Thursday, August 20, 2015

rain and comments

I complain that I don't get any comments on my blog - If truth be told, I don't relish comments as much as praise for my brilliance.  Apparently, nobody feels the need to lavish praise down upon me.  This is fine because I really don't expect the New York Times to start following this missive proclaiming me heir to a Pulitzer Prize for Literature.  I'll try to suffer in silence.   (Too late.)
Yesterday, I did get a comment.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the blog.  Some guy named Steve expounded upon his views on global warming ( if there is such a thing - my words, not his)  and the roll God has in the process.  That's fine.   But it has nothing to do with what I do here.  If this were a blog on all things environment, hey, (in the words of Yoda)  welcome he would be.  It's not.  He's not.  and we move on to bore readers in other areas.  But this Steve is certainly welcome to follow this blog and learn what he may learn.
It is raining in Corsicana.  Thursday.  I predicted it would rain on Thursday.  I made the prediction last weekend.  On Richland-Chambers Lake we are under a two day a week  ( I think that should have a hyphen or three   "two-day-a-week" ) watering schedule. We water on Thursday and Sunday.  Thus, naturally, if it is going to rain, it has to do it on Thursday or Sunday.  'Tis a bit akin to washing your car or planning a picnic.
My little Liesl is afraid of thunder.  We are having an emotional run-off here inside the mansion.Close time.  More thunder.  More hugs.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Inservice - a reason to retire early

In Texas we have a band director's Yellow board where directors write in and ask questions or make comments.  I say "we" but I have nothing to do with it.  Some director runs it.  He seems to be very level headed and  runs a tight ship.  I enjoy reading the Yellow Board daily, sometimes adding comments to other questions.
My daughter Laura re-enters the teaching world this year.  On Monday she has inservice training. Training is required by the State and local people.  New concepts are introduced - teachers get to meet each other - bosses (not all) get to show their muscles so you won't make waves during the year.  All in all, I have NEVER been to an inservice that amounted to anything good.
Some band director posted this comment on the Yellow Board.  I loved the thoughts.  I certainly hope the Yellow Board is not copy writed and  I am breaking any laws by posting this.    His website is listed below.  Go visit it and buy something off their advertisers.
She starts Monday. I told her to sit with the band directors on Monday - it might help the day go better. 

    worst inservice
    Posted by bored in Texas on 8/13/2015, 2:46 pm
    I am sitting through 6 hours of being lectured about testing data....what is the worst inservice you've had to endure??

      Posted by GD on 8/13/2015, 9:16 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      Around 1990, TEA sent a video to all the schools concerning the teacher appraisal system. It was probably 2 hours of a talking head..."now, let's look at indicator 4.12."

        Posted by texasoverseas on 8/14/2015, 5:28 am, in reply to "Re: worst inservice "
        Was that the guy sitting in an easy chair wearing pink socks?

        Posted by Lol on 8/13/2015, 5:49 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
        My Inservice is fun. We had to lip sync songs in groups and our principal did one to Seussical.
      Posted by How about these... on 8/13/2015, 4:50 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      First year of teaching: Eight hours of training on a Saturday about teaching bilingual math. There were over 20 teachers; only one taught math.

      Years later, I'm with about 100 teachers at an inservice about using computers to teach English and math. Presenter says, "So, how many of you teach English or math?" No one. Not a single soul.

      Finally, there's coming to school on a work day to discover that you will spend all day learning about Coaching. That happened three times, and it was the same material each time.

        Posted by I think... on 8/13/2015, 5:09 pm, in reply to "Re: worst inservice "
        ....we have a winner here!

      Posted by Director 3:16 on 8/13/2015, 4:50 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      Any inservice that I'm forced to sit through, and is completely irrelevant to the band world. For example, this is one that always catches me about every other year. The district brings in an "expert" who talks ad nauseum about classroom strategies. As the rest of the faculty are salivating over how amazing the guy sounds, I raise my hand, and ask them, "How would this need to be modified so it could be implemented in a performance ensemble setting, such as marching band, or string orchestra?" After about 30 seconds of uncomfortable silence, they would say, "I dunno, I don't have a clue."

      I think to myself, "The 'expert' doesn't know how to work in an unstructured classroom setting? Thank you for wasting my day."

        posted by lol on 8/13/2015, 7:49 pm, in reply to "Re: worst inservice "
        My principal would say "Well we are buying into this as a campus since we want vertical alignment" and then force us to use writing prompts as exit tickets to our class...

