Thursday, July 11, 2024

quickie - instant ink

 I  bought a new HP printer last year.  It came with free ink which was to be mailed to me.  2-3 months later I got some ink.  And I am in a subscription program for more ink.  I haven't seen any since the first delivery.  I cannot believe this is a scam.  but I sure have wasted a lot of money (some money) on ink delivery that never comes.

Went to their website and issued a hundred or so complaints explaining I didn't understand the program.

I downgraded to their $1.49 a month plan.  Now I ask meself why I am doing that when I can get ink at walmart.   Apparently my printer needs to be connected to the wifi.  I thought it was.  It's not.

Can you read frustration here.  I was not raised with computers.  I don't want to spend my time learning. I just want to use the machine.

I'm through fussing.


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Life is hard sometimes - another misc.

We have all had tough times.  Sometimes I wonder if mine are in retribution for some of the stupid things I've done in my life.  Opposite of "a reward."  Nevertheless, this cannot be true.  It's a bit conceited to think that all things everywhere happen because of me.  Am I the center of the Universe?

Let's say that one of my children has a car wreck.  That's on them.  It is not because I spit off a bridge when I was 37 yrs old and splattered the engineer's face on a passing train.  If I am to be punished for my stupidity / actions in the past, other people won't have to suffer.  That makes sense.  Karma !!  while it slaps me in the face, it shouldn't affect others.  Should it?  I'm not sure I really have faith in the Karma thing anyway.


Son Roger & wife Penney just returned from cruising the waters near Italy & Greece.  They sent back hundreds of photos.  I am so jealous.  What  a great trip.  Lesson to be learned, if you can find the money and time, take these adventures while you still can.  At 83, I have certain problems that interfere (and I'm not just talking money).  I believe my last big trip was to Lubbock to see a Granddot graduate from h.s.  It was worth the trip.


We've had a bit of a tough week around here.  My wife wouldn't like me talking about her; but, here goes a little bit.  Last Tuesday early afternoon she called out to me from her recliner.  I went.  She was sitting there just shaking.  Said she was cold.  I got her up and back in bed, covered.  She slowly regained her composure.  After much thinking, "we" took her to see our doctor.   He examined her and found nothing that might have caused the problem.  Yes, I think her brain had a temporary short circuit somehow.  Went home.

On Wed. I started to walk into the bedroom and there she was on the floor.  She had lost her balance and fell.  We talked.  She was wide awake and knew what was happening.  She had bumped the back of her head.  I checked and found a big knot back there.  It was a major project, but  I got her off the floor and into bed.  Then I called a daughter who hurried home from work.  We got the wheel chair out - loaded her in the car - and went to the E.R. in Temple arriving about 3:30 or 4, July 3rd.  

I was concerned about the head injury; the daughter was worried about a possible infection.  We were there for around 3 hours with some very nice doctors - nurses - other staff. My only complaint was a security guy at the front door that made me take my 1 1/2" pen knife back to my car.  I was dangerous.  Just doing his job.   He smiled anyway.

All sorts of blood tests and other liquids, Xray of head, neck, spine, hips.   Can't wait to see this bill.  She checked out with nothing broken but, yes, the daughter was right.  She had an infection.  After much to do, we left.  The wife was very unstable.  We had to lift her back into the car.   It was not pleasant at the time or when we got home.  It's not that she weighs a lot.  It is hard on me to pick up that much weight.

It was done.  Back in bed.  New pill taken.

I believe all old people are stubborn.  I am.  She is.  I had to pick her up off the floor 3 more times in the next 12 hours as she slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom.  She just WOULDN'T ask for help.  Still won't.   Her legs didn't work right.  We had several big dog beds on the floor so she never hit anything.

Long story short.  She has had her last pill.  Infection conquered.  She is moving - still a bit unstable at time.  We are making progress in the health world.  I hope none of you have to pick your wife up off the floor and back into bed.  I guess that is why I am here on this Earth right now.  I don't think it is Karma.  Logically, she has been a bit unhappy this week.  It's not her Karma.  She is close to perfect in her life.

I'll close.  Looking forward to what comes next.  Not really.


p.s.  I am a Republican.  Have been for several years.  I'm not a 100% Trump fan; but, I believe he is a lot better than the alternative.  Try to not get into politics here.  Just felt it was necessary to say.  Y'all take care now.

