Wednesday, March 27, 2024

SCAM - I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!

 How many exclamation points are needed to express how mad I am.  Rule book says only one.   !    

I AM SO MAD!    (at myself)

I knew as soon as I answered the phone and guy started talking.  In my heart, I knew.  But, ...

The concept, Medicare was replacing my old Medicare Card with a new plastic one.  He DID represent himself as being from Medicare.  He needed to verify some info.  He knew a lot of stuff on the Medicare card including (I think) some of my secret numbers.  Maybe he was a good guesser.  He knew my complete name - and my wife's complete name.  She uses about 3 different approaches to her name - he hit it right.

We talked on the phone for quite a while.  I hassled him quite a bit.  When he came up with certain info, I melted and verified some numbers.

Then he asked my primary care doctor's name -- hmmmmm --  red flag 

next he asked if wife and I were diabetic.  not really a red flag.  What should have been the red flag was that Medicare had him call about ME  and MY WIFE at the same time.  I thought about that briefly; but, I let it go.  The dogs started to bark.  No excuse.  Just a fact.  It flustered me a bit.  

When I thought it was over, he informed me that they would be sending me a FREE new blood sugar checking meter with my card - after getting approval from my doctor, of course.  I grunted.  But, wait, they were also going to send me a back or leg brace with my new card (doctor approval, of course).  One for me & one for the wife.  No cost to me.  FREE FREE FREE.  He needed to know my height and weight.   And, we would receive either a Cane or a Walker.  Which one do I want - no cost to me  - FREE - after doctor's approval, of course.  

Before it went any further - or is it farther ?? -  I told him force-ably that we didn't need any of this.  He would not stop talking.  "No obligation to you, FREE, with your doctor's approval, of course."  

Finally, I interrupted him enough to get a word in edgewise,  " We don't need any of this.  I am going to call my doctor right now and tell him.  I'm through talking."  

I hung up.

I am so mad.  There were so many red flags which I should have tripped over.  I thought I was smarter than this.  I am so mad at myself.  The guy is jerk.  I bet his grandmother would be proud of him unless she is the owner of the company.  

Surely, I will recover from this.  There is no telling what may come next.  So Stupid!!

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