          Posted by Director 3:16 on 8/13/2015, 9:56 pm, in reply to "Re: worst inservice "
          That's when I'd say, "Vertical alignment? I'm the ONLY music teacher in the district! Yeah, buying into it as a campus...until next year when we buy into whatever the next schmuck is pedaling."

          Obviously, I would not recommend saying this out loud unless you have some serious stroke in the district.

      Posted by Good one... on 8/13/2015, 3:39 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      We have Scott Lang coming tomorrow for ours... I am actually looking forward to this inservice.

      Posted by Hank Scorpio on 8/13/2015, 3:06 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      My first year teaching the Superintendent read us a children's book in its entirety.
      posted by Hmmm on 8/13/2015, 3:04 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      This is a hard one to choose:

      Bert Simmons Rep that insulted teachers and resulted in teacher arguing with them and getting reprimanded... that one was interesting.

      I consider everything with John Samara to be right up there... That may count for worse, not sure.

      Umm... Then you have Kagan Structures...

      Of course Marzano's is always an enjoyable one...

      I think I've only ever had one day, maybe, of this crap that I didn't bash my head against the table. Not looking forward to starting these meetings! Very little, if anything pertains to band without doing a lot of BS'ing to make it work. Thank God I have a principal who leaves me alone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

tax - last post

We just went through our State of Texas tax free weekend.  In a post years back I explained that  I buy jeans on this weekend.  My jeans are numbered by date purchased on the inside of the right pocket  - lose you?   I take a marks a lot and write the purchase date on the inside of the pocket.  It doesn't fade with washing.
When I retired, I owned one pair of jeans.  I never wore them.  So over the years, I have built a collection of different colored jeans.  I have tried to honor one of my favorite people, but have not been able to find any Green Jeans.  
I don't buy any of those holy - oops - wholy - or is it wholie - ones with Holes in them. That seems stupid to buy a new pair of jeans that already has a hole in it.  For years I had a problem buying faded jeans instead of washing my own (my wife does this for me) and let them fade naturally.  So, I have a new pair of black jeans and a pair of faded blue.  I wanted to buy a baby blue faded pair, but couldn't find any.  Maybe next year.
This was the year for me to buy socks - 10 pair.   Maybe next year will be the time to buy fresh unmentionables.  I need some undies that are printed with the names of the week.  Then, I wouldn't have to decide which pair to get out of the drawer.  We'll discuss colors later.
This tax free weekend is accompanied by a list of products which are free.   School supplies - clothes - backpacks - so forth.  Screwdrivers?  not so much.  Can openers - maybe so if you are attending a cooking school.  
I got an email from our local candy factory yesterday.  Russell Stover's candy company.  They try to get people to order chocolate online.  But their premise this time was getting ready for the start of school.  Now that makes sense.  Let's all go stock up on chocolate so we'll be ready for school.

So, So, I was chatting with the spouse about all of this when it came to me that we are missing a bet.  The state of TX needs to install other tax free weekends for different type of products.  It would be a boon to our economy.
First of all:   Dark Chocolate tax free weekend.
For the guys:  Tools tax free weekend.
Quilters  (to appease my wife):   Sewing materials tax free weekend.
Senior Citizen tax free weekend.
The possibilities are numerous.
aside:  yesterday's post about the scam email - it was legit.  I wrote them, and they replied timely.  good company.
Time to take dogs out - good night all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Very short.
this blog goes through a company called Hover.  I never have problems with them.
I received an email tonight from Hover saying my password had been changed.  So, I came here and signed on.  Nope, it didn't give me a problem - the password hasn't changed - So is it a SPAM or a SCAM.  I don't know.  Over and out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


While Monday was fun picking up the dogs, today is not a fun day.
I see my GP  (doctor)  twice a year to have blood test for the A1C  - something diabetics do on a regular occasion.  Today is the day. 
He talks.  He prods.  He pokes.  He uses a rubber glove  (once a year only).  We chat.  I have blood drawn.  I really like this doctor.  He is above par.   First of all I believe he could have been a concert pianist or some degree.  His brother was a band director in the HEB area and now teaches trumpet on the side at SMU  (he retired & does this now).  He talks softly and intelligently.
I am really not one to cultivate friends.  Somehow, it never seems to work out.  I don't make enemies - not that - and sure, I have friends - some very good ones - but I am awkward when it comes to social settings such as inviting people over for dinner or going out with another couple.  We have done this with one local couple.  But, I am really not good at it.  I want to be.  
I believe the good doctor would be someone who would be good to socialize with; but, there is the problem of socialization with someone who knows you - and I really do mean the word "Know."
So I move on.  Time to get ready for the prods and the pokes ....
While I am here, I would like to mention that my previous next door neighbor, Lelanie Petty, has just been diagnosed with a stage 2 to 4 brain tumor.  She is also our insurance agent.  This whole thing just makes me mad.  Lelanie is holed up at Baylor hospital (Dallas) waiting test results.  They cut open her head yesterday and removed a fist-size tumor.  Why do bad things have to happen to good people?  Makes me mad.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

