Thursday, July 11, 2024

quickie - instant ink

 I  bought a new HP printer last year.  It came with free ink which was to be mailed to me.  2-3 months later I got some ink.  And I am in a subscription program for more ink.  I haven't seen any since the first delivery.  I cannot believe this is a scam.  but I sure have wasted a lot of money (some money) on ink delivery that never comes.

Went to their website and issued a hundred or so complaints explaining I didn't understand the program.

I downgraded to their $1.49 a month plan.  Now I ask meself why I am doing that when I can get ink at walmart.   Apparently my printer needs to be connected to the wifi.  I thought it was.  It's not.

Can you read frustration here.  I was not raised with computers.  I don't want to spend my time learning. I just want to use the machine.

I'm through fussing.


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Life is hard sometimes - another misc.

We have all had tough times.  Sometimes I wonder if mine are in retribution for some of the stupid things I've done in my life.  Opposite of "a reward."  Nevertheless, this cannot be true.  It's a bit conceited to think that all things everywhere happen because of me.  Am I the center of the Universe?

Let's say that one of my children has a car wreck.  That's on them.  It is not because I spit off a bridge when I was 37 yrs old and splattered the engineer's face on a passing train.  If I am to be punished for my stupidity / actions in the past, other people won't have to suffer.  That makes sense.  Karma !!  while it slaps me in the face, it shouldn't affect others.  Should it?  I'm not sure I really have faith in the Karma thing anyway.


Son Roger & wife Penney just returned from cruising the waters near Italy & Greece.  They sent back hundreds of photos.  I am so jealous.  What  a great trip.  Lesson to be learned, if you can find the money and time, take these adventures while you still can.  At 83, I have certain problems that interfere (and I'm not just talking money).  I believe my last big trip was to Lubbock to see a Granddot graduate from h.s.  It was worth the trip.


We've had a bit of a tough week around here.  My wife wouldn't like me talking about her; but, here goes a little bit.  Last Tuesday early afternoon she called out to me from her recliner.  I went.  She was sitting there just shaking.  Said she was cold.  I got her up and back in bed, covered.  She slowly regained her composure.  After much thinking, "we" took her to see our doctor.   He examined her and found nothing that might have caused the problem.  Yes, I think her brain had a temporary short circuit somehow.  Went home.

On Wed. I started to walk into the bedroom and there she was on the floor.  She had lost her balance and fell.  We talked.  She was wide awake and knew what was happening.  She had bumped the back of her head.  I checked and found a big knot back there.  It was a major project, but  I got her off the floor and into bed.  Then I called a daughter who hurried home from work.  We got the wheel chair out - loaded her in the car - and went to the E.R. in Temple arriving about 3:30 or 4, July 3rd.  

I was concerned about the head injury; the daughter was worried about a possible infection.  We were there for around 3 hours with some very nice doctors - nurses - other staff. My only complaint was a security guy at the front door that made me take my 1 1/2" pen knife back to my car.  I was dangerous.  Just doing his job.   He smiled anyway.

All sorts of blood tests and other liquids, Xray of head, neck, spine, hips.   Can't wait to see this bill.  She checked out with nothing broken but, yes, the daughter was right.  She had an infection.  After much to do, we left.  The wife was very unstable.  We had to lift her back into the car.   It was not pleasant at the time or when we got home.  It's not that she weighs a lot.  It is hard on me to pick up that much weight.

It was done.  Back in bed.  New pill taken.

I believe all old people are stubborn.  I am.  She is.  I had to pick her up off the floor 3 more times in the next 12 hours as she slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom.  She just WOULDN'T ask for help.  Still won't.   Her legs didn't work right.  We had several big dog beds on the floor so she never hit anything.

Long story short.  She has had her last pill.  Infection conquered.  She is moving - still a bit unstable at time.  We are making progress in the health world.  I hope none of you have to pick your wife up off the floor and back into bed.  I guess that is why I am here on this Earth right now.  I don't think it is Karma.  Logically, she has been a bit unhappy this week.  It's not her Karma.  She is close to perfect in her life.

I'll close.  Looking forward to what comes next.  Not really.


p.s.  I am a Republican.  Have been for several years.  I'm not a 100% Trump fan; but, I believe he is a lot better than the alternative.  Try to not get into politics here.  Just felt it was necessary to say.  Y'all take care now.

Post p.s.   If you are a regular to my world, you may have noticed that all advertisements are gone.  I thought they were distracting - ugly - U G L Y - you ain't got no alibi.  They were distracting and and and didn't seem to fit my world.  Maybe they'll return someday.

Saturday, July 6, 2024


 It is time for my Fetish report.

1st of all, all these years since I learned the word "Fetish" I have suffered under the wrong definition.  C'mon, you  have all been here with me.  You hear a word & put it in the vocab.  You blossom with the new found expressive word.  A word you use and never know you are wrong.  That's me here.   My wife one time started using a couple of common expressions (me too nice to recite them here).  After hearing one of them sprout from her mouth at church, I told her to quit using them.  I explained what they meant - or what "I thought they meant."  The expressions were gone.

That's where I am with Fetish.  I thought it meant you had a thing for a certain object.  Let's say:  chocolate milkshakes.   So I had a "Fetish" for "chocolate milkshakes."    A love for .. craving .. want .. you get the picture.  They are good.  Wendy's has that chocolate thing.  It is SOOOO good.   Then there are those DQ things which they turn upside down to show the thickness.  Yum is the word.

I don't get em anymore - the diabetes thing has thrown me off track.

Still, I thought that was the definition.  Wrong.  Aren't smart phones marvelous?  I was just thumbing through the thing a month or so ago, & saw the definition of fetish.  I was wrong.  You go look it up.  Apparently it has to do with that three letter word  (whisper softly)  S ...  E ..  X  I'm sure you have heard that word.  So if I had a fetish for chocolate milk shakes, it was in a (whisper again) sexish way.  That's a bit weird.  Can't say I know how to explain that any further.

I remember there was this movie about a black detective who would make out with a girl.   Then the sheet would come up and he would see her toes - all knotty and lumpy --- he would come unglued.  The fact that he was black has no bearing on this...I say that for the people who were offended by my use of the description.  Get a Life.  At the end of the movie he met a girl with beautiful toes.   Now, was that a foot/toe fetish?  I'm thinking so.   

Knee caps.  I've always felt there were no ugly knee caps.   Heels of the foot, real problems for some.   Noses, you knows it.    Chocolate shakes, think not. I'm not going to review my entire vocabulary list. Just learn to forgive me when I use some word or expression wrong.

A trombone player in one of my classes did something in bad taste.  I fussed at him.  He responded, "My bad."   I said, "Yes you are when you do something like this."  Wonder if I missed the definition on that one.   Use to say  daffi-nition for funny things.  He wasn't funny.  Jerk trombone player playing to the 17 yr old crowd.

Moving on.

Hope you had a fun 4th.  I was a tad bit disappointed when my neighbors to the north failed to put on a firework display this year.  Guess they went somewhere else.  I wasn't invited.

later, M3