Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday the 23rd

Today was a great day.  It was.
I turned my tax info over to the lady who files my taxes.
If that is not a great day, what is?
Let's re-think that.  It is not the bit that I love to pay taxes.  It is grrrrreat because it is over.  All over.  Kaput!!  Until next year again.  Meanwhile, that part of my desk is cleared.  Let's dream up something else to do now.
Fortune cookie:  (received this past Sunday)  "You will never need to worry about a steady income."   Since fortune cookies are always right, I wish I had had that one about 50 years ago.
Thinking about student loans so many have ... I was so fortunate that my parents paid all of my college.  I had dance jobs that gave me a bit  of spending money - and helped to pay for my wife's engagement ring our final year (before our final semester).  A friend, Gerald Heath, worked every year at a grocery store.  Gerald's father was our barber in Levelland.  Another friend had a paper route - everyday - throwing papers.
I do feel sorry for the kids that have all that debt (including my own).  i suppose I feel the most sorry for those with big debts and worthless degrees.  Knew a kid who got a degree in trumpet performance, and he was not as good as I was.  I betcha he had to go back to school eventually - or - maybe he found a job at Home Depot.  Sorta sad really.
Oh no.  On TV there was just a commercial for me (or you) to meet beautiful girls from Asia.    There were beautiful young ladies of oriental backgrounds smiling into the camera - and I can meet these girls just by going to    The Question:  Do you think anyone really goes to this website?  If you were an Asian girl, would you want to meet someone who was desperate enough to dial up this website?
it seems to me that there is probably websites for:    or   or
The list may be endless.  Keep in mind all of these girls are about 5 ft 10,  thin, and have beautiful smiles  (extra white teeth).
I heard about a Senior citizen who started studying  karate - 
has worked up to a Gray Belt.
how about a photo of my 4 dogs
L TO R   Oscar (ball at feet), Greta,  Bruno, & Liesl
My title for photo is   "Daddy's Home"
I don't know what Liesl is looking at - certainly not me

g'night all

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