fun day

One might think this was a fun day.  One might not.
We returned last night from San Antonio where we watched the Southwest championship of the DCI - drum corps international ... in the alamodome.  We got to see about 25 different corps from all over the US.  Garfield - no wait - the Cadets from Allentown, PA came in first followed really closely by the Blue Devils.  Those of you into this activity will know what I am reporting.   The Cadets were originally (I think) from Garfield, NJ.  Then, I suppose, when better funding was necessary, they became the Cadets of Bergen County (NJ).  Sometime they made the switch over to Allentown.  Interesting (to me).   
We stayed in SA motels for two nights.  I can say that both motels are lacking.  The Best Western Garden something has a problem that I cannot touch here.  The La Quinta on Toepperwein has mold growing in the bathtub and toilet area.  I may touch more on that in a bit.
What made the day fun was that we picked up our dogs from the Vet after 3 days of boarding.  I miss the dogs when they go on vacation.  It was fun picking them up and being loved again.  Yes, Oscar & I played ball twice today.  I just gave every dog a new squeaky dog toy - Oscar got a squeaky ball.  We are in Heaven.  As an add-on:  Oscar played with the ball from 4:30 until 10:30 non-stop.  The squeaker has finally died; but, he doesn't care.  Oscar loves the new ball more than food itself.
2 asides here:
1.  We have taken Bruno to the Vet twice recently and this time makes #3.   All 3 times, that is ALL THREE TIMES, Bruno "Woos" on the floor of the waiting room.  (If you don't know the word Woo - it is explained in a previous posting  - dogs  wee and woo.   If they do both at the same general time, it is called a Woopee.)   Each time he wooed, the little girl has to come out of the back and pick it up and MOP the floor.  Bruno doesn't care at all.
2.  When they led the dogs out of the back room, Greta and Liesl were first.  I hooked them up and led them to the car.  I picked up Liesl and put her in the back seat (short legged dogs don't jump into cars usually).  I turned around and Greta was squatting on the street, doing her job.  Normally, Greta wets for about 5 seconds - she has a small bladder.  This time she wet and wet and wet - I stood and waited.  Meanwhile the other two dogs were brought out of the building.  Greta was still wetting.  I swear she held the pose with water puddling for a full minute.   I am wondering if she wet even once over the 3 days they were kept.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Another month of fun