Post p.s.   If you are a regular to my world, you may have noticed that all advertisements are gone.  I thought they were distracting - ugly - U G L Y - you ain't got no alibi.  They were distracting and and and didn't seem to fit my world.  Maybe they'll return someday.

Saturday, July 6, 2024


 It is time for my Fetish report.

1st of all, all these years since I learned the word "Fetish" I have suffered under the wrong definition.  C'mon, you  have all been here with me.  You hear a word & put it in the vocab.  You blossom with the new found expressive word.  A word you use and never know you are wrong.  That's me here.   My wife one time started using a couple of common expressions (me too nice to recite them here).  After hearing one of them sprout from her mouth at church, I told her to quit using them.  I explained what they meant - or what "I thought they meant."  The expressions were gone.

That's where I am with Fetish.  I thought it meant you had a thing for a certain object.  Let's say:  chocolate milkshakes.   So I had a "Fetish" for "chocolate milkshakes."    A love for .. craving .. want .. you get the picture.  They are good.  Wendy's has that chocolate thing.  It is SOOOO good.   Then there are those DQ things which they turn upside down to show the thickness.  Yum is the word.

I don't get em anymore - the diabetes thing has thrown me off track.

Still, I thought that was the definition.  Wrong.  Aren't smart phones marvelous?  I was just thumbing through the thing a month or so ago, & saw the definition of fetish.  I was wrong.  You go look it up.  Apparently it has to do with that three letter word  (whisper softly)  S ...  E ..  X  I'm sure you have heard that word.  So if I had a fetish for chocolate milk shakes, it was in a (whisper again) sexish way.  That's a bit weird.  Can't say I know how to explain that any further.

I remember there was this movie about a black detective who would make out with a girl.   Then the sheet would come up and he would see her toes - all knotty and lumpy --- he would come unglued.  The fact that he was black has no bearing on this...I say that for the people who were offended by my use of the description.  Get a Life.  At the end of the movie he met a girl with beautiful toes.   Now, was that a foot/toe fetish?  I'm thinking so.   

Knee caps.  I've always felt there were no ugly knee caps.   Heels of the foot, real problems for some.   Noses, you knows it.    Chocolate shakes, think not. I'm not going to review my entire vocabulary list. Just learn to forgive me when I use some word or expression wrong.

A trombone player in one of my classes did something in bad taste.  I fussed at him.  He responded, "My bad."   I said, "Yes you are when you do something like this."  Wonder if I missed the definition on that one.   Use to say  daffi-nition for funny things.  He wasn't funny.  Jerk trombone player playing to the 17 yr old crowd.

Moving on.

Hope you had a fun 4th.  I was a tad bit disappointed when my neighbors to the north failed to put on a firework display this year.  Guess they went somewhere else.  I wasn't invited.

later, M3  

Sunday, June 23, 2024

LOST asleep

 I woke the other morning actually remembering my dream.  That happens rarely.  Normally, I remember for a moment, and, then, whammo, it's gone.    Do you like that "whammo?"  I thought it added just a bit of class.

So I was driving down hwy 95  = no wait, hwy 59, headed home.  Daylight.  I pulled into this small town.  Suddenly I wasn't on 59 anymore.  Apparently I had missed my turn.  Where and when?  I didn't know.  In real life, I would have made the U-turn and gone looking.  But, this is a dream.  I stopped the car and got out.  I'll ask someone.  The street had sorta hit a dead-in.  IN front of me was a business.  I opened the door and entered.

down the hall!!!!  There was a desk   - make that cluttered desk with nobody around.  I backed up a couple of steps into the hall & there was another to the right.  I went into another office.  Nobody's home.  I passed through and ended up on a front porch.  There were cars driving by and a couple people sitting on the porch.

I figured to ask questions.  Remember this is a dream.  I asked and nobody really answered.  I walked off the porch towards the street.  Cars were passing.  In the distance I could hear and eventually see lots of cars on another street - big trucks too.  I figured this must be 59.  So I started walking towards it.  In real life, I might have driven my car; but noooooooo.  Before I could get to the hwy I had to climb down a enormous pile of big boulders.  As I did, a path opened up.

