Sunday, November 27, 2011

Empty Nest

Sunday:   All of our children have gone home -- {  oh, yes, and the grandgirls -- (oh, yes, and the dogs)  }.

They came in waves starting Wednesday night until Saturday.  Food was plentiful and tasty.   We had all the traditional things of the season.  The weather was not a pleasure.  First of all, the TV  GUY S   all said Thursday would be a good day with rising temperature.  Well, folks, they were certainly wrong about them apples.  The pleasant day was Friday - then the rainstorms came Friday night.  We had almost an inch over night.

Now we are blessed with the north winds - Saturday afternoon the came,  making it tough to be outside... that would be for man  or  our beasts.  Thirteen, count them  1-13  thirteen dogs were here in this house.  That is a lot of dog.  Can't complain since 5 of the dogs are mine.   You might wonder this:  10 of the dogs were dachshunds.  One was a white peke  and the other two were rescued from the pound - not big dogs but bigger than a doxie.

Snoopy had it good at suppertime.  He even had time to sing a song.  Maybe I should list those lyrics here someplace.   When you have 13 dogs - 7 of which are males   (that would be 6 females for those you who are math empaired  (thought it was funny to missplel "empaired") - Male dogs have different brains than the females; now, that might be true in some of God's other species as well.

Daughter Laura left her crackers on the bedroom floor Saturday night -  Sweet little Liesl barked her "thank you" for the midnight feast.   

I have decided that I am clearing part of the garage (stuff to the attic, the kids can clear it out in future years) and I am creating a "Man Cave" for me.   Clear the stuff - Insulate the walls - Install air and heat - Get big chair and TV [ I have seen those man caves on television ] - Establish a computer desk, and Place an enormous lock on the main door to the house.  This here house ain't big enough for 2 grandparents, 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and thirteen dogs.  I need space.

Other than that revelation, it was a good weekend.  We even saw Puss-N-Boots at the local emporium of visual pleasure, though I didn't get to play any video games after the movie.  And, I close.  I have TV to watch;  it is time  (5 pm) to feed Fritz; and my big tea glass is empty.  Stay busy guys.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cellophane, Mister Cellophane

I enjoy the Broadway musical  Chicago.   In a previous blug I mentioned the song Politics and Poker from the musical Fiorello.  I like that song too.

Here are lyrics to one of my favorites from  Chicago  (website at bottom)


hope this doesn't break any copywrite rules


The Original Broadway Production Chicago the Musical - Song:   Mister Cellophane Lyrics


If someone stood up in a crowd
And raised his voice up way out loud
And waved his arm and shook his leg
You'd notice him

If someone in the movie show
Yelled "Fire in the second row
This whole place is a powder keg!"
You'd notice him

And even without clucking like a hen
Everyone gets noticed, now and then,
Unless, of course, that personage should be
Invisible, inconsequential me!

Mister Cellophane
Shoulda been my name
Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there...

I tell ya
Mister Cellophane
Shoulda been my name
Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there...

Suppose you was a little cat
Residin' in a person's flat
Who fed you fish and scratched your ears?
You'd notice him

Suppose you was a woman, wed
And sleepin' in a double bed
Beside one man, for seven years
You'd notice him

A human being's made of more than air
With all that bulk, you're bound to see him there
Unless that human bein' next to you
Is unimpressive, undistinguished

You know who...
Mister Cellophane
Shoulda been my name
Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there...
I tell ya
Mister Cellophane
Shoulda been my name
Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there
Never even know I'm there.

Hope I didn't take up too much of your time.

Chicago Song Lyrics

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bird-day comment

The day is over.  Had a pretty good time.  Food was plentiful.  Watched the Macy's parade today and made the comment:   It would be nice to see a parade and not a floor show.   I miss real parades without all the extra stuff and lipsync stuff.

The refrigerator - you could hear it breathe a little bit easier as the contents were slowly removed and eliminated this morning.   And, as left overs were returned, It yelled something like  "gimme a break."

The biggest surprise to me is:  I received some puzzles from daughter Christine for my birthday.   Bucky Balls  or   buckyballs - whatever.  You can find them on you tube.   Little round magnets, strong magnets.  Everyone here seems to fight over them - they are a hit.

I broke my rules and ate a sliver of Pecan Pie this afternoon.   I have not had that type of stuff since 2008.   I love pecan pie.  And, yes, it should be capitalized -- Pecan Pie.