Everytime I come on here, I swear that I will write more frequently.   Everytime, I fail.  Does this mean I am some type of loser - or does it mean, that I have little incentive to write more often - more money, more praise, more acceptance to my brilliance, add other "mores" here.______________________________________________________
Lots of water has gone over the bridge since I last wrote during the middle of June.   Most recent first.  I bought a house in Waxahachie.  We are not planning to move there; it will become a rent house.  I calculated (with my phone calculater) that I could bring more cash home with a rental than I could with some of my stocks.  So I cashed some in - bit the bullet so to speak - and became a slum lord.  The rest of the story.....
Now I am spending time in Wax-your-hachet working on the place and getting the business taken care of that a rent house demands.   The rest of the story.....
My daughter Laura has been hired as the elementary music teacher in Blooming Grove.  She is so excited to get back to teaching.  I am excited that she is returning to her music roots.   But, living in Cisco prior to the hire, requires her to move back to this part of the country.   She raises rabbits, not to eat, but to love.  Her number is down to 10 now. Apparently there are lots of other people doing this cause she can sell a baby rabbit for $30 to $50 or more.  It is hard to believe for an old trumpet player.
Her husband Tom works for the post office out there.  He applied for a transfer and will move in another month or so.
Where does one live when they have a dog, 10 rabbits and a bunch of rabbit cages.  That is a tough one.  Apartments are not good.  A bunch of soul searching and thankin'  (thinking for those up north) brought me to the rent house idea.  After all, who would be the best FIRST tenant than your own, employed, daughter and son-in-law?  Yeah, if they were bums, it would be a bit different.
Thus part of the past month has been in buying the house - moderate work on it - daughter moving ... and, this brings us to Son Roger.
Roger and wife Penney have brought their girls up in the soft ball world.  Their oldest Megan, now in high school, plays on a team that signed up for a soft ball tournament in Taylor.   My oldest daughter Christine lives in Round Rock, just down the road from Taylor.  So - if you are following this - we fired up the motorhome and drove to Rd Rk parking in the old Settler's RV park next to Dell Diamond.  It is an RV park.  Not any fancy stuff.   We parked there - Rog and Pen plus the two youngest girls stayed in the RV while wife & I stayed over in Christine's house.
And for two days we went to the ballgames.  I missed a couple.  It was a good outing me thinks.
If you have kept up with me over the years, you know that we have a Grammy Camp each summer, usually in August.  Since Megan is a marching band member, she begins marching practice in August.  It came to me in a flash (with a little wife help), after the tournament, load the girls up and take them with us - GRAMMY CAMP!!
But, wait, Laura's moving at this time.
Solution:  We took the girls with us - home - on a Sunday.   Monday we helped Laura get settled (all girls and us).  Tuesday, we RV'd the girls to Galveston for a couple of fun days on the beach. They seemed to have a good time on Galveston Island.    Being raised in the Panhandle, the girls had never seen the Ocean (Gulf) and waves and seagulls and shells.  Which reminds me, they had so much fun throwing food in the air for the Gulls.  They would step on the beach - one seagull in sight - throw food up - 30 to 50 seagulls magically appeared out of nowhere.  Amazing.
I watched a guy get out of his car on the beach with a big white bucket.  He took a net out of the bucket and walked into the sea up to his waist.  The man threw the hand net out into the water and pulled it back in with the rope.  He turned around, walked out of the water, dumped a fish into his bucket, and drove off.  One throw, One fish.   Amazing.
We worked our way home on a Friday meeting Roger and Penney.  Sat., that family was off.  They toured Cowboy Stadium and went to a Ranger's game in the evening - 4th of July Fireworks and all.   They returned to our house between 1:30 and 2:00 a.m.   After sleeping the morning away, they loaded up their car and returned to their home.   I think Grammy Camp was good this year. Next year I am thinking we should take them to Colorado or Arizona or Timbuktu.
Last stone.  This week we drove to Waxa and gave moral support to Laura as she test drived - test droved - tested by driving cars.  Her old 1998 Ford Explorer was on its last leg and headed for $4000 and up repairs.  It was time to let it go.  She ended up with a nice Chevy Equinox, red.  Her old car was gone.
Our experience in the Waxahachie Ford House was miserable.  The salesman was a nice kid.  His idea of a test drive was:  He drove us down I-35 eventually stopping.  He let Laura turn it around and drive it back to the Ford House.  We thanked him and explained that her husband had to be brought into the conversation.  Fine.  Wham.  Out came his boss.  This clown was aggressive and insulting to any intelligent human.  Finally, I just stopped and told him that he was being too aggressive, and we needed to leave until she could talk to her husband.   The guy was truly a jerk. If I ever buy another Ford, his store won't see my shadow.
Other things have happened in the past month.  Those stones will have to wait.  I am going up the hill to get the mail and my newspaper.  See Ya, Guys.