I was lost.  I had no idea how to find my car.  There was no Hwy 59.  People walked past me as if I didn't exist.  I was lost and had no idea what to do.

I'll tell  you what it made me think of  (bad English sentence structure).  You hear of old people who have dementia getting lost - walking off and not knowing how to find home.  They just keep going.  No money. No food.  No help.  Just lost.  Where was my car?  Where was Hwy 59.  I had no idea.  I just kept walking until.....

I woke up.

The dream really bothered me.  You might say it scared me a bit - not for myself, but some other people I know who have touches of dementia.  Recently there was an elderly gent in Belton who always went walking in the afternoon.  He had a route.  It was not long.  He'd be gone for a half hour or so.  Then, one day he did not return.  A few days later he was found dead beside the local creek.  Lost and dead.

The dream bothered me.   Maybe it was the chili and beans I had as a snack before bedtime.  I do love chili and beans.

See ya guys around.


p.s.  I added the Adsense to my blog to see how rich I could become.  I have removed it.  I didn't like the way it made the blog look and feel  I don't need money that bad.  Maybe I'll ad it back someday.  Just not this week......

Friday, June 14, 2024

seal & rock

 My promised bluggy on Fetishes will have to wait.

a quickie instead (or is THAT a fetish)

Our housing development - for 2 days - has experience road work.  I appreciate what they are doing and will never complain about the work.

They are putting a sealant on our roads - looks a bit like oil to me - and covering it with a layer of gravel.  They say, "we'll be back in a week to sweep up all the extra rock."  Meanwhile, slow down and don't throw rocks into your neighbor's windshield.  


For a normal household, this is a nothing.  But, if you have DOGS!!!!  it is an adventure.  Our dogs are getting their heart rates up.  Every time a truck passes - a worker saunters by - a giant rock truck rumbles through the neighborhood.  Doesn't matter.  We gotta bark.  I think there is a country song with that title.  
My wife says it is a good thing I am deaf, because I can't hear all the noise.

I admit, my hearing aids are resting on the bathroom cabinet.  You do what you can do.   You don't fuss about what you can't fix (border issues included).   You are thankful when it is OVER!!!!

Now, at noon, the dogs are napping.  I'm guessing my wife is into her 2nd nap.  The roads are done.  They look beautiful.  The trash truck has come and gone.  All that is left is that neighbor yokel who walks his 3 big dogs about 4:30.  School is out, no buses till August.  All is well.

smiley face :)     


Monday, June 10, 2024


 I'm not really aghast at anything.  Just wanted you to know that I am capable of being aghast.   Wait, maybe I am aghast.

Went to HEB, our favorite grocery store of course.  Unloading the groceries at home later I found a cold power-type can drink named Ghosts - red berry flavor.  I suppose it is really good.  I didn't buy it.  It was in our grocery sack.  I think, perhaps, I did pay for it.  $5.18 out of the ice box at the store.  I've always heard of people putting food in other people's buggies.  A Joke?  Not funny McGee.  My plan was to take it back with the receipt and get a refund (next week when we go again).  But, my oldest decided she wanted a taste.  Old commercial: Feed it to Mikey.  He'll eat anything.

She liked it.  Now I have an empty Ghosts can.  Can't return an empty can - for cash refund.  Learned a lesson.

Side Note:  was in Walmart yesterday and found a can of Ghosts on the shelf for $2.18.  I bought one and brought it home for the child.  Now, she knows she can get them at Walmart.  Ghosts is loaded with caffeine.  

So ---- I am aghast at the person who decided to put the can in my basket.  AGHAST!!!


I have noticed that certain titles (see title above) seem to get more readers.  We'll see how aghast works out this week.

I've been planning a discourse on the word "Fetish."  That should bring in some readers.

Had my 6 months diabetes doctor appt. last week.  A1C is setting at 6.0.  This is really good for me.  In 2008 when I started this diabetic journey, I think it was in the 20s.  I was not a well person.  My doc in Corsicana put me on Metformin - 4 pills a day.  The number dropped and we were happy.  Now I do 2 pills a day.

