Wednesday, November 2, 2011

QUICKIE: New Hampshire POWER struggle (electricity)

My wife's brother Ernie (and wife Judy) live in New Hampshire.  I know they can live there in the summer (beautiful weather, strawberries, coast, lakes, mountains) ; but I cannot understand the winter unless one is a winter sports fanatic.  It snows there.  No, it REALLY snow there.  

They have had a surprise winter snow in October - messed up Halloween for many a child.  The authorities up there call it   "Snowtober."  I call it "a reason to move south for the winter."  We call them thar folks:  snowbirds.

Because leaves were still on the trees, the snow was extra heavy, breaking branches and trees.  Ernie had a maple split in the back yard and end up against his house/roof.  We haven't heard how that turned out yet.

So over 350,000 people - or houses (who can tell with all that snow) lost electricity last week.  Thousands are still without power, including Ern/Judy.  Luckily he has a gas generator -  Luckily the local gas station has power to keep the generator perking.  It is a wonder if you ask me.  

I have a solution.  It follows below.  Use my philosophy of going to college to get ahead in the world.    If you take one class now, you will have completed at least one class by the end of the year.  If you do not take one class now, where will you be in a year?  Same place you are now.  Always do something.   Never tread water for a year.   Believe in this philosophy and you will improve your life.  Enough.  My solution for New Hampshire.


Ignore the Presidential election, starting tomorrow.

I wonder what it would cost -- if they started in one corner of the State and just slowly started putting all electric lines under the ground.  

dig a ditch.
drop that line under the ground.
cover the ditch.
move over 10 feet.

That area would never have elec. shortage problem again -
WAIT !!!!   Don't start at one corner of the State.
Find an electricity power plant and start there.
Move out one mile a year.
How big is New Hampshire anyway?

Year one:    you would have gone 1 square mile.
Year two:    that would be 3 square miles total.
Once they hit the ocean, double the efforts in one other direction.
I am sure that certain mountain areas could be skipped over or around.

You have my permission to copy this brilliant idea and forward to proper authorities or local newspapers.  You may even give yourself credit for the idea.  I don't care.

Thus endeth "Save the Hampshire" campaign 

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