Rest of family will be here Saturday - may it be a pleasant day.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bruno aftermath

wanted to point out - after pulling the dog (Bruno) out of the septic tank -- by his neck.   Measured Bruno today and that little dachshund is three inches longer.   It did help to give him a bit of a waist.


RV black water tanks

My cousin Barbara read the RV & Sewer bit on the previous bluggy.  Terrible, just terrible.  

She sent this reply:  (for those who don't know, modern motorhomes ( or RVs )  have 2 different water inlets.   One goes straight into the vehicle and fills the water tank or connects to the water system.  The send goes straight into the black water tank.  When you empty the black water tank (sewer), you can flush the tank with this inlet.  You must keep the sewer hose open and connected to city sewer connection, or water just fills the black tank.  Question:  when a sewer tank is full, where does it overflow?  Read below.

You all have my sincere sympathy. I'm sure that was not a fun day for you or the pup. And since you still have your MH, here is a great story. We met 2 couples who often camped together in TX. One couple had a MH, the other had a fifth wheel. They set up camp and went to eat dinner. Before leaving they hooked up the elect and water. BOTH hooked up the water to the backflush inlet instead of the fresh water inlet. Of course, they turned on the water. And of course, the black water tanks began to fill. And of course the valves were closed, or this would not be an odd story You know by now where this is going. One couple's tank was empty and fairly clean, but the other was about half full. When they returned from dinner, the "clean" tank had filled all the way up the vent pipe and "clean" water was spilling down the side of the coach. The other one had clogged the vent pipe and backed up into the potty and covered the floors of the coach about an inch deep. If that sound bad, don't forget the central heat vents are in the floor. And these were experienced RVers.


Back to me now.  When I was just a little pup, freshly married etc.  We borrowed a travel trailer from parents to make a trip.  I was not really too smart about certain things.  After we got home, I parked the trailer in our front yard ( a nice little rental place in Sudan ).  I climbed under the trailer and opened up a 4 inch thing - nobody knows why I opened it;  I just did.  The entire black tank emptied on that yard.   Some of us have to learn the hard way.

Tuesday Long Stone

2 things. I put paragraphs in this & the computer keeps taking them out. I forget the 2nd thing.

How did you spend your Tuesday? [ this may be too long but the ending is a beaut ]. Hope you can stay tuned for that part.

Before I begin - first thing I heard on the radio was the reminder that this date was the anniversary of Kennedy getting shot.  Where were you?  I was in class in Sudan - teaching band.  A kid came in between classes and said something - which I "poo-pooed" as nonsense. I was wrong. Someday I shall bring this subject back up. Weird week that was.

1. Let's start with #1. Morning is too light compared with night since we had the time change. The sun streams into my bedroom making it difficult to slumber. it has nothing to do with the dogs barking or the wife taking a shower right next door; it is the streaming sun. Shine Baby Shine.

Last winter lovely daughter Christine knitted me a stocking cap for winter. I keep it in a drawer by my bed - next to the gun and torn T-shirts. When it got cold last winter, I slept with the knitted cap pulled way down over my ears. It was a live saver since the wife has this thing about reducing temperature in the house at night in the winter (or for that matter raising temperature in the house at night in the summer - but no stocking cap need for that - just a sponge and a towel).

It came to me this morning at 7 a.m. - pull the cap down over your eyes. I did. Slept till 8:15 when above mentioned spouse opened door and suggested it was time to join the world. I struggled into the kitchen; had my traditional bowl of Grape Nuts and fake sugar; and crawled back into the bath area for an early morning dip.

2. Out at 8:59, I turned on Live with Kelly (formerly Live with Regis and Kelly) and her guest host for the week, Jerry Seinfeld. I did not want to miss today because Jerry was bringing his new dachshund Puppy "Jose" (named after a NY Met baseball player) to the show. Eventually it was introduced, a long hair black and tan. Gads it was cute as it ran across the stage to leave. Jerry's wife waited in the wings to scoop it up. Doxies have a recognizable stride when they walk fast. So very cute.

3. All of our dogs were corralled into a play area-holding pen as the spouse and I made our way through the front door. We left.