This doc has put me on Ozempic - almost wrote Olympic - He believes it is helping me keep the number low.  Ozempic, as you may know, also will help you lose weight.  I actually gained some this past 6 months.  Go figure.

The doc wants me to go walking more.  Get exercise.   I explained it wasn't happening due to my bad knees.  After some discussion - he suggested a    {stationery, stationary}    bike.  I can't spell that word & spell check didn't pick up on it.  I'll give you both words and you can circle the one you prefer.  BIKE.  I started looking and found several in the $120 to $250 range which looked good.  Kept looking.  One for over $6000.  C'mon.  For an uninspired exercise human, you want $6 grand?  Kept looking.  There it was... one of those small things that set on the floor and weigh about 8 lbs.  $45 tops.  Table top device.   Bought it.  Thanks Amazon.  

Now it is on the floor in front of a chair on top of a small carpet to keep it in place.  Maybe tomorrow I start pumping on it.  Better yet, Wednesday.  No recumbent bike for me.


We have a fairly large yard...front & back.  Bushes and the like are scattered here and there in addition to the veggie garden out back.  We have dogs - 3.  Are you following me?  And we have a rabbit, not domesticated.  There may be 2 or more rabbits.  I don't know.  The rabbit apparently likes to roam the front and back yards - other places I suppose.  He leaves his scent everywhere. Two of our dogs are worked up about this - obsessed, you might say.    They will go out and search for hours -- smelling -- looking.  They almost caught it one morning.  That would be sad.  Our rabbit has found entrances in-out of the yard.

Dogs go out.  They come back in hot and bothered, tongues hanging out to the floor.  Panting.  I've caught them hunting in the middle of the night.  Obsessed.  My wife is obsessed with chocolate.  I've caught her looking for chocolate.  Of course, I have no obsessions  (wait till the Fetish blog comes out).

One final thing.  Our shark died.  He was about 4 inches long.  Pretty little red finned thing.  He did have a terrible attitude when it came to the other fish.  Snippy critter.   The other fish are glad he's gone.   Told me so.

later, mtz  

Friday, May 24, 2024


 There is the 7 year itch - married couples desiring to not be ...

That 's not it.  My palm itches.  Look it up.  When your palm itches, somebody is going to give you money.  I wish they would hurry.

This must be scientific.

Speaking of old wives tales (stories, not tails).  I was working a concession stand once with some band parents.  We had this big tub of Cokes and assorted drinks.  When the night wore down, one mother started to throw all the cold drinks in the trash.  She said once they were cooled down, they lose their bubbles.  Without thinking, I muttered, "I never did believe that old wives tale."  And, I started moving them into storage.  Sometimes, not always, my mouth speaks before the brain does.  

Now that I look back, I remember the mom having a shocked look on her face.  I had insulted her.  Suppose that wasn't the first for me - or maybe the last.  My oldest brother Marshall once told me that he was surprised that someone had not flattened me by now.   

As I look back, there are several things I wish I hadn't said or done.  Since I am not on a 7 or 10 step program to improve, I guess I'll let them go.

Final word.  We have had a lot of rain in a short period of time.  You don't walk across my yard; 

you slosh across it.


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

King Solomon

When I was a kid, we went to the picture show (movies) to see King Solomon's Mine.  Frankly, I cannot remember a thing about it.  Must have been good.  At the time, King Solomon was just an old king somewhere who had a gold - silver - jewel ?? mine.  People fought over it.  African natives got really upset when the hero tried to find it and exploit.  Now that I thinks on it.  That could have been a Tarzan movie.  He was such a hero.                  {cue:  Tarzan yell}

So, this week, sitting on my own throne, while reading the spring edition of Biblical Archaeology Review - a magazine truly enjoyed - naturally I read the article "Solomon's Egyptian Bride" by Philip D. Stern.  What caught my eye in JUST the first paragraph, Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:3).  I quote the article, "surely an exaggeration."  

The article wanted to talk about how remarkable it was that King Solomon had aligned himself with the Egyptians who, apparently, never farmed off their daughters to other kings.

What I wanted to read about was the 700 wives and 300 concubines.  Think about that for awhile.  Aside from the old mother-in-law narrative. this whole concept is full of questions:

Where did they stay?  

Was there a house mother or eunuch?  

Who remembers their names?  

