Thursday, November 29, 2012

Van Horn basketball

Cut this out of the paper.
MARFA -- (that would be in Texas for non- Texan - down near the border sorta out in the middle of nowhere - with this posting I would wonder if it is  in the middle of Know-where?)

I quote:Investigators are trying to determine who smuggled nearly 500 pounds of marijuana aboard a West Texas school bus hauling student athletes.
border Patrol officials say the duffel bags of marijuana were discovered Monday night (that would be about 11-15-12) in the bus transporting Van Horn basketball players.  
the bus stopped at a Marfa convenience store.  Border Patrol spokesman bill Brooks said Wednesday that an agent who happened to be at the store confiscated the marijuana.  No one was arrested.

Brings up a question to me:  How did he know to confiscate the duffel bags?
Perhaps you might have other questions.   I betchas  somebody associated with the team / school knows more than we do.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


This past week was not too much fun.   My oldest daughter had an operation scheduled for this past Thursday.  We - being the lovable parents - drove down on Wednesday, all 5 dogs in tow, to help her get through the process.    Our 5 dogs added to her 3 make 8 - but who's counting.
If there was one blessing, we didn't have to be at the hospital till 10.   It was at the North Austin hospital off Mopac.  It is really a pretty bldg and the folks are quite nice.    15 minutes we arrived early.   We sat and waited.
Bored, I informed the females that I was going over "there" and get a diet coke.  And as expected they came after us when I was out of pocket digging for change.  We were moved to room 19 for pre-opt.  Check-in at 10, operation to start at noon.
There are so many things that the staff does prior to an operation - I simply cannot recite all of them.  Again, they were really gushy being helpful.  I sensed a desire for us to be quite happy and to not sue at the end of the day.   It is a shame that we have to be treated with kid gloves instead of just people.   Since this daughter works in a hospital lab, she was able to communicate with the nurses in their language.  That was another blessing.
Noon came and went.  No operation.  We were informed that doctor had called and it would 1 p.m.   Then another phone call and it would be 2 pm.  The wife and I were getting hungry.  Recognizing it would be another hour, we tripped down to the cafeteria.  Hospital cafeterias have their own life.  We both got a burger and chips.  Over, back to room 19,
The daughter was dressed.   It seems - and I won't get into things I don't understand here - The doctor was at another hospital doing a surgery in the morning.  That sick person had a major problem inside the stomach walls - additional surgeons were called in - and major operation continued.  We left the hospital and she had a sandwich.
The rest of the day and the next day were spent in conversations about rescheduling.  Nothing has been decided as of this writing.  I am sure we will make another trip south soon as soon as veteran's day and the scheduling person gets together with the doctor.
meanwhile my daughter waits to begin the long process again.  It has to be hard to go through all that prep and have to start over.    More info will follow.