4. First Stop: You won't be able to tell it here - but as I type - it is 5:15 pm. Our dog Fritz needs to eat before his stomach takes over the Continent. When I return, it will be after Church choir practice (Tues instead of Wed because of Thanksgiving - stay tuned, I promise an exciting exit to this trip.)

5. Home from church (had to do some major stuff here and at town) so it is 10 p.m.

6. Where was I? Ah, I remember. We put dogs in the cage and headed to our motorhome. Now I don't talk much about the motorhome cause I just don't like to. But in this case... When we moved here, we put it on a lot attached to a bunch of storage units. When it rained, we sank in the mud. It was bad. I would put boards under the tires and on and on an on. It was bad.

South of town on I-45 there is a guy who sells mostly travel trailers and does RV repair work. I needed some stuff done & talked to him. He fixed my stuff fine. Noticing he had an enormous lot with nothing on it, I asked if I could park the M.H. on his paved lot for the same $$ as the mud pit. He liked the idea. We moved in.

Our neighbors have a 5th wheel. They told us about a place where they leave it - covered space. Three, maybe four months ago, I dropped by the place and was told they had no empty spaces and all tenants were paid up for a year.   Left my name and number.    Wife goes by there on Monday coming home from the grocery store (had to buy for Thanksgiving)(another stone in that). The guy said, "We have a space." She whipped out that checkbook and we were tenants.

That's what we were doing. Moved the M.H. to the covered space. In the process I had to tell the Camper Depot that we were leaving. It sorta broke my heart cause I really like him. He sends me political emails. We bond.

7. Parking over - we head to town. Not that I would want to talk ugly about anyone - but, I will. My wife, bless her heart, called on Monday and made a Dentist appt. for me on Tues. to get teeth cleaned. I did not approve. I went. Had a lovely time with the girl cleaner and the dentist. It was okay and over. Headed home.

8. Walked in the house; some dog had torn into a dog cushion and green stuffing was everywhere. sigh. Outside they went.

Got home - dogs out - cleaned up green stuffing off floor - phone had a message - listened to message - it was the septic system repair guy - called him back - (Chad) he'd be here after he finishes present job - nice guy, younger, loves Texas Tech - we have things to equally complain about - and so forth.

Back to septic system in a moment. The wife bought one of those biscuit shaped packages-things at the store which, when popped open, revealed an uncooked pizza dough. She fixed up a pepperoni pizza which was actually quite good. The dough worked fine. I believe it will become a part of our staple food items.

Septic History: The guy who installed it - went away. We couldn't find him if we wanted - then, we hear. The guy has liver cancer. He died. Now, we really can't find him. His installation was less than pristine. He passed all tests and county / lake rules. The system works. One day on the other side of the back fence, there was water on the ground.  I called a bunch of people until  !!!!!    Finally found Chad to come fix it. Chad works for his father and repairs systems. He did a good job for us and I was happy.

About 9 months later, more water coming up. "Hello Chad." He came out and fixed the leak - this time he brought a guy to help dig the hole. I like Chad. Does good fast work and doesn't stick it to me $$.

Over 2 months ago, before we had any rain and the ground was hard as a rock from being dry. I noticed wet ground in the same general place. The problem had returned. I ignored it.   One month passed, still moisture. Second month passed, new moisture. We had a couple of rains. Last week the water was running not only in my yard but into the neighbor's. It is not good to let your septic system drip into the neighbor's yard. Called Chad.

So Chad shows up and we go back to the place. Dig, look, dig, look, dig, look - water seeps up. Chad thinks this doesn't make sense. We go to the main septic unit. For those who don't know, the septic system has an enormous concrete tank divided into 3 big sections. It could hold about 1500 gallons. One part collects the stuff, the next section puts air into the goop to clean it, the third section collects the cleaned water and empties into little plastic lines that are located under my entire back yard.

Chad took the green top dome off the tank and pulled the pump out to study. It was covered in dirt....mud really. This is not right. That third tank - according to the manufacturing folks - that third tank contains water good enough to drink. Wrong, in my opinion.   { Remember 1500 gallons }.   Let me finish this. The concrete tank has a vertical crack which is letting in dirt. The dirt is pumped out into the yard and has plugged up the lines. He says I probably will need new lines - his father will come out and survey it next week. In addition, the tank will be pumped out and a concrete sealer will be put over the crack. We are talking money here.