How do you feed that many?  

Did they form an all girls choir?

Hair brushes, lip stick, unmentionables, fingernail polish, the list, the list, the list.  

Were they jealous of each other and/or the concubines?  Or were they happy to have the competition in order to avoid meeting up with the old boy?

Can you just see the problems.   He tromps into the dorm and announces, "Tonight I want Sarah # 79 in my chambers.   Concubine #233 shall come tomorrow night."  I imagine he had a eunuch announce all that for him.  What was the life expectancy of an eunuch?  The questions never end.

With a thousand nightly possibilities, he could have visited each female only once in a 3 year period of time.  Or did he have favorites?  Delilah #13.  What a gal!!  Then Jeannie #47 with the light brown hair!!

They say Solomon was renowned for his wisdom.  I would like to say that I wonder.  I truly wonder about anyone who is married to that many women.  Possibly he had a system to take care of the nagging wife.  Should I continue with this?  Nah.  Me thinks I'll let this sleeping dog - lie.

You can add your questions to the comment section below.


Monday, May 6, 2024


" Rin "

Bad Spell of Rain


Texas has had a bad spell of rain lately.


Rain Rain 

Go Away

Come Again

Maybe tomorrow would be okay; we do need to get Stillhouse Hollow Lake filled up before the summer heat arrives.  Summer Heat?  Well, yes.  

Spring has sprung.

Fall has fell.

Summer's coming; 

And, it will be hot as ....

pretty dang hot in my opinion.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Pot Pourri OR Pot Pouring Misc. (smiley face)

😏   I made a list:

Purple Color.  sorta jazzes up that page, doesn't it ?

So far this morning, I have received 5 - FIVE - count them:  1-2-3-4-5, Yes, 5 phone calls asking me if I want to sell my rent house in Waxahachie.  This goes on all the time.  Daily.  It only stops on certain weekends and certain holidays.  Not all holidays and weekends are exempt.

I have two theories:   1.  Many callers demonstrate that our English language is a 2nd language for them. Their accents are profound.  That in itself is not always a negative.  I've found when kids are taught to speak English by their "English as a 2nd language" parents, these students have accents.  When a child learns to speak English in the 1st grade by teachers, they have no accent.  So, what do I learn from these calls?  Probably nothing.  I think they are calling me from China, Pakistan, India, or other places.   Boiler room callers with robocall machines...  Yes, I am rude to them.

    2.  Some hot shot in Dallas or Austin runs a real estate investment class every weekend.  You pay me $$$ & I'll teach you how to make a million in real estate just like I did...and, someday, maybe you'll have your own radio show which you can use to bilk $$$ from other non-suspecting poor souls.  "Now, run down to the Ellis County Courthouse and look up homes that are not protected from the Homestead Act."  "Call these owners on Monday morning."  "Buy a robo-whatever telephone machine and learn how to hide your own phone number..."

I am so TIRED of these calls.  If I were going to sell this rental, I'd never do it over the phone.  Why?  Why?  I ask thee?


Moving on...  Walked in here this morning between calls and turned on my computer.  Nothing happened.  No lights, no hum, no nuthin.  The monitor worked just fine.  With much effort, I lowered myself to the floor and began plugging / unplugging wires.  I was looking for a breaker/fuse on my machine.  Maybe 15 minutes passed.  I wrote my son a text asking questions:  take it to the shop?  just buy a new one?  It is 6-10 years old.  I cannot remember when it was bought.  I sent 3 different messages within a couple of minutes - no reply - he's at work - I struggled to lift myself off the floor and collapsed in my rolling chair.  Sigh.  As I arose, as a passing thought, I hit the button again.  

It turned on.

Why?  Why?  I ask thee?   You can see by this missive that things are working.  I may never understand computers  - or females for that matter - or coaches - or Putin.


Have I written about the Eclipse?  We saw it.  Sat in backyard with our necks craned upwards.  The clouds parted.  There it was.  Fascinating.  Equally, none of the disasters predicted in Texas happened.  No big traffic jams.  You could still buy milk and gas.  We had our solar glasses and were just fine.  Locally, there is this girl who wants us to give up our old solar glasses.  She is going to collect them & send to South America for the next eclipse - whenever that is down there.  Don't know.  Not going.  Been here and done that.


