Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Be sure to read "SCAM" b4 this one

 Just so you'll know that I am not perfect.

When it rains, it pours.

2 days ago, I received a bill for $315 from Baylor Scott & White for my wife's laser eye surgery.  I was expecting it; but, that doesn't make the pain any easier.  It is the beginning of the new year and we have to reach our insurance deductibles.  She is a lot closer to that end, now.

Then, yesterday, we went to the optical place.  After the laser eye surgery and cataract surgery last year, it was time to get a new pair of glasses.  Eyes are close to 20\20, but a bit off.  Reading glasses are certainly a must.  We went in carrying an old pair of her glasses frames.  Even with her frames, and - as they say: "30% off,"  Our cost would be over $400.  That hurts a poor retired teacher on a fixed income.

I came home to find the red alarm light blinking on my septic system.  The air pump has given up.  Sigh.  Called the repair guy this morning.

So I fret about this stuff.

Then, today, that yokel calls (see the post below).  I put 6 eggs on to boil.  Things got hectic.

Frankly, I forgot the eggs.  An hour or so later, I sat at the dining room table working on my 2023 taxes.  I'm almost through - just the mopping up, so to speak.  At my feet and over about 3 more, is a machine that runs all the time killing bugs - flies, gnats, etc.

I heard this loud pop sound.  I smell something.  I unplugged the bug killer.  Sat back down.   BOOM!!  What was that noise.  Then, another loud BOOM!  The dogs come to investigate.  Yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, I forgot the boiling eggs.  3 of them have exploded.  What a mess.  All over the kitchen.  None hit the ceiling, but the underside of the microwave is a mess.  The dogs & I started cleaning the kitchen.  My wife was taking a nap and the explosions didn't faze her at all.

Unless you have had exploding eggs on your stove, you won't truly understand the mess.  Give it a try, Buddy.  Why should I be the only one?

Now, I am still waiting on the septic repair man.

I need a quiet hobby.


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