Saturday, July 6, 2024


 It is time for my Fetish report.

1st of all, all these years since I learned the word "Fetish" I have suffered under the wrong definition.  C'mon, you  have all been here with me.  You hear a word & put it in the vocab.  You blossom with the new found expressive word.  A word you use and never know you are wrong.  That's me here.   My wife one time started using a couple of common expressions (me too nice to recite them here).  After hearing one of them sprout from her mouth at church, I told her to quit using them.  I explained what they meant - or what "I thought they meant."  The expressions were gone.

That's where I am with Fetish.  I thought it meant you had a thing for a certain object.  Let's say:  chocolate milkshakes.   So I had a "Fetish" for "chocolate milkshakes."    A love for .. craving .. want .. you get the picture.  They are good.  Wendy's has that chocolate thing.  It is SOOOO good.   Then there are those DQ things which they turn upside down to show the thickness.  Yum is the word.

I don't get em anymore - the diabetes thing has thrown me off track.

Still, I thought that was the definition.  Wrong.  Aren't smart phones marvelous?  I was just thumbing through the thing a month or so ago, & saw the definition of fetish.  I was wrong.  You go look it up.  Apparently it has to do with that three letter word  (whisper softly)  S ...  E ..  X  I'm sure you have heard that word.  So if I had a fetish for chocolate milk shakes, it was in a (whisper again) sexish way.  That's a bit weird.  Can't say I know how to explain that any further.

I remember there was this movie about a black detective who would make out with a girl.   Then the sheet would come up and he would see her toes - all knotty and lumpy --- he would come unglued.  The fact that he was black has no bearing on this...I say that for the people who were offended by my use of the description.  Get a Life.  At the end of the movie he met a girl with beautiful toes.   Now, was that a foot/toe fetish?  I'm thinking so.   

Knee caps.  I've always felt there were no ugly knee caps.   Heels of the foot, real problems for some.   Noses, you knows it.    Chocolate shakes, think not. I'm not going to review my entire vocabulary list. Just learn to forgive me when I use some word or expression wrong.

A trombone player in one of my classes did something in bad taste.  I fussed at him.  He responded, "My bad."   I said, "Yes you are when you do something like this."  Wonder if I missed the definition on that one.   Use to say  daffi-nition for funny things.  He wasn't funny.  Jerk trombone player playing to the 17 yr old crowd.

Moving on.

Hope you had a fun 4th.  I was a tad bit disappointed when my neighbors to the north failed to put on a firework display this year.  Guess they went somewhere else.  I wasn't invited.

later, M3  

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