When we bought this house 3 years ago, the yard was pretty.  Nice grass.  Now, it is not.  I cannot get ahead of the weeds.  I suppose it is possible to get too old to weed the yard.  Pay somebody?   You must be richer than this retired teacher.  I'm keeping my extra dough for things like ......  milk and gas  .........   It would be nice.  Maybe I'll win one of the lotteries.  Could happen.

Reminds me, I've figured out one of the things I'm gonna do with my billions when I win the lottery.  I am going to build a home and entertainment center for retired teachers - uhh, no, I mean retired music teachers.  Art teachers can build their own.  Well, maybe, them too.  Each teacher would have their own apartment w/ bath and little kitchen.  There would be a commons area with large kitchen - a music room with a grand piano  - a theater room for TV watching - maybe even a stage for recitals - keep cheap rent etc.  What a grand place for retired teachers who can't afford a big house anymore.


if you like to read the obits in the newspaper every morning, would this habit be called Obitual?


got a haircut Friday.  My last haircut was in November.  I was getting a bit burly.  But, the guy in Nov. whacked it so short, it took a while to grow out.  Old men don't grow hair truly fast anymore, & there is that hole showing in the back of my head.  When you have big ears like me, you like longer hair to help cover them.  Nobody likes to be called Dumbo.  So, I talks to the barber & tried to explain how I didn't want it as short.  I even reasoned that longer means I come back in more often.

He seemed to get it.  The barber cut my hair this time with scissors only.  clip clip clip  It took a bit longer.  clip clip clip.  When it was all over, my hair was just as short as November & he charged me $2 extra for the scissor work.  I am now beautiful.  I figure it will be September before I need another.   Just call me Curls - or Dumbo.  I can handle the abuse.  He was a nice barber.  I liked him.  

My maternal grandfather made his living as a barber.  When he lived in Kaw City, Okla., he had an older barber chair in the backyard that was fun to play on.  Climb on and get spinned around and around.  Jump off and stagger around the yard.  Good times had by all.  Spell check doesn't like the word "spinned."  They think I meant "Sinned."  Well, there might have been some of that too.


Speaking of hair dooos.   I part mine on the right side.  There are not many of us in the world who do that.  Look it up on Google.  Interestingly, Google has articles about that very thing.  It seems that people who part on the left side are consider more manly than those on the right side.  They said other stuff too.  Go figure.  All these years, I didn't know that.  .   .    .   probably the reason I didn't play football or basketball in high school.   Probably.  

Let's close this out.  Y'all have fun tonight.  

FYI  i have had 6 calls today to buy my Waxahachie house.  They never give it up.  I wouldn't sell to these people even if I had financial stress & needed to - bad English sentence structure, but factual.   

Leaf me alone


Saturday, April 13, 2024

fortune cookie

When I eat Chinese, I always read my fortune cookie.  Always.  I have found that fortune cookies do not give your fortune.  I have a collection of paper "fortunes."  One of my long-term plans is to list these somewhere.  Someday.

Today, I got this one which I promptly read to my daughter (who is pushing 60).

"If you wish for good advice, consult your mom."

Works for me.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

I can handle...

 I can handle disappointment.  No need for counseling.

I did not win the 1.3 billion Powerball.

As a matter of fact, I had no winning numbers.  Not one.  Usually, I hit at least one number.  It might not be worth any money, but I get at least one number.  one.

Winner in Oregon.  What does someone in Oregon need with that kind of money?  That was a question.  It's okay.  I can handle it.

Next time, I plan to go to a Chinese restaurant - get the fortune cookie - and play that number.  A sure winner.

Now, I am going to put in a sad smiley face.😞


Wednesday, April 3, 2024

One Billion Dollars

 Tonight - Powerball - 1 billion dollars

Can you imagine having a billion?  Sure, I bought a ticket.  As son says, I paid my lottery tax.  Even though it is a billion, if you want money right now, it'll be about 500 million.  At my age, 30 yearly payments to equal a billion, doesn't make real sense does it?   

What to do with 500 Mil?  I could sit here and make a list.  Money given to charity.  Lots of charities out there.  Buy a new car.  Build a bigger house.  Take a cruise to Alaska.  Give all my relatives a million or so.  Why not?  The list is endless.

