Sunday, November 27, 2011

Empty Nest

Sunday:   All of our children have gone home -- {  oh, yes, and the grandgirls -- (oh, yes, and the dogs)  }.

They came in waves starting Wednesday night until Saturday.  Food was plentiful and tasty.   We had all the traditional things of the season.  The weather was not a pleasure.  First of all, the TV  GUY S   all said Thursday would be a good day with rising temperature.  Well, folks, they were certainly wrong about them apples.  The pleasant day was Friday - then the rainstorms came Friday night.  We had almost an inch over night.

Now we are blessed with the north winds - Saturday afternoon the came,  making it tough to be outside... that would be for man  or  our beasts.  Thirteen, count them  1-13  thirteen dogs were here in this house.  That is a lot of dog.  Can't complain since 5 of the dogs are mine.   You might wonder this:  10 of the dogs were dachshunds.  One was a white peke  and the other two were rescued from the pound - not big dogs but bigger than a doxie.

Snoopy had it good at suppertime.  He even had time to sing a song.  Maybe I should list those lyrics here someplace.   When you have 13 dogs - 7 of which are males   (that would be 6 females for those you who are math empaired  (thought it was funny to missplel "empaired") - Male dogs have different brains than the females; now, that might be true in some of God's other species as well.

Daughter Laura left her crackers on the bedroom floor Saturday night -  Sweet little Liesl barked her "thank you" for the midnight feast.   

I have decided that I am clearing part of the garage (stuff to the attic, the kids can clear it out in future years) and I am creating a "Man Cave" for me.   Clear the stuff - Insulate the walls - Install air and heat - Get big chair and TV [ I have seen those man caves on television ] - Establish a computer desk, and Place an enormous lock on the main door to the house.  This here house ain't big enough for 2 grandparents, 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and thirteen dogs.  I need space.

Other than that revelation, it was a good weekend.  We even saw Puss-N-Boots at the local emporium of visual pleasure, though I didn't get to play any video games after the movie.  And, I close.  I have TV to watch;  it is time  (5 pm) to feed Fritz; and my big tea glass is empty.  Stay busy guys.

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