Friday, January 6, 2017

so cold

Jan 6th  2017

It is soooo cold outside.  The dogs still have to go outside to do their business.  And, being a good father figure, I wear my big coat outside to encourage each one's participation.   So Cold.  Cutting Wind.
I might add that it is 25 degrees here south of Dallas.   Amarillo has 17 degrees.
My wife's little bro lives in New Hampshire - It is 29 degrees up there.   It is warmer in New Hampshire than it is in Texas.  Go Figure.
Obviously it is time for a big pot of homemade Chili...
Or, a cauldron of Green Chile Pork Stew...
Or, a nice big bowl of Beef Stew...
Or a big helping of chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup and nuts.
Comfort Food.  

(With a shout out to bro Jim who prefers cherry vanilla.  another "Go figure")


Sears washer

Jan. 6, 2017

[ Short note to my immediate family --- looking for sympathy here ]
Over a week ago, the washer went "BANG" and quit.   This week, I made one trip to town and did a couple loads of laundry.   Laundramats  (yes, I spell it with the word "Drama" in the middle)   Laun"drama"ts   locally cost $2.75 for a normal load -- $3.75 if you want the bigger washer.
I ran 2 loads:  whites and dog blankets (thanks to Liesl's leaking)
We set up the Sears Repair guy to be here Tuesday.
On Monday we get the notice that our HBO - no, HMO - Homeowners org.  would be paving our street on Tues.
We called Sears and re-set for Thursday.
The road was not paved on Tuesday;  too cold.
Sears guy show up on Thursday afternoon. 
I loaned him a tool to get the lid off the washer.
He had to call Sears to get advice on our problem - he connected washer to laptop and called Sears.  They put him on hold, not once, several times.
Eventually, the Sears home office told him what was broken -
Our machine has 2 computer boards.
One board has to be replaced.
The repairguy, a nice feller with a full beard and about 30 years of living under his belt, turned to me and said,
    "I'm not going to order this part unless you want me to."
    "How Much?" I questioned.
    His reply, "With installation and all, $900."
    "I can get a new machine for that," I quickly responded.
He agreed.  He told me that the Sears Repair main office acted embarrassed when they said what it would cost.   "Are you ready" the main office asked?
We denied the offer to order the part.
I paid him his service charge fee  ($79)
He could not take a check or cash.  He had to have a credit card.  He says his company said it was too dangerous for him to have funds with him. 
I gave him a credit card.
He had to call Sears to get the amount approved and taken care of.
ON HOLD  over 10 minutes.
Paid, shook hands, got my tool back, he left.  Nice kid.
We got into the car; drove to our local Sears; and ordered a new washer - cheaper than the repair and an improvement over our previous model.   We have had the old washer for 8 years, never a problem.   BAM!!!  That's it.  Over.  Done.  Poof.  Kazowski!   Putin did it.
Built-In obsolescence.
Broken belt?  I can fix.  
Bad filter?   easy fix.
Fried computer board, not fixable in this household.
Hope we make another 8 years.
Dryer is fine  (for now)
Now, where is that sympathy?