But now the kicker. We are sitting there talking worse case senarios. It dawns on me to pick up the green cover and put over the hole. We talk. Out of the corner of my eye I see a brown dachshund walk over and step on the cover. It flips and the dog goes straight down into the tank.

All I could see was a tiny head above water and little feet paddling. I reached. Chad reached. Chad's arm makes contact with the water and the electrical connection. He got shocked. I frankly don't know how bad. I could not reach the dog. Finally, I laid down and stuck my entire shoulder down into that system and touched his head. He swam away. I reached two more times. The last time I felt his nose and grabbed it.

Doxies have long noses. This is where you can say, "Thank the Lord." I pulled on that nose and grabbed for his collar. It was like Lord of the Rings trying to reach Frodo. A finger went under the collar. I pulled straight up. The boy was pulled straight up out of the water by his neck collar. I was afraid the collar would come up over his head - long noses, small heads, big collars.

It didn't. I lifted him straight up and got my other hand on him. I flipped him to the ground and yelled "STAY !!!" That dog didn't move. I picked up that sewer soaked fully covered in goop puppy by both hands around his chest and up against my body and headed for the house. I climbed those back stairs and stopped. My heart was firing on 375 horses. . . it was pounding.

I yelled into the house. BJ met me and we took the dog to the bathtub. She started washing and washing. The dog shook spraying the wife. It was terrible. I am so sure she would have another way to describe it. The puppy was just scared to death. He didn't move other than to shake.

At this point, I pause. For those who have met my brown bombers, guess which dog went into the septic tank. Go ahead and guess.

Yes, from the time he fell in - I was yelling at Oscar. I carried him in yelling at Oscar. When he hit the tub and water was applied - it was NOT Oscar - it was the sweetheart, scared loveable, so wonderful Bruno. This dog will not enter a room without an engraved invitation. He is so polite. Bruno, went into the tank. And, Bruno now knows how to swim.

This whole thing has just devastated me. All of the "What ifs."    I was ready to jump into the tank after him. Can you imagine? We were all so lucky. It bothers me to just talk about it. Later I sat in my chair and just held him, talking softly into his floppy ear. He laid on my stomach looking into my eyes. I do not know if Bruno truly understands how close he came tonight. And, sweet Chad, may have come extremely close too. Electricity and water are not friends.

So I close. May you and all of yours and all of your puppies be fine and healthy for many years to come.

G'night.  Mtz


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bro's eyes

my brother Jim has gone through 3 weeks of having 2 cataract surgeries where the lens was replaced in his eyes.   Jim has had glass since early elementary years - like 1st / 2nd grade or so.  His eyes got worse and worser and worstest as time went by.   I would guess his glasses were 1/4 inch thick. 

Operation over.  He has measured 20/20 in both eyes - even though this may change over time.   No glasses after 60 plus years.

I am a believer in this process now.

Digestive news

touch of crude insight into my life.

Played my trumpet with the local little theater  (Warehouse Theatre) in the King & I production.  It was pretty good.  I was in the pit and saw NO acting at all - but rave reviews everywhere.  There was not one thing that seemed to go wrong from my standpoint.  Well  -- except the very last performance as we were play the music for bows -- and they finished the bows -- and the curtain closed -- and the guys in the back booth in their eagerness to end the show - shut off the piano sound.  She carries the show.  Good Piano Player.   So, we just stopped in the middle of the song.  Nobody in the audience noticed.  What?  You think they had the musical score in their laps? 

I know how my digestive system works.  Sometimes it can be very prolific - other times, not so much.  We'll come back to this in a moment.

When you play in a Pit Band - and there is actually a Pit in front of the stage - you are put back in the corner below the audience line of sight.  Our pit was like that except the ends (sides) were covered with more stage.  So I sat under the stage in the Pit.  Air does not move freely in a covered pit.   As they say:  what happens under the Stage in the Pit - stays under the stage in the pit.

I told my wife before the first rehearsal  a week ago Sunday,  "Wife,"  I said,  "I must be careful what I eat this week.  No beans or anything which might make problems."  This would include all types of beans,  blackeye peas,  prunes - surely you get the picture by now.

