Monday, May 30, 2016

getting ready 5-30-16 a.m.

Today is Monday, May 30, 2016.     I need to practice.   I use my PC desktop all the time.  Once in a while I dig out the ole laptop because I am looking forward to making a trip.  On trips the laptop and I become as one.  This is a practice bluggy to make sure all is working

Sometimes I get this yearning to write on my blog when I make a trip.  Then, I get worried.  What if some burglar reads my Blog  (notice capital letter B on Blog).  If a bad guy knows I am gone, he might decide to break into my house.  Not good.

Lemme give a couple of reasons why this is not a good idea:
#1)  My new next door neighbor is really somewhat nervous about living out here.  He has come out of his house to check  things when I have come in late.  The gentleman just retired from being a Police Chief.  He has weapons. He gets nervous.  What more can I say?
#2  My house has an alarm system which goes to battery power automatically if something disrupts the electricity.  The system has this enormously loud alarm on top of the house which has accidentally kicked in a few times.  I'm tellin' ya.  You do not want to be in front of that Horn when it sounds.  (Refer back to #1 and nervous retired Police Chief)
#3   Our house is at the end of a (FRENCH WORD)   cul-de-sac.  Once you enter this housing development, there is only one road in and one road out.   The entrance is well over a mile from my house.  The local Sheriff Department is all over this area.  A thief would be hard pressed to make it out of the area.
#4   I have a relative coming to stay here while we are gone....drives a big white F-150.
To break into my house, you will have 30 seconds before the alarm Horn on top of the house sounds off.  At that time the alarm company calls the Sheriff.   My excitable neighbor WILL hear the alarm.         The relative in the house will be unable to miss the alarm - trust me - I have been in the house when it sounded off.  30 seconds clicking down.  Now, after you figure out I don't own anything worth value, . . no jewelry - sure a 1980s TV in the living room that weighs 300 lbs - furniture - maybe a bit of food in frig - various unsalable souvenirs from trips gone past - you now have less than 30 seconds to get out and drive over a mile - up and down hills - around tight curves - one lane road - to make it to the area exit.  Once there, you can only go one of two ways.  A Sheriff will be on at least one of these roads.
      You have to drive out.  We are surrounded by wilderness.  The wilderness is full of snakes, bobcats, wild pigs  (that would be fun) and various other complications.
    Might I suggest you rob a 7-11 instead of this place?  
    There use to  be an old bit where a problem is presented to a teacher  (usually in August at the first day of InService)   - after much groaning and gnashing of teeth, the Administrator would end with "Let it be a challenge to you."  Hopefully, I have not presented a challenge to anyone.  I end with:  "Don't do that."

Thus ended the prelude.
More will follow over several days.
over and out