Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 3, day 2 didn't work out - A Sue Stone

Last night I tried to do this - the machine was hung up;   sure, I have hang ups too, but nothing as frustrating as when a computer messes with me. 

Quick stone:  We live in the country.  Our neighbors have 2 black labs:  Heidi and Sue.  They are both smelly black (Labs) dogs with great attitudes (you'd smell too if you swam daily in the lake and rolled on dead things in your off time )  Heidi is a homebody.  She is home to wag and smell up my hands whenever possible.  Sue, on the other hand, is ADHD and roams the short hills and creek beds.

You have to love Sue, but never "throw the ball" for her.  She doesn't know when to quit. Throw the ball once & you will throw it a thousand times....except Heidi gets jealous and starts romping aggressively around Sue.  Only throw the ball when Heidi is asleep.  Sue NEVER SLEEPS.   Since her real parents work, Sue spends most of her days at another neighbors helping him to mow, fish, hoe, clean his boat - whatever he does.  We call him "Sue's 2nd Dad."

Yesterday morning my wife went out front.  In the flower garden next to the house was a large pile of dirt.  It was not there the day before.  Scratch marks sprouted from the pile.  A dog had been here.   With my foot I nudged the top off the pile - not quite sure who might be buried within.  A bright blue paper point stuck out.  I reached down and pulled slowly and carefully on the bright blue paper tip.  I couldn't believe it.  I pulled out an entire package, unopened package of chocolate Oreos.  There were no teeth marks, just a beautiful package of Oreos covered with dirt.

You know how you wait for something to get Christmas - so you can open presents - or Easter - so you can look for eggs - We waited all day till the neighbors got home last night.  After supper we checked their driveway every few moments.   Finally, I mean FINALLY, they drove up.   We grabbed the crusted Oreo package and trotted out the door, returning their Oreos.  Wait and No!  They had not lost any Oreos.   All knew that Sue had done the deed; Heidi would never.  Sue just sat there on the driveway wagging and smiling waiting to transfer her aroma to our hands and available legs.   A short discussion followed.

History:  Another neighbor down the street has a doggy door in their garage.  Sue has gone into their house before and taken food off their table - carried it out the doggy door & crossed the street to her 2nd Dad's yard to bury the treasure.  We know she has taken a bag of Easter egg candies - a block of cheese - an apple - no telling what else. The owner of that house doesn't appreciate Sue.  Once Sue went into their garage to get out of the sun - they put the garage door down and drove off - Sue went through the doggy door and stayed 2 days in their house until they returned.  She messed up blinds and left secret surprises around the house and ate what she could find until she could be sprung.

I could just imagine Sue sneaking into their house yesterday - she went directly to the kitchen table  (where the goodies are) - acquired the Oreos  (didn't steal - dogs don't steal they just take what people leave out for them)  - carefully holding (caressing perhaps) between the teeth, she pranced the 1/2 mile to our front yard to dig, store, and protect for later consumption .  She wasn't hungry right now.  In the package, Oreos might have stayed for quite awhile.  Not that it matters to a dog - a wet oreo, a dry oreo, a muddy oreo, it matters little.  Sue smiled at us as we returned home in the dark.   more tonight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Metze Backporch Stone - day 1

Getting started with a new post & poster creates the problem of what to write - how to - when to - the where seems to have taken care of itself. Since this is Day 1, an experiment it shall be. Maybe tomorrow will be an exciting resume or, perhaps, a guided tour of the family and pets.

Nobody will find this posting tonight, and if they do I will be simply amazed and baffled.

Let me leave you with one profound comment: I love my wirehair dachshunds, all 5.