Monday, June 15, 2015

somewhat sorta political

just noticed it has been since April 28th since I wrote. - . - .
Monday, the 15th of June.
Lots going on.
My wife just told me that on Rush's radio show  (we like Rush) a guy just called in unhappy.  He said that in his mind (I paraphrase) he is black.  We are going through that bit where the white girl in the State of Washington was elected as President and resigned today of the local NAACP chapter....or as Rush says, the NAA Liberal CP.  Before I bog down on this - the guy called.
He was telling Rush that because he felt black, he was.  And, his children are bi-racial.  The guy had applied for a government program for blacks, and he was denied access for his children.  Rush asked him what was his appearance.  He said Blond.
Made me start thinking.
If Bruce Jenner thinks he is a woman - starts taking drugs and goes under the knife (even though I am not sure that is necessary), then Bruce Jenner is a woman.  If I say anything against the concept, I am attacked and vilified.  I am the crazy person.
If two guys want to get married, sure, go for it.  It is normal.  But if I should say or think anything against the concept, I am attacked and vilified.  I am the crazy.
What is coming next?  I predict that since the definition of marriage has been changed, next will be marriage between a guy and 2 females.  We use to call that bigamy.  They would be bigamist.  Soon it will be okay because these 3 people love each other.  Who am I to talk against it.  Once again, I will be attacked and vilified.
Of course, we enjoy joking about some guy wanting to marry his dog or cat or sheep.   Is that soon to be normal.
Finally, if you think you are something, then you are.  Nobody can judge you.  I think I am a refrigerator; therefore, I am.  I certainly do store food already.  I believe a test case will be coming up soon legalizing all sorts of crazy things.  Keep in mind, homosexuals were considered crazy until a group of psychologist got together and made a consensus opinion that H. are not crazy.   There has been no proof - studies - etc. that justify opinions one way or another.  It is just an opinion.
Maybe they are not sane.  Maybe they are not crazy.  It is a life style.  Transgender?  my opinion is a bit more forceful.  Those folks, including Bruce Jenner, are crazy as loons - if indeed loons are really crazy.  Before long there will be a test case where school will have to provide restrooms for transgender crazy people.    I can see it now:  A boy's room.  A girl's room.  A room for boys who feel they are girls.  A room for girls who feel they are boys.
rant over.
p.s   what if my dog Bruno starts feeling he really is a cat ---- hmmm
        or if one feels he really is a squirrel - will the govt have to have a program to help him climb trees?


Monday, May 25, 2015

Storm Night

Monday the 25th,
It wasn't bad here at all, not really.  Sure it rained and rained hard.   After our Sunday's rainy weather, I emptied an inch and a half of water out of the rain gauge this morning. This evening I poured another inch and 5/8(s) of water.  Our ground is saturated.  I'd love to do a bit of fertilizer on the yard - I'd like to spray a bit of weed poison on the yard - I'd like to saturate the yard with bug killer (the chiggers are thick this year).   But, nooooo. I have to keep waiting for the rains to stop.  No sense doctoring up the yard with this rain.
Supposedly rain has been coming towards us all day today.  On radar you could see a mass of rain just west of us.  It missed us all day.  I understand bro Jim in Pottsboro had a tough day.  Not us.  I played ball with Oscar  (we had a good time) and I sat on the back porch reading the newspaper most of the afternoon.  I even set up my Sirius  radio and listen to Frank while I read - took a short nap.
About 4:30, BJ came outside to show me da radar.  It was just west of us still but a cloud was moving up from the south.  We dogs moved into the house to play it safe from the lightning.  The guy on TV was showing an area near Fairfield - straight south of us - which has rotation, actually he had 2 different spots on the screen.    I watched as the rotation moved closer and closer.  Our weather alert radio kept interrupting our solitude with warnings.
Had an epiphany.  My brain doesn't always remember what the "bright" things to do - are.  I turned on my cell phone and found an app called Scanner Radio. This connected me with the Navarro County Office of Emergency whatever  .....  On the radio (phone app) we followed the tornado - now down to one storm - north towards our lake.  One of the radio guys was hooked up to radar - Corsicana has a big radar unit in town.  Eventually, the radar feller told another guy that the tornado would cross Hwy 287 about on top of the "Big" bridge.   The other guy was east of the bridge and could watch it happen.
The phone app followed the storm north as it crossed the bridge and headed towards the town of Kerens.  Instead of Kerens, it moved off to the East towards Trinidad.  It was fun ( in a way ) listening to the police call the fire dept. in Kerens and tell them to activate their alarm system.  After the storm came closer to Trinidad, it left our county. Navarro County signed off as it left.  I did not follow it anymore by finding another scanner to hear.  An aside:  the radar man reported this was the same storm that had been in Thorndale earlier.  That is pretty far away from here, nearer Austin.
I am thinking that I will invest in a super duty scanner which won't rely on my phone and its cell tower signal for results - a battery powered one per chance with some bells and whistles.   [ Our weather scanner has new batteries = that is a good lesson to learn. ]   A good, high-quality scanner....yep.  Long story short (too late) we were able to follow the progression of the storm as it crossed Navarro County.  While we might have hidden in a closet with the 4 dogs, these gentlemen led us through the potential problem.
Storm gone.   Emptied water gauge.  Picked a couple of ripe plums off our tree.  Fed the dogs.  Watched TV.   Tomorrow is another...................................

