Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Digestive news

touch of crude insight into my life.

Played my trumpet with the local little theater  (Warehouse Theatre) in the King & I production.  It was pretty good.  I was in the pit and saw NO acting at all - but rave reviews everywhere.  There was not one thing that seemed to go wrong from my standpoint.  Well  -- except the very last performance as we were play the music for bows -- and they finished the bows -- and the curtain closed -- and the guys in the back booth in their eagerness to end the show - shut off the piano sound.  She carries the show.  Good Piano Player.   So, we just stopped in the middle of the song.  Nobody in the audience noticed.  What?  You think they had the musical score in their laps? 

I know how my digestive system works.  Sometimes it can be very prolific - other times, not so much.  We'll come back to this in a moment.

When you play in a Pit Band - and there is actually a Pit in front of the stage - you are put back in the corner below the audience line of sight.  Our pit was like that except the ends (sides) were covered with more stage.  So I sat under the stage in the Pit.  Air does not move freely in a covered pit.   As they say:  what happens under the Stage in the Pit - stays under the stage in the pit.

I told my wife before the first rehearsal  a week ago Sunday,  "Wife,"  I said,  "I must be careful what I eat this week.  No beans or anything which might make problems."  This would include all types of beans,  blackeye peas,  prunes - surely you get the picture by now.

For the entire week, I limited my intake and all was fine.  My first meal home - wife opened me a can of Ranch Style Beans.   I was in Heaven; and I left nothing behind in the Pit.  Y'all take care now.

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