For the entire week, I limited my intake and all was fine.  My first meal home - wife opened me a can of Ranch Style Beans.   I was in Heaven; and I left nothing behind in the Pit.  Y'all take care now.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fraser on Leno

Politics -  one of my all time favorite songs comes from the Musical Fiorello.  Y'all rent that musical and watch it.   fun stuff.   The song is   "Politics and Poker"    Love that song.  Even sing it out loud at times.


FRASER is on Leno show.   Accidentally saw it since I never seem to watch Leno anymore.  (Kelsey Grammer)

anyway it was discussed about him (Kelsey) going into politics.....

then, I learned, he is a conservative. How bout that. Rare breed for sure.

Leno asked his take on the present Republican field. He made brief statements. When he got to Romney, he pointed out that it was interesting - in the last series of elections, Romney was the only one who had only been married once -- a Mormon. A Mormon had the fewest wives. Now, that does make you stop and think.

(not whether having wives - one or more - is actually a prerequisite for being a great politician) Nuff. Some people get all too upset about another's religion in these races. )
so I close.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Retirement ??

there is an old adage...that retired folks get "more" busy than - that should be enough to get the idea across.

When I was teaching, I would get certain days off.  You just don't take a vacation from retirement.  Today,  as an example, I was up and out most of the day doing errands - taking stuff to town - getting stuff in town - going by stores -- playing my horn -- and so forth.  You don't want to know all the details.

But  I got home fairly late tonight - dogs hungry - frankly my boy Fritz is beside himself with hunger.   Tomorrow?  not much different.  I have some things I really need to do in town - then, I plan to work in the back yard until dark-thirty.   If all goes well, I will be really tired and want to go to bed early.  If it works out.

Starting Sunday, I am getting to play trumpet for the local little theater (Warehouse Theater) production of King and I.   I have not gotten to do a broadway show in such a long time.   It will be fun, and I am excited.   Rehearsals go for the first part of the week.  Performances happen the last of the week.   If you are looking for me - give it a break. 

My wife and daughter are  in Houston at the Houston Quilt Show.  If you have never seen this quilt show, you are missing an experience.   You can walk around the entire day looking at quilts and not see them all.  They have quilt exhibits - they have stuff for sale that will ruin a whole day - they have classes going on for 5 days.   It is quite the thing.  And cheap to attend.

I decided to stay home and take care of the dogs - practice my horn - and get some biz done.  I'll prolly go next year. 

That's it - just it.   See ya in a week.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

QUICKIE: New Hampshire POWER struggle (electricity)

My wife's brother Ernie (and wife Judy) live in New Hampshire.  I know they can live there in the summer (beautiful weather, strawberries, coast, lakes, mountains) ; but I cannot understand the winter unless one is a winter sports fanatic.  It snows there.  No, it REALLY snow there.  

They have had a surprise winter snow in October - messed up Halloween for many a child.  The authorities up there call it   "Snowtober."  I call it "a reason to move south for the winter."  We call them thar folks:  snowbirds.

Because leaves were still on the trees, the snow was extra heavy, breaking branches and trees.  Ernie had a maple split in the back yard and end up against his house/roof.  We haven't heard how that turned out yet.

So over 350,000 people - or houses (who can tell with all that snow) lost electricity last week.  Thousands are still without power, including Ern/Judy.  Luckily he has a gas generator -  Luckily the local gas station has power to keep the generator perking.  It is a wonder if you ask me.  

I have a solution.  It follows below.  Use my philosophy of going to college to get ahead in the world.    If you take one class now, you will have completed at least one class by the end of the year.  If you do not take one class now, where will you be in a year?  Same place you are now.  Always do something.   Never tread water for a year.   Believe in this philosophy and you will improve your life.  Enough.  My solution for New Hampshire.


Ignore the Presidential election, starting tomorrow.

I wonder what it would cost -- if they started in one corner of the State and just slowly started putting all electric lines under the ground.  

dig a ditch.
drop that line under the ground.
cover the ditch.
move over 10 feet.

That area would never have elec. shortage problem again -
WAIT !!!!   Don't start at one corner of the State.
Find an electricity power plant and start there.
Move out one mile a year.
How big is New Hampshire anyway?

Year one:    you would have gone 1 square mile.
Year two:    that would be 3 square miles total.
Once they hit the ocean, double the efforts in one other direction.
I am sure that certain mountain areas could be skipped over or around.

You have my permission to copy this brilliant idea and forward to proper authorities or local newspapers.  You may even give yourself credit for the idea.  I don't care.