Monday, May 18, 2015

misc. short

Rain,  endless Rain.   Today was dry.  I got to mow the lawn.  But the riding mower has a mud problem.  I had to have the spouse to come drive while I pushed it out of the mud.  
The lake  is full - last week it went over the "full" mark.  We have lake trash along the shore line.  Really pretty bad.  People just throw anything in the lake.   I had a TV picture tube wash up.  I just couldn't get it out of the water; and, I don't know where it has gone now.   One tire,  a pink cooler, trees, a basketball, Christmas candy cane -- so forth.   
I will finish with a brilliant observation.
Didja know that dogs love cornbread?  I'm tellin' you, they will lick their bowl forever and ever after it is eaten.  Dogs love cornbread.
more later when i am inspired

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My hearing has been aided

Today I had a life style change.  Life style changes come at different times of our lives.  Retirement was a life style change.  Moving to Corsicana and the lake - buying my Mercury Marauder - when I bought my first pair of glasses with plastic lenses - diabetes - marriage - having to drink just diet Cokes - the list probably is endless.

But, today, I have ventured into a new world - the new world of hearing aids.  At 10:07 a.m. this morning, the lady Vicki installed my 2 hearing aids and adjusted them to my ample ears.  You'd think - with my ear structure - that I shouldn't have any hearing problems.  They should be able to funnel all sounds successfully into the proper canal.
Well wrong, ear wax breath.   All of those many years of excessive musical sounds - drummers - trombone players - crescendos - riding on a school bus with 50 rowdy teens and tweens.  Listening to the NY Philharmonic recordings of "Pictures at an Exhibition" -  I have ridden that horse and it has bucked me off.
Bro-in-law Ernie called it my "War Badge."
There are things to learn about wearing these things. Batteries, ear wax, inserting in the ear, so forth....
My set comes with a device which hangs around my neck.  It connects by Blue Tooth to my phone.  The phone rings; I push a button; no longer must I answer the phone physically as before.  
My ears feel stuffed with the machines.  They itch too. Maybe over time, I will forget they are there.  A life style change.  Here we go Batman!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


With the aforementioned funeral, I forgot to  explain about the rabbits.  This should be short.
Last week I was preparing to mow the back yard.  In doing so, I usually make a trip around the yard with the pooper scooper to save me problems later.  About 7 feet from the back porch I scratched on the surface when all of a sudden something came out of the ground and ran past me.  it was a baby rabbit.  Another one came flying out and jumped off the wall heading north.  I never found that one again.
I moved all my dogs into the house except Oscar who was way off playing with his ball.   Getting my wife and a box we collected the one rabbit plus another from another hiding place.  I took them and shoved them back down the hole.  Another one ran out of the hole and over the wall.  Oscar suddenly decided that it was fun and ran the entire yard to kill the rabbit.
All done, the dogs came back outside.   Several moments later I hear his screaming noise.  Running, I took another baby out of Greta's, the snake killer, mouth.   Down the hole.   Seeing it was a problem, I dug up a doggy cage and put it around the rabbit hole.
We have not heard nor seen any rabbits since then.   Surely by now, mama rabbit has moved her kids.  surely.


Sirius radio dock delivery

My wife's cousin's wife died last week from ALS. We made a quick trip to Lubbock, spending the night with our son Roger and family. Other than the funeral and the driving, it was a nice trip. Saw my #2 grandgirl bunt a ball and make it to first base before a sandstorm rolled in and stopped the game.
Anyhoooo, when I was in Lubbock last week for the funeral, Roger helped me order a portable radio speaker dock for my portable Sirius radio. I had been wanting one for a quite a while. C'mon, why pay for the service if you can't listen to it all the time?
Went online to Best Buy. There were problems. They messed up the order. First of all, there were no products in Lubbock -- but, (2nd-ly) they could ship it to Fort Worth where I could pick it up on my way back to Corsicana. Good plan.
Naturally, before I left Lubbock I got an email it could not go to Fort Worth. I called customer service and rescheduled the radio to be shipped to Corsicana - at an extra charge, of course, guaranteed delivery on the 16th.
Drove home. I had an email that the delivery date would be extended out for about 2 or more weeks. Now, I just couldn't handle that since we are planning a short trip in the next couple of weeks - It could arrive any day and just be left on my door step for how long? So I called customer service again (I believe it is Dave Ramsey that calls it customer No-service). Different Girl answered. This lovely girl on the phone said the product was in Fort Worth waiting my pickup ... and had always been scheduled to do so. No matter what I explained to her, she just couldn't get it down. Is this related to minimum wage?
Canceled the order - reordered online - paid extra shipping - it is coming with
guaranteed delivery tomorrow, Wednesday, the 15th. Guaranteed. Below is the online tracking info - which is why I am sending this email. I thought it was interesting. Look where the radio comes from.
Finally, while it may be in Mesquite for today's delivery, that won't happen. Mesquite will have to ship it to Corsicana who will deliver it tomorrow evening, late.
I know these things.
Here is the shipping info - I found it interesting.
Mesquite, TX, United States 04/14/2015 7:53 A.M. Out For Delivery
04/14/2015 7:40 A.M. Arrival Scan
DFW Airport, TX, United States 04/14/2015 7:04 A.M. Departure Scan
04/14/2015 5:44 A.M. Arrival Scan
Louisville, KY, United States 04/14/2015 4:54 A.M. Departure Scan
04/14/2015 2:06 A.M. Arrival Scan
San Diego, CA, United States 04/13/2015 7:16 P.M. Departure Scan
04/13/2015 2:57 P.M. Arrival Scan
Honolulu, HI, United States 04/13/2015 6:45 A.M. Departure Scan
Honolulu, HI, United States 04/12/2015 9:59 P.M. Origin Scan
United States 04/10/2015 10:04 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS
I should have just flown out there and picked it up at the store. That radio has logged more air hours this week than I have logged during my entire (albeit a sheltered one) life.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Indian shawl

