Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just more of the same

this a pot pouring nonsense - mainly to put on my blog cause I ain't done nuthin on it in quite a while.


1. Our boy Fritz has been put back on his diet.  He had lost so much weight that we went back to regular IAMS dog food. A couple days back we noted (when he rolled over for a belly rub) -- he is plumping up. His tummy is starting to stretch.

Without telling him, we bought IAMS diet food & filled his bowl. Fritz didn't take time to smell it  or taste it - gobble gobble. That boy loves to eat - or swallow.  I even went so far as to buy some low cal cookies.  The box advertises them as ONLY 17 Calories. Now, you know, you know, no other dog cookie box gives calorie count. I have never seen that described before.  It could be that normal cookies are only 10 cals. Who knows?

We thought about putting him on the Adkins diet but unless we are willing just to throw him a dead cow to chomp down on, no dog food shows sympathy with Adkins. They all have corn & wheat & rice & so forth.  Dogs have a tough time finding a low carb diet.  So Fritz is on his diet.  Let's watch that fat tummy shrink.

2. Disappointed my spouse has not mentioned her new glasses in an email.  The doc gave her a new sub and said get new glasses if you want.  We have discovered that people are not wearing metal glasses anymore - plastic is in.  I am so out-of-it, fashion wise. She is so happy with the new specs; she should tell people.

3. As I type tonight, my head is just-a-singing. People should listen when told that loud music will cause future hearing probs. Ear ringing is not soothing.

4. In a past post I wrote of my new front wheel drive lawn mower.  My old mower was bought in the 70s & the front wheels are falling off.  This new mower had a feature that allowed it to move at different speeds that you set.  But, I had to push the thing to get the speed set.  By the time I pushed it, I might as well have had a regular push mower. It was exhausting.  Try pushing a machine up an incline.  Not right.

I loaded the varmint up and drove to Sears. There I talked with a couple of guys who repair mowers - but only the bigger ones.  I tried to get info.  One smiled and said, "For us to look at it will start at $99."   Nope, not for me.   Moved over to talk to the store boss and explained how the wheels would not move unless I pushed it.  He helped me unload to send off.   It would go away for a couple of weeks.

I had to get him to pay attention so I could show the problem.  Once the mower started, he saw.  The guy started messing with the machine.  One of the $99 guys came over & between the two, they found an adjustment.  Once adjusted, you can't hold the machine back....wham goes.  Whoooo-eeee

Back at home I find it still has a problem with the hill in the back yard. Don't know what I am going to do. We have discussed giving it to one of our kids and buying me a rear wheel drive machine. [ aside: I cannot say "rear wheel drive" without working hard. Try it 3 times. ]

5. Over the past month, we have purchased over 200 to 250 pieces of grass for the yard to stop erosion.   You cannot tell where it has been placed.  I betcha we could put 3 or 4 pallets out there if we had the dough and energy and time and actually could find someone in this burg who sells it regularly.  Reminds me of a song: Grow Little Green Grass, Gro-Ow, Gro-Ow, (repeat).

6. I have really missed seeing Heidi in our yard (previous blog about next door neighbor's black lab that died from heart worms).  I never thought I would miss the neighbor's dog like this.   I have got to get on medication.

7. Tip: we have discovered mesh bags, small ones like small laundry bags, mesh.  Not John Mesh, mind you.   We put it in the Freezer and divide the different items out. Chicken in one bag, Bread in another, beef in one bag, you get the picture. Have considered color coding them with yarn - white for chicken, red for red meat, so forth. Try it, you'll like it.

8. Little note. We had burgers the other day. My wife put slices of Mexican Style Velvetta on her burger. She is such a wild woman.

9. Speaking of neighbors, I was on the back porch reading the paper and throwing the ball for Oscar when the neighbors came home.  Steve called me over to the fence and offered some fried pies.  He had a whole plate full.  I noticed an auction number on top. He bought these several fried apple pies for $100 - auction to benefit a friend of theirs with cancer.

I figure my 4 pies were worth about $7 to $8 each. And, let me tell you, they were fine eating. With my diabetes thing, I could only eat a half at a sitting.  They had not one drop of grease - we figure they were really not fried pies, but oven cooked pies. Would those be called turn overs? Good eating.  Yum.

10. Final:  Dallas TV stations and Newspaper have been going bonkers over 2 new hamburger places opening this past week. They got so much free press, it was embarrassing. The In-and-out burger joint out of Calif has moved into Dallas. People were lined up at 6 in the morn to get one of their burgers. The line went around the block most of the day, EVEN WHEN IT RAINED. Now, C'mon, burgers are burgers.

The other place is the Heart Attack Grill.  Waitresses are dressed in provocative nurses outfits, cooks look like doctors, you get a hospital gown when you come inside to eat, if you weigh over 350 lbs - you eat free, so forth. One burger has like 4-5 pieces of meat and 8 pieces of cheese and stacked and stacked (probably some bacon somewhere in the mix).   As the final kicker here: The company is doing a search to hire a new spokesman (woman?). Seems the "grill's morbidly obese 29 year old spokesman" died in March.  Now there's a job you can put all of yourself fully into - dangling preposition.

night all