Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tech Band & ....

This may have limited appeal to family.  It may have limited appeal to the everyone.
The wife and I drove to an estate sale today in Corsicana. An elderly lady from our church was going into a old folks home and her stuff was up for sale. We like estate sales because we like to look at the houses. Some house are depressing - some are beautiful. All of the stuff for sale can be depressing. You can see what these people valued - their toys and treasures. I see my stuff in their things - all for sale to grabbing strangers.
We walked in today. The sale had been on for 3 days. In the first room was a stack of 33 1/3rd LP records. Musicals, Louis Armstrong, Tijuana Brass, all of the music that I have heard since whenever....even Handle's Messiah full boxed set recording. On top....
There was a record on top: FAMOUS FOOTBALL SONGS of the Southwest Conference. The record was a Columbia special product by Columbia Records apparently recorded for ENCO. Enco, I believe, was ESSO or HUMBLE or I can't remember all the names they had. It made me think this record was given away by gas stations. I don't know that.
Flip the album over and there are all 8 SW conf schools listed with a fairly long article about each
University of Arkansas "Marching Razorbacks"
Baylor University "Golden Wave" Band
The Rice University Band
Southern Methodist University "Mustang" Band
University of Texas "Longhorn" Band
Texas A&M "Aggie" Band
Texas christian University "Horned Frog" Band
Texas Tech "Red Raider" Band
I don't know when the record came out. In the SMU paragraph it mentions that in 1962 the band proclaimed to be the Best dressed band in America. I remember traveling to SMU and they changed uniforms 3 or 4 times during the game. I graduated in 1962 so this would have been my Master year, fall of 62.
Before I continue: Our father recorded all of these band performances from our days in the band through Pat's days. Therefore, this record is a recording that he probably made.
The Tech contributions: one side is Texas Tech On Parade
the other side is Fight Raiders Fight.
I have no record player. The paragraph talks about the 285 piece band. I'll show you the record if anyone ever comes to see us. Bring your own record player.
I have a prize here.  I hope my children appreciate it when I go into a home


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