THIS will be the 2nd try to upload the shawl - I figured out what I was doing wrong on the previous page.  Not that you care to hear - so nevermind.   See this garment?   I like it.  I will write about the rabbits on another page sometime.  Explanation of this is in the previous bloggy.

Indians - rabbits - and etc.

This will be another experiment to start.  I want to upload a movie I made with my camera.   I don't know if it will upload and run.  

first an explanation.
Trader's village in Grand Prairie hosts an Indian pow-wow each year.  The Indians gather and compete in dancing plus maybe other stuffs.  You can go for free.  This year it happened about August 22nd I think - might have been September.
Their costumes  are just great.   So here is a try at downlo === no, uploading a very short movie showing some dancing.

 I got greedy and uploaded 3 at the same time.   As I type, the top 2 did not work.  Maybe later in time it will.  Focus is lacking I see.
This event does things to raise money to offset the cost of travel for all their folk.  They take donations for the drummers; they take donations for the dancers; they take donations for anything that seems to work.
Raffles:  they have many raffles.   One of these had a shawl as the prize.  The women dancers walk in a big circles - should say dance in a circle - wearing these shawls.  Some are quite beautiful.   I bought tickets for more than one event - raffles - because the entire show is free and I appreciated the festival.
Who knew?  We won one of the raffles.  It was the one that I wanted to win.  Bright red cloth and handmade decorations.  below is a photo of it - then, without my wife's blessing - a photo of her modeling the shawl for my camera.  So it is upload time again.  Maybe this time the top 2 movies will upload also.  We'll see. 
okay it won't work.
so I will post this and try again with a clean slate.  I want you to see the shawl.

Friday, April 3, 2015

this week (s)

Here it be Friday - another week has about expired.  I am sitting here typing away as I await the grass to dry out just a tad - then, it will be off to mow the front yard.  Yesterday, I mowed the back yard (fenced-in area) and the stuff near the waterfront - which in itself is a poor description.  The lake has come up some but it is still 100 feet from my retaining wall.   The day before I weed-et the front and back yards but not the waterfront.  (weed-et = used our weed eater, known as the "Terminator")

Probably on Monday I will do all the shore - it bothers me to work down there when it is the first time of spring.  Explain:  I never know where a snake hides.  When the grass and weeds have just started to push up and I let it go too long, the varmints take refuge in tall stuff.  I suppose they are waiting for a mate to slither past.  More than once I have spooked a critter.  It bothers me.  It is a job that must be done.  So, maybe, perchance, if, I will tackle it on Monday.  Hopefully, it will be a Good Monday.   As of now, I am tired of this pink background and am going into settings.

Oh right, the yellow background is superior.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for us.  We made a motorhome excursion to La Grange, TX to visit their quilt museum - I believe they proclaim  it to be the State quilt museum.  It is nice.  Lots of quilts and friendly ladies running the show.  No photographs of course.  Why they would allow photos is beyond me.  It might help to promote the museum - but, no photos.   You can take photos of the outside of the building, which I have done in the past and will not do this time.

