Friday, November 25, 2011

Bird-day comment

The day is over.  Had a pretty good time.  Food was plentiful.  Watched the Macy's parade today and made the comment:   It would be nice to see a parade and not a floor show.   I miss real parades without all the extra stuff and lipsync stuff.

The refrigerator - you could hear it breathe a little bit easier as the contents were slowly removed and eliminated this morning.   And, as left overs were returned, It yelled something like  "gimme a break."

The biggest surprise to me is:  I received some puzzles from daughter Christine for my birthday.   Bucky Balls  or   buckyballs - whatever.  You can find them on you tube.   Little round magnets, strong magnets.  Everyone here seems to fight over them - they are a hit.

I broke my rules and ate a sliver of Pecan Pie this afternoon.   I have not had that type of stuff since 2008.   I love pecan pie.  And, yes, it should be capitalized -- Pecan Pie.

Rest of family will be here Saturday - may it be a pleasant day.


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