Saturday, April 13, 2024

fortune cookie

When I eat Chinese, I always read my fortune cookie.  Always.  I have found that fortune cookies do not give your fortune.  I have a collection of paper "fortunes."  One of my long-term plans is to list these somewhere.  Someday.

Today, I got this one which I promptly read to my daughter (who is pushing 60).

"If you wish for good advice, consult your mom."

Works for me.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

I can handle...

 I can handle disappointment.  No need for counseling.

I did not win the 1.3 billion Powerball.

As a matter of fact, I had no winning numbers.  Not one.  Usually, I hit at least one number.  It might not be worth any money, but I get at least one number.  one.

Winner in Oregon.  What does someone in Oregon need with that kind of money?  That was a question.  It's okay.  I can handle it.

Next time, I plan to go to a Chinese restaurant - get the fortune cookie - and play that number.  A sure winner.

Now, I am going to put in a sad smiley face.😞


Wednesday, April 3, 2024

One Billion Dollars

 Tonight - Powerball - 1 billion dollars

Can you imagine having a billion?  Sure, I bought a ticket.  As son says, I paid my lottery tax.  Even though it is a billion, if you want money right now, it'll be about 500 million.  At my age, 30 yearly payments to equal a billion, doesn't make real sense does it?   

What to do with 500 Mil?  I could sit here and make a list.  Money given to charity.  Lots of charities out there.  Buy a new car.  Build a bigger house.  Take a cruise to Alaska.  Give all my relatives a million or so.  Why not?  The list is endless.

I was talking to the nice lady who sold me my ticket.  She said her father says, if he wins the money, he plans to build a home for retired preachers - in Tyler.  Tyler is the "kicker" in the story.  Why Tyler?

This would be a nice thing to do.  I have taught in seven different schools...maybe 8.  I could give a gift to each of their band parent organizations.  I would have to think twice about a couple of the schools.  They made me mad.    Then, there is the Texas Tech band program.  And Levelland High School - my alma mater.  Or I could turn it into $1 bills - fill my mattress and sleep on it.

Steaks every night?  You'd tire of them after a while.  Hire a personal cook.  That's a thought.  OOOOOO  OOOOOO  OOOOO  a sizable gift to my C.P.A. and attorney and stock broker.  I have always wanted to own a string of storage companies...   Apartment houses...  See my previous post, I'll change my name and run for President.  I'd like to own a kite.  Where can I get one of these?

cars - charitable gifts - trips - gifts to relatives - leave $20 bills in library books - 

There is no end to this.   Later,


Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Sorta political - humor

 In a Los Angeles times story:

or Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA:

A man in Tarrant County, Texas, has changed his name.  Ft. Worth/Dallas DFW is the area.  The judge wasn't amused.

Dustin Ebey has changed his name to: 

Literally Anybody Else

 Mr. Else, 35, is trying to get his name on the ballot as an independent candidate in all 50 states (etc.).   He believes he has a chance to be elected.

Sample Ballot

口 Joe Biden

口 Donald Trump 

口 Literally Anybody Else

Not that I don't think this is funny.  I do.  But, there are people who will jump in and help this man.  Plus, Ft. Worth doesn't need a Presidential Library.  Certainly, Dallas doesn't either.   Maybe he will build it next to 6 Flags.  Use to be a good Panchos restaurant near 6 Flags.  "President Else."  People didn't believe the southern border would be left open either.  Free admission and we'll give you stuff.  If this guy gets more votes than RFK, that would add more humor.   What is Mr. Else's opinion on gun control, the southern border, Israel/Palestine, moving confederate statues, marijuana legalization (bet he likes this one - shouldn't have said that - I have no clue), mustard or mayonnaise, oh the list is endless.  Use the comment section below to add to the list.