Our daughter Christine is a quilt buff as is my wife.   She drove down from Round Rock to spend some time with us.   We-all signed into a La Grange RV park planning to stay there 3 days ... even had reservations.  The lady running the place lost one of our nights.  We moved out 2 days later and moved into a skuzzy place near Columbus ... it wasn't that skuzzy but lacked paved streets.  We were lucky it didn't rain.  A lot of these small RV parks are home to families and single guys who work hard all day long and relax in the evenings.  A small RV is an excellent home for a guy who enjoys drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette in the evenings.  It can become quite a community for transient workers.  

Walking the dogs in La GRg I met a gentleman who had his motorhome for sale - 45 ft model, diesel, etc.  He told me to make an offer.  I didn't.  His projection was $550,000.  Not in my league for sure.  I love the way he threw out the number --  it is five fifty.   I suppose I am somewhat jealous I cannot throw out big numbers like that with such such such casualness.   "Oh, it is just 

The same guy volunteered that I drive down to Columbus if I wanted really good Mexican food. We ignored his suggestion of course and went down the street to a place.  Adequate food.  When we had to move to Columbus, we took his suggestion and went to LA CABOS.   As he said, this was really good Mexican food  (Tex-Mex for some).  Next time you are through Columbus, turn south on that road and find the place - bit expensive but good.

Part of this trip was a side adventure to Round Top and their running flea market.  It seemed to go on for miles and miles.  We picked a spot and parked.  I'd guess we walked over a mile up and down the highway venturing into different tents and houses.  Can't say we bought anything.  One lady had 5 old RV trailers she had refurbished for sale.  The prices were reasonable = her refurbishing was simply gross.  Proud she was.   A guy would have to go in and re-do everything she fixed.  Why couldn't she fix it up right the first time?

There is an area called Marburger Farms - see website - that is upscale in relation to the rest of these places.  Marburger opened a week later so we could not walk through.  Sad, to me.

It is time to close.  We have been home a couple of days and our lives have not slowed down.  I am suppose to return a phone call to a guy for the last 2 days, and it has not seemed appropriate to do it yet.  I have a stone about the new system of car inspections installed by Texas.  It will wait.  Time to mow the yard.  But first a photo or two from my files ----- (these are experiments to see if I can download -  upload properly)
#1  Oscar and a ball

Now I will try to upload 2 photos at the same time.   Liesl waiting for Christmas and a photo we took in 2013 of our 5 doxies and Christine's 2:   back row is our Fritz (RIP)  and Wesley (RIP). Front row is my others:  L to R  Bruno,  Liesl,  Oscar, Christine's Olllie (a smooth hair)  and Greta on the end.  Experiment over.     Isn't Liesl sweet under the tree waiting for Santa?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday the 23rd

Today was a great day.  It was.
I turned my tax info over to the lady who files my taxes.
If that is not a great day, what is?
Let's re-think that.  It is not the bit that I love to pay taxes.  It is grrrrreat because it is over.  All over.  Kaput!!  Until next year again.  Meanwhile, that part of my desk is cleared.  Let's dream up something else to do now.
Fortune cookie:  (received this past Sunday)  "You will never need to worry about a steady income."   Since fortune cookies are always right, I wish I had had that one about 50 years ago.
Thinking about student loans so many have ... I was so fortunate that my parents paid all of my college.  I had dance jobs that gave me a bit  of spending money - and helped to pay for my wife's engagement ring our final year (before our final semester).  A friend, Gerald Heath, worked every year at a grocery store.  Gerald's father was our barber in Levelland.  Another friend had a paper route - everyday - throwing papers.
I do feel sorry for the kids that have all that debt (including my own).  i suppose I feel the most sorry for those with big debts and worthless degrees.  Knew a kid who got a degree in trumpet performance, and he was not as good as I was.  I betcha he had to go back to school eventually - or - maybe he found a job at Home Depot.  Sorta sad really.
Oh no.  On TV there was just a commercial for me (or you) to meet beautiful girls from Asia.    There were beautiful young ladies of oriental backgrounds smiling into the camera - and I can meet these girls just by going to    The Question:  Do you think anyone really goes to this website?  If you were an Asian girl, would you want to meet someone who was desperate enough to dial up this website?
it seems to me that there is probably websites for:    or   or
The list may be endless.  Keep in mind all of these girls are about 5 ft 10,  thin, and have beautiful smiles  (extra white teeth).
I heard about a Senior citizen who started studying  karate - 
has worked up to a Gray Belt.
how about a photo of my 4 dogs
L TO R   Oscar (ball at feet), Greta,  Bruno, & Liesl
My title for photo is   "Daddy's Home"
I don't know what Liesl is looking at - certainly not me

g'night all