I was talking to the nice lady who sold me my ticket.  She said her father says, if he wins the money, he plans to build a home for retired preachers - in Tyler.  Tyler is the "kicker" in the story.  Why Tyler?

This would be a nice thing to do.  I have taught in seven different schools...maybe 8.  I could give a gift to each of their band parent organizations.  I would have to think twice about a couple of the schools.  They made me mad.    Then, there is the Texas Tech band program.  And Levelland High School - my alma mater.  Or I could turn it into $1 bills - fill my mattress and sleep on it.

Steaks every night?  You'd tire of them after a while.  Hire a personal cook.  That's a thought.  OOOOOO  OOOOOO  OOOOO  a sizable gift to my C.P.A. and attorney and stock broker.  I have always wanted to own a string of storage companies...   Apartment houses...  See my previous post, I'll change my name and run for President.  I'd like to own a kite.  Where can I get one of these?

cars - charitable gifts - trips - gifts to relatives - leave $20 bills in library books - 

There is no end to this.   Later,


Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Sorta political - humor

 In a Los Angeles times story:

or Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA:

A man in Tarrant County, Texas, has changed his name.  Ft. Worth/Dallas DFW is the area.  The judge wasn't amused.

Dustin Ebey has changed his name to: 

Literally Anybody Else

 Mr. Else, 35, is trying to get his name on the ballot as an independent candidate in all 50 states (etc.).   He believes he has a chance to be elected.

Sample Ballot

口 Joe Biden

口 Donald Trump 

口 Literally Anybody Else

Not that I don't think this is funny.  I do.  But, there are people who will jump in and help this man.  Plus, Ft. Worth doesn't need a Presidential Library.  Certainly, Dallas doesn't either.   Maybe he will build it next to 6 Flags.  Use to be a good Panchos restaurant near 6 Flags.  "President Else."  People didn't believe the southern border would be left open either.  Free admission and we'll give you stuff.  If this guy gets more votes than RFK, that would add more humor.   What is Mr. Else's opinion on gun control, the southern border, Israel/Palestine, moving confederate statues, marijuana legalization (bet he likes this one - shouldn't have said that - I have no clue), mustard or mayonnaise, oh the list is endless.  Use the comment section below to add to the list.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Be sure to read "SCAM" b4 this one

 Just so you'll know that I am not perfect.

When it rains, it pours.

2 days ago, I received a bill for $315 from Baylor Scott & White for my wife's laser eye surgery.  I was expecting it; but, that doesn't make the pain any easier.  It is the beginning of the new year and we have to reach our insurance deductibles.  She is a lot closer to that end, now.

Then, yesterday, we went to the optical place.  After the laser eye surgery and cataract surgery last year, it was time to get a new pair of glasses.  Eyes are close to 20\20, but a bit off.  Reading glasses are certainly a must.  We went in carrying an old pair of her glasses frames.  Even with her frames, and - as they say: "30% off,"  Our cost would be over $400.  That hurts a poor retired teacher on a fixed income.

I came home to find the red alarm light blinking on my septic system.  The air pump has given up.  Sigh.  Called the repair guy this morning.

So I fret about this stuff.

Then, today, that yokel calls (see the post below).  I put 6 eggs on to boil.  Things got hectic.

Frankly, I forgot the eggs.  An hour or so later, I sat at the dining room table working on my 2023 taxes.  I'm almost through - just the mopping up, so to speak.  At my feet and over about 3 more, is a machine that runs all the time killing bugs - flies, gnats, etc.

I heard this loud pop sound.  I smell something.  I unplugged the bug killer.  Sat back down.   BOOM!!  What was that noise.  Then, another loud BOOM!  The dogs come to investigate.  Yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, I forgot the boiling eggs.  3 of them have exploded.  What a mess.  All over the kitchen.  None hit the ceiling, but the underside of the microwave is a mess.  The dogs & I started cleaning the kitchen.  My wife was taking a nap and the explosions didn't faze her at all.

Unless you have had exploding eggs on your stove, you won't truly understand the mess.  Give it a try, Buddy.  Why should I be the only one?

Now, I am still waiting on the septic repair man.

