Thursday, September 13, 2012


Never fails.   Watered the yard yesterday and washed the Explorer Sport.

Rain is bearing down upon us.   Guess I shouldn't complain.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sport & the trip to town

When it rains it pours. Not around this house weatherly speaking. But in other matters it is true.
We have this little 2001 Ford Explorer Sport which we pull behind our little motorhome - if and when we ever get to go anywhere....  That should be all caps.   IF AND WHEN WE EVER GET TO GO ANYWHERE !!!!   Since our septic system died last spring and we have gone into debt to pay for the little stinker, travel has been limited. 
It is a smaller Explorer than today's models - 2001 was different.  You may remember when Ford and Firestone had all the problems with roll-overs and bad tires  and Frod Explorers.   If not google it.   Wellppers that is the model we have.   We rarely drive the Sport. I think it has 67,000 miles after 11 years plus. We bought the explorer after our Honda CRV was destroyed in Washington D.C. on a trip to New Hampshire.
I may have never written that stone on this site.  It was an unpleasant experience.   Brenda & I and daughter Laura in the back seat were out at night looking at the lights of D.C. We turned left with an arrow near the Lincoln Memorial.  It has now been renamed as a Honda CRV memorial. This guy in an older Lincoln - one of those big battleship - came sailing through the intersection and hit the right front fender.    After creaming  us, it took him well over a block to take control and get his Lincoln stopped.   We went in a complete 360 degree twirl. There is more to that stone, but I will let it go till later.
Today I drove the Sport to town. Bruno had to see the Vet to see if his ears had cured - things growing inside. I might mention that 30 lb Bruno, who has been on a diet for 2 weeks, is now 28.6 lbs. I can't tell it; but, he is. Left the Vet and bought gas at Walmart. The car wouldn't start. Turn key. Silence.
Now this has happened twice before. The first time BJ had her hairdresser jump start the car with her Ford 350 super duty heavy duty dully pickem up truck. That is trrrruuuuuuck. The next time it happened I was in Walmart parking lot (we spend a lot of time at our Walmart). Turned the key. silence. I walked around back and got the mechanic to jump start our Sport  in order to check the battery. Battery is fine. It was bought July, 2011. Good battery. Roll over. Sit. Don't play dead.
Today. no startee. Opened the hood - fastened the jumper cables - caught the eye of an old guy in the next gas stall - we were gonna get help from a guy with a big U.T. sticker on his pickup. Bruno was waiting patiently for me; he doesn't care who has what sticker on the back of their truck. As an afterthought, I turned the key; silence. Did it a second time, ROAR. It is not the battery, I tell you. The UT guy (and I) thought, it must be the ignition switch.
My wife was in town with the Marauder attending the Corsicana Quilt Guild monthly meeting. I got on my phone and called and called and left texts. Drove straight to our repair place. I think I may have found the best auto repair place in the State of Texas.  Eagle Motor - Sales and Service.   Surely I have said that before.   I explained the starting problem, and said that I thought it might be the ignition switch. He disagreed immediately without an ounce of hesitation. Starter Solenoid.  Once again my degree in Music Education paid off.
I mention that it did not make that RRReeeewsainnnngggg noise that I associate with a bad solenoid. He educated me that the ford explorer has the solenoid on top of the starter thus ...... my eyes glazed over.
In addition , when I put my foot on the brake I feel a grinding. Years back I would have thought it was dirt on the brake pads - you can feel the grinding. Well, I could be wrong again, couldn't I?   He says it is the automatic braking system. That when something isn't working right you get that feeling in the brake pedal.
Left my keys. Went outside and sat with Bruno and called the spouse for the umpteenth time. All turned out well. She got out of the quilt meeting - called me back - picked U S up - went home - ate lunch.
Bruno was anxious to go to the back yard where he was greeted by four curious dogs. There was a lot of nose rubbing and doggy smelling of parts that should go unsmelled in my opinion. Bruno's brother Oscar was first to greet and stayed the longest. After all, They are Twins and have never been apart. I thought it was rather touching...well besides the sniffing and all...
The Sport is getting spruced up and will be ready to journey hopefully by tomorrow's day end. Tomorrow? well we get to go to our 2nd diabetic cooking class tomorrow. I wonder what treat she will force feed me after class.   That's it.  Y'all take care and pray for a quick fix on the sprt.    Me Mtz

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tech Band & ....

This may have limited appeal to family.  It may have limited appeal to the everyone.
The wife and I drove to an estate sale today in Corsicana. An elderly lady from our church was going into a old folks home and her stuff was up for sale. We like estate sales because we like to look at the houses. Some house are depressing - some are beautiful. All of the stuff for sale can be depressing. You can see what these people valued - their toys and treasures. I see my stuff in their things - all for sale to grabbing strangers.
We walked in today. The sale had been on for 3 days. In the first room was a stack of 33 1/3rd LP records. Musicals, Louis Armstrong, Tijuana Brass, all of the music that I have heard since whenever....even Handle's Messiah full boxed set recording. On top....
There was a record on top: FAMOUS FOOTBALL SONGS of the Southwest Conference. The record was a Columbia special product by Columbia Records apparently recorded for ENCO. Enco, I believe, was ESSO or HUMBLE or I can't remember all the names they had. It made me think this record was given away by gas stations. I don't know that.
Flip the album over and there are all 8 SW conf schools listed with a fairly long article about each
University of Arkansas "Marching Razorbacks"
Baylor University "Golden Wave" Band
The Rice University Band
Southern Methodist University "Mustang" Band
University of Texas "Longhorn" Band
Texas A&M "Aggie" Band
Texas christian University "Horned Frog" Band
Texas Tech "Red Raider" Band
I don't know when the record came out. In the SMU paragraph it mentions that in 1962 the band proclaimed to be the Best dressed band in America. I remember traveling to SMU and they changed uniforms 3 or 4 times during the game. I graduated in 1962 so this would have been my Master year, fall of 62.
Before I continue: Our father recorded all of these band performances from our days in the band through Pat's days. Therefore, this record is a recording that he probably made.
The Tech contributions: one side is Texas Tech On Parade
the other side is Fight Raiders Fight.
I have no record player. The paragraph talks about the 285 piece band. I'll show you the record if anyone ever comes to see us. Bring your own record player.
I have a prize here.  I hope my children appreciate it when I go into a home