Friday, April 3, 2015

this week (s)

Here it be Friday - another week has about expired.  I am sitting here typing away as I await the grass to dry out just a tad - then, it will be off to mow the front yard.  Yesterday, I mowed the back yard (fenced-in area) and the stuff near the waterfront - which in itself is a poor description.  The lake has come up some but it is still 100 feet from my retaining wall.   The day before I weed-et the front and back yards but not the waterfront.  (weed-et = used our weed eater, known as the "Terminator")

Probably on Monday I will do all the shore - it bothers me to work down there when it is the first time of spring.  Explain:  I never know where a snake hides.  When the grass and weeds have just started to push up and I let it go too long, the varmints take refuge in tall stuff.  I suppose they are waiting for a mate to slither past.  More than once I have spooked a critter.  It bothers me.  It is a job that must be done.  So, maybe, perchance, if, I will tackle it on Monday.  Hopefully, it will be a Good Monday.   As of now, I am tired of this pink background and am going into settings.

Oh right, the yellow background is superior.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for us.  We made a motorhome excursion to La Grange, TX to visit their quilt museum - I believe they proclaim  it to be the State quilt museum.  It is nice.  Lots of quilts and friendly ladies running the show.  No photographs of course.  Why they would allow photos is beyond me.  It might help to promote the museum - but, no photos.   You can take photos of the outside of the building, which I have done in the past and will not do this time.

Our daughter Christine is a quilt buff as is my wife.   She drove down from Round Rock to spend some time with us.   We-all signed into a La Grange RV park planning to stay there 3 days ... even had reservations.  The lady running the place lost one of our nights.  We moved out 2 days later and moved into a skuzzy place near Columbus ... it wasn't that skuzzy but lacked paved streets.  We were lucky it didn't rain.  A lot of these small RV parks are home to families and single guys who work hard all day long and relax in the evenings.  A small RV is an excellent home for a guy who enjoys drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette in the evenings.  It can become quite a community for transient workers.  

Walking the dogs in La GRg I met a gentleman who had his motorhome for sale - 45 ft model, diesel, etc.  He told me to make an offer.  I didn't.  His projection was $550,000.  Not in my league for sure.  I love the way he threw out the number --  it is five fifty.   I suppose I am somewhat jealous I cannot throw out big numbers like that with such such such casualness.   "Oh, it is just 

The same guy volunteered that I drive down to Columbus if I wanted really good Mexican food. We ignored his suggestion of course and went down the street to a place.  Adequate food.  When we had to move to Columbus, we took his suggestion and went to LA CABOS.   As he said, this was really good Mexican food  (Tex-Mex for some).  Next time you are through Columbus, turn south on that road and find the place - bit expensive but good.

Part of this trip was a side adventure to Round Top and their running flea market.  It seemed to go on for miles and miles.  We picked a spot and parked.  I'd guess we walked over a mile up and down the highway venturing into different tents and houses.  Can't say we bought anything.  One lady had 5 old RV trailers she had refurbished for sale.  The prices were reasonable = her refurbishing was simply gross.  Proud she was.   A guy would have to go in and re-do everything she fixed.  Why couldn't she fix it up right the first time?

There is an area called Marburger Farms - see website - that is upscale in relation to the rest of these places.  Marburger opened a week later so we could not walk through.  Sad, to me.

It is time to close.  We have been home a couple of days and our lives have not slowed down.  I am suppose to return a phone call to a guy for the last 2 days, and it has not seemed appropriate to do it yet.  I have a stone about the new system of car inspections installed by Texas.  It will wait.  Time to mow the yard.  But first a photo or two from my files ----- (these are experiments to see if I can download -  upload properly)
#1  Oscar and a ball

Now I will try to upload 2 photos at the same time.   Liesl waiting for Christmas and a photo we took in 2013 of our 5 doxies and Christine's 2:   back row is our Fritz (RIP)  and Wesley (RIP). Front row is my others:  L to R  Bruno,  Liesl,  Oscar, Christine's Olllie (a smooth hair)  and Greta on the end.  Experiment over.     Isn't Liesl sweet under the tree waiting for Santa?

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