Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fraser on Leno

Politics -  one of my all time favorite songs comes from the Musical Fiorello.  Y'all rent that musical and watch it.   fun stuff.   The song is   "Politics and Poker"    Love that song.  Even sing it out loud at times.


FRASER is on Leno show.   Accidentally saw it since I never seem to watch Leno anymore.  (Kelsey Grammer)

anyway it was discussed about him (Kelsey) going into politics.....

then, I learned, he is a conservative. How bout that. Rare breed for sure.

Leno asked his take on the present Republican field. He made brief statements. When he got to Romney, he pointed out that it was interesting - in the last series of elections, Romney was the only one who had only been married once -- a Mormon. A Mormon had the fewest wives. Now, that does make you stop and think.

(not whether having wives - one or more - is actually a prerequisite for being a great politician) Nuff. Some people get all too upset about another's religion in these races. )
so I close.

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