it comes with the territory when you are 5 years old.  By now you might notice that today was not too active.  Maybe tomorrow will fix that.  Maybe.

Around 6  pm, I fired up the garden tractor - Megan learned to drive it last time - pulling a 4 wheel wagon.  The two young ones climbed on and Megan drove the immediate neighborhood.  I think they enjoyed the tractor almost as much as the computer video games.

Supper = sandwiches;   played ball with Oscar;  bubble baths all the way around;  more computer games;  their parents called;  everyone was in bed by 9:30  -- children,  dogs,  and the wife.  It is quiet now except for my TV.

Clown Room:  I like things - trinkets and stuff.  Some probably call me a hoarder.  Don't care.  I like what I like.  Among my stuff is 3,000+ key rings,  several hundred post cards - new and antique...lots of M&M stuff  ---   playing cards, I have 40-50 sets of playing cards - those are a stone alone.   And  I like clowns.  One of our bedrooms is decorated quietly with clowns.  I like clowns. 

So I hear last week that Megan won't sleep in the clown room because she is afraid of clowns.  I am hear to tell you , that is bunk.  Tonight is her 2nd night in the clown room, no screaming.   The room has twin beds -  Shelby stayed with her last night and Kayla is sleeping with the clowns tonight.   So, the clown room is no longer sacred.

That's it.  I am tired of typing.

Grammy Camp 2011, Day 2

Grammy Camp, Grammy Camp, will the fun never cease?   Day 2

My wife was up early today.  It is the first Monday of the month, and she had to leave for the monthly Quilt Guild Meeting.  Luckily, cereal was served before I was in charge.   Now some of thee may think this is about the G'girls - well, you may be wrong.  It is all about me.  Me!  Do you hear?  Me!

I was up before 8 and walked the path to the boat house in order to fire up my water pump.  We water our massive estate with water from the lake.  I flip the switch;  it delivers.  The water ran from 8 till 10.  No, we don't have an automatic sprinkler system.  I  (all about me) have to move water hoses and sprinklers, which I did.   Meanwhile the girls had cereal. 

One of the things we do is to make an envelope for every day.  Inside same envelope is a statement of the project or deed for the day.  I have been telling them that our project for today would be picking up rocks in the backyard and digging holes to put them in.  But, alas, when Megan opened today's envelope, it said - go to CiCi's - sell aluminum cans - Walmart - tour Corsicana (a real thrill for them) and Tye Dye.

Water is off at 10.  Kids are playing alone.  Shelby, Kayla, and I have gone into the garage to crush cans and get the plastic sack ready for travel.  It is a pretty big sack of cans, all crushed.  I slipped into a shower while they played alone - except Megan who was way into her ipod.  Way.
Finishing in there, I took the two youngest out back and showed them the two big frogs living in a hole.  The frogs do not appreciate our efforts.  Of course, a ball had to be thrown for Oscar.

At 11:15 I began rounding  up the kids - putting the dogs into the Pit - alum cans in the trunk - strap them down in the car - lock the car - turn on the automatic machine gun and rocket launcher on the garage roof  ( see previous bluggy ) - and away we went to town.  The first stop was the can place.  There is no way to describe the disorder and filth of this place.  Junk is piled everywhere and nothing is neatly placed.  Friendly?  They are so friendly, you'd think they knew how much money you had in the bank since you won the last lottery or thought they knew.  It was a breeze though.   15 lbs of cans (interestingly showed exactly 15 lbs, no ounces).  Pays 70 cents a lb.  Not bad really.  The $10.50 went into the hands of the girls for later.  A pretty nice benefit for visiting granddaughters.

Next a short trip to the bank for a deposit and withdrawal.  I had a certain large bill that I wanted in the bank.  Bank of America has an ATM which sucks in cash.  While I waited in line, I struck up a conversation with this nice lady - the fact she is black has no bearing on anything other than it will give you something to visualize.  A lose fitting blue top, almost but not a scrub,  tan pants and white tennis type shoes that virtually sparkled white in the sunshine.  Those tennies had been scrubbed perfectly.  This lady was in her 40s probably.

She & I talked about the heat  - now hang on, this next part is good  - We have had about 30 days of 100+ weather in a row.  This puts 2011 in the record book at #2 place.  If there has ever been a cliche about hot weather, she & I spurted it out.   Finally I said, "  I know it is hot; but, I am old enough to remember it being like this before."   (I was remember #1 year).  She turns and says without hesitation.   " I know, the depression was very very hot."

The drpression.  The depression.

That over I received a text that the wife was waiting at CiCi's.  Off we flew - like a Marauder in the wind....(nice verbal touch, wouldn't you say?)  CiCi's was okay.  Someday I'll talk about the local store.  When the young girl counted us, she missed Shelby who was checking out the trays.  We were not charged.   the girl then said,  "Oh is she with you?"  I whipped out the billfold, but another CiCi leader said, "nevermind,  enjoy your lunch."  We did.

Next stop was Walmart.  Then, it was home.

Back at home the girls finished making their baloon flip-flops...naps were addressed....dogs were greeted....TVs turned on .....   Whe the wife awoke, the girls put on their flippity floppities, and photos were made of colorful toes.   I have a somewhat good SLR camera which I allowed each girl to use.   All 3 started doing poses for photos - while the others pulled the trigger.   This may have been how Seventeen Magazine got their start.

A couple hours passed and it was time to make Tye Dye shirts.  It may be hard to believe - at my deppression age - I have never been involved in Tye Dying.   The final products are still in the process - tomorrow will be the unveiling.

Supper was Nachos  (Megan said,  "with meat?")  Yes, with meat.  More yard watering, more TV, dogs, etc.  Bath time.  My wife found bubblebath at Walmart - so you just know that baths were fun.   One advantage of being he grand FATHER, I CANNOT assist with bath time.  

I must remember to write about the Clown Room in our house next time.  Not now.  It is my bedtime.  Remember, as I close, it is still all about me.   See ya tomorrow for Day #3.