Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thurs morn storm

A storm rolled through last night as I lay meself down to sleep - it came through at 2 a.m.;  I was asleep prior to that.  But nevertheless, my dog Liesl has a problem with thunder and lightening.  Rolling out of bed for certain necessary reasons at the time of night, I shuffled into the living room where I comforted both Liesl and, who knows why, little Greta who had suddenly become needy.

As we were comforting each other, there was a flash and all lights were erased.  Luckily I had a flashlight at hand and my trusty cell phone.  Our first wave of storms lasted a bit over a half hour.  I threw myself back into bed - with Liesl and Greta following suit.  Wait, that implies they were in my bed.  Our dogs sleep on cushions on the floor.  I know they would druther be on the bed;  we don't vote.

At 5 something I woke long enough to call Oncor Delivery and report our power loss.  Felt good about that.   Then, let's say bout 6,  dogs were all restless needing a morning trip to the dog pit for expulsion  (they need to tinkle).  We opened that back door to the pit and water was just streaming down hard.  It was a battle.  Over time 4 out of 5 added moisture to the backyard pit.  Only Liesl stood her ground.

I went back to bed.  Since it was raining still all morning with thunder and flashing lights, my wife did not turn them loose after their breakfast.  For a change, no dog was outside my bedroom window barking as the neighbors left for work.   It was so nice.  I woke up about 9:30 - made myself get out of bed.   Stepped into the water closet and WHAM the lights were back on.

All morning lights came on - went off - came on - went off - came on - you get the picture.  It was past noon before they remained on.  Meanwhile, we opened all the windows for a breeze, I crushed some aluminum cans, did a Soduko, ate breakfast, ate lunch, let dogs in and out of the back door, threw the ball for Oscar, made Liesl go to the grass, read a bit of a newspaper and generally did little.

Storms are gone.  Skies are clear.   Breeze is out of the north into the house.  Liesl has settled down.  Took a short nap.  Drove to M.E.N. Water Dept. and paid the water bill.   Balanced the check book. Tonight should be a Netflix night.  And so we go on.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

storage auction

This morning the spouser and I went to town primarily to attend HEB and refill our grocery closet after having the kids and g'girls here last weekend.  We were getting a bit low.

I took advantage of this outing to go to a storage shed auction.  I am a fan of the "SS"  auctions on TV.   So, when they have an auction in Corsicana, I wanna go watch.  I do not take money.  Today's sale was at a nice storage shed over on the northwest side of town.  

Of course we arrived late cause we didn't plan ahead.  The first two sales were over by our arrival.  Shed #3 was nothing but junk and went for $35.   I could have bought that one.  Then, I would have had a pile of junk and been down $35.  All in all we watched about 10 sales.   Two had enough stuff to be interesting.  One went for $700 and the other for $1050.  Now a young kid (everyone looks like a young kid to me) paid $295 for one shed that had a kids bike, a small pile of clothes, and 4 massive four-wheel drive truck tires.   He was so pleased.

I believe these TV shows have caused prices to increase.   I believe this would be a good business if you had a store front to unload the stuff.   If you could sell used furniture from a store, it would be a possibility.  One shed had a small household worth of used furniture - blond furniture - bed, dresser, table, etc.

I got my name on their email list.    John Ashley auctioneers

fun.   later.   mtz  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Last blug of today

Thanks to son Roger for fixing my blog bit so I can bore the world.  He is such a good boy.

Ranger's Game

This is a color test.   Boring you say.  Not to me.   And it is font test.  Again, not boring to me.  
We continue.

Yesterday:   Wife, me, Son Roger & his wife Penney and 3 daughters, daughter Christine, Brother Pat and his daughter Jenifer and boy friend, plus neice Marion and her hubby - we all went to the Texas Rangers game --(change to blue color now in honor of Rangers) -- We sat in the nose bleed section  312 up on rows 21 and 22.   I was so worried about the sun.  No prob.  This was shaded from the moment we arrived - it was great.  Of course the players were the size of ants but I had my binoculars and long camera lense.  It made it better.  

My wife and I are not huge athletic fans of any kind.  She took a short nap towards the front of the show but the noise of the crowd kept waking her.  Pitcher was YU.  I can now say I saw YU pitch.  Rangers won 12 to 6 against the Toronto blue jays or something around that name.

The worstestes - bad - part was the singing .  Star Spangled by some cowgirl who couldn't find the right pitch and stay on it - well, now, she tried.  Even used a pitch pipe to start low enough.  It was too low for her voice and too high for her voice.  And every long tone became 10 others because that is singing style.  What is wrong with actually just singing the melody?    

A nice young man came out in the 7th and sang God Bless America.  Again, melody is just a small diagram to these singers.  You have to admire their guts in singing.  They do have the guts.  I wonder if they stand in front of a mirror at home and practice the vocal high-jinks (some would say hijinks)  (I prefer high junks)   Why can't a note be held straight out without visiting 10 others.

Besides that, it was an interesting day.  After the game, over to Marion's for talking and burgers and grilled chicken.  That was a yummmmmy bit.  The wife took a blackberry cobbler and a peach cobbler to top it off.  I won't mention the other stuff brought.

We got home about 10 and the dogs were so happy we arrived - suppertime!!!! Fritz!!!!!  Family time continues today as they all leave for home.   

Daughter Laura & Tom couldn't make it because of work and church obligations in Round Rock.

Final bit:  I have 5 dogs;  Roger brought 3 dogs; Christine brought 3 dogs.  Noisy.

Test 1

This is a test. I have had fits finding out how to get my blog working again. Frankly this is not as pretty cause there are no colors, and I love colors. This is a test.