Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Sorta political - humor

 In a Los Angeles times story:

or Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA:

A man in Tarrant County, Texas, has changed his name.  Ft. Worth/Dallas DFW is the area.  The judge wasn't amused.

Dustin Ebey has changed his name to: 

Literally Anybody Else

 Mr. Else, 35, is trying to get his name on the ballot as an independent candidate in all 50 states (etc.).   He believes he has a chance to be elected.

Sample Ballot

口 Joe Biden

口 Donald Trump 

口 Literally Anybody Else

Not that I don't think this is funny.  I do.  But, there are people who will jump in and help this man.  Plus, Ft. Worth doesn't need a Presidential Library.  Certainly, Dallas doesn't either.   Maybe he will build it next to 6 Flags.  Use to be a good Panchos restaurant near 6 Flags.  "President Else."  People didn't believe the southern border would be left open either.  Free admission and we'll give you stuff.  If this guy gets more votes than RFK, that would add more humor.   What is Mr. Else's opinion on gun control, the southern border, Israel/Palestine, moving confederate statues, marijuana legalization (bet he likes this one - shouldn't have said that - I have no clue), mustard or mayonnaise, oh the list is endless.  Use the comment section below to add to the list.

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