Thus endeth "Save the Hampshire" campaign 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Birthday ramblings

I seem to be dwelling on the future birthday lately.   Maybe turning 71 does that to you.  And that is new to me - not just the turning 71, but the discussing of a birthday, mine.

My students - if they were really close to me - knew that I never talked about my birthday.  Most of the time I would tell everyone that it came in July - July 11 to be exact, my brother Jim's birth date.  I always could remember that date - wanted to appear like I could remember the date.  

Y'see, being a high school band director, I was usually on the marching field the first of November.   Students, bless their hearts, look for any way to short circuit a class.  If they can spring a birthday surprise on the teacher - then, all work stops for the day.  I can tell you that most marching bands are not interested in practicing the first week of November - we are tired of the field and wanna go inside - now.    [ won't even mention what 7th graders might do ]

So, I never talked about birthdays.  My wife never did - my children never did.  It was a family secret.  I have always appreciated their assistance in this matter.

A sidebar about being a kid....I could always remember my brother's birthdays - all 3 of them.  January 17 (Marshall),  July 11 (Jim), and April 6 (Pat).  Didja ever notice that?  When I was a kid I knew these dates so very well - and looked forward to them.  I could NOT tell you my own parent's birthdates...or, perish the thought, their anniversary.   Somehow we'd get these figured out in time to acknowledge them.  Never had any money to buy presents anyway.  so be it.  I do know those dates now though.    "Hey Mom, give me $2 so I can go buy you a cheap bottle of perfume for your birthday."

The "why" is so so simple.  You know your siblings birthdays because there will be presents, a cake, goodies - and possibly a small family party.  Contrary to today's youth, we didn't have birthday parties - at home or McDonalds ( there were NO McDonalds in my days of youthful splendor ).   Today's kids get birthdays and presents; they go to parties all the time.  It is, as if, to not have a birthday party would be as terrible as wearing non-designer jeans.  Poor babies.

BACK to band stuff.   When I taught in Amarillo one year - I learned a valuable lesson.  I smarted off that my birthday was April Fool's day.  It seemed like a good enough joke to me. 
KID:   "When is your birthday?"
MTZ:  "I was born on April Fool's Day, yuk yuk."
If you are paying attention, you should be one step ahead of me by now.

There I was on the podium, April 1st, doing what we do.     

"Listen to your neighbor; trombones find 5th position; quit talking; tune tune tune; stop rushing; look at me;  Drummers!!!;  clarinets use the alternate Bb;  that's F# you tone deaf ......"       

The door of the bandroom swung open and in romped a clown with balloons.  Lots of bbbaaaalllloooooooons.   He comes in singing Happy Birthday to "Ace."   It seems one of my students (I remember her name)   enjoyed that name because I called many folks "ace."  It was what I did.  "Howdy Ace."  "Whatcha doin' Ace?"  " Get your music Ace."    It is okay in a school setting to use the word "Ace"  while you are thinking  Donkey.  ( Nobody knows )  Anyway, in he bolts.   Class was disrupted.    I accepted the attention as best I could.   A boy, first chair alto, apparently had the nickname ACE from his friends.   He was up and about thinking someone was playing a joke on him -- that part is somewhat fuzzy in my memory - we do blot these things out at times.

Never again did I use April Fools Day.   I went back to July 11th and lived with it until the end.  Nobody ever came to my house on the 11th and broke up my rehearsal.  It was good.  So that's it.  Never talked about the actual birthdate or the actual age.   One more short stone.

In Ardmore - on my 30th birthday - I remember walking across the courtyard with a small group of students.  That was 1970 - or as we say - the seventies.... Hippies and the like.   The wad of students had no idea is was "the 30th" day.    The kids were all talking and laughing about the conventional saying of the time:  "Don't trust anyone over thirty."   That event made an impression on me ( apparently  )  to remember it for 40+ years.  I can't remember which students were there ... nor should I.  They didn't trust me.

I have spent my birthday - since retirement - with my wife and daughter Christine, most years.  The Houston Quilt show  ( a fabulous event - you should go ) is always during this weekend.  This year I have elected to stay home - take care of the dogs and save $200 boarding costs.  We are trying to save money in order to take a cruise next fall - it will be the 50th anniversary.  But, let us talk about that next fall.  See ya guys.