I need a quiet hobby.


SCAM - I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!

 How many exclamation points are needed to express how mad I am.  Rule book says only one.   !    

I AM SO MAD!    (at myself)

I knew as soon as I answered the phone and guy started talking.  In my heart, I knew.  But, ...

The concept, Medicare was replacing my old Medicare Card with a new plastic one.  He DID represent himself as being from Medicare.  He needed to verify some info.  He knew a lot of stuff on the Medicare card including (I think) some of my secret numbers.  Maybe he was a good guesser.  He knew my complete name - and my wife's complete name.  She uses about 3 different approaches to her name - he hit it right.

We talked on the phone for quite a while.  I hassled him quite a bit.  When he came up with certain info, I melted and verified some numbers.

Then he asked my primary care doctor's name -- hmmmmm --  red flag 

next he asked if wife and I were diabetic.  not really a red flag.  What should have been the red flag was that Medicare had him call about ME  and MY WIFE at the same time.  I thought about that briefly; but, I let it go.  The dogs started to bark.  No excuse.  Just a fact.  It flustered me a bit.  

When I thought it was over, he informed me that they would be sending me a FREE new blood sugar checking meter with my card - after getting approval from my doctor, of course.  I grunted.  But, wait, they were also going to send me a back or leg brace with my new card (doctor approval, of course).  One for me & one for the wife.  No cost to me.  FREE FREE FREE.  He needed to know my height and weight.   And, we would receive either a Cane or a Walker.  Which one do I want - no cost to me  - FREE - after doctor's approval, of course.  

Before it went any further - or is it farther ?? -  I told him force-ably that we didn't need any of this.  He would not stop talking.  "No obligation to you, FREE, with your doctor's approval, of course."  

Finally, I interrupted him enough to get a word in edgewise,  " We don't need any of this.  I am going to call my doctor right now and tell him.  I'm through talking."  

I hung up.

I am so mad.  There were so many red flags which I should have tripped over.  I thought I was smarter than this.  I am so mad at myself.  The guy is jerk.  I bet his grandmother would be proud of him unless she is the owner of the company.  

Surely, I will recover from this.  There is no telling what may come next.  So Stupid!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

H.S. STUFF - A rememberance

Oh, this is going to be a long one.  No, it is WAY too long.  I should have divided this entry into several smaller ones.  And I didn't.  If the word "Rambling" is in your vocab, you gonna feel right at home.  It only seems fair to point out this has turned out to be quite long.  We will see.   I don't  know how long other people's blogs are.  

As I begin to type, I have no plan to speak of...

A little band humor to start.  I do not know who originated this.  If you know, let me know, then, we'll all know ... NO?

Here is the deal.  I went to high school in Levelland, Hockley County, Panhandle, Texas.  Dry place, no sand dunes but sandy soil, rough spring weather, town about 10,000 folks, cotton and oil country - County was featured in a "believe it or not" episode because there are NO bridges in the entire county.  Bet you are glad to learn that.  Levelland was platted by C.W.Post of cereal fame.  Also, he was the father of Post, Texas.  Originally, they wanted to call it Hockley City.  I can't imagine why they decided to name it Level--Land instead.  On a clear night (no sand storms), you can go into the country and see the lights of several towns - some 20 / 30 miles away.  

It was a nice high school experience most of the time.  I could give you stories about that - and probably will sometime.  We didn't know any gang members.  I suppose some people thought we were a gang ... band kids, you know how they are ... rock n roll music ... fast cars ... spittin' on the streets ... we wore horseshoe taps on the heels of our black leather shoes ... take it from there==>

My parents at one time or another were public school band directors in Oklahoma.  My father was one of those music men.  He traveled around during the depression era starting bands in small towns, selling instrument - don't know about uniforms.  I understand he started bands in SW Okla including Altus and others around there.  He had a math degree, but did this to make a buck.  Another of his adventures had to do with movies  = y'know, moving pictures.  He'd take equipment into a town and set up to show a movie. . . even set-up outside.  This was a novel thing in the 30s and 40s.  I'm not sure how this generated money; but, I bet it did.

Mom was the band director in Tecumseh, Okla when I was born.  Brother Marshall (about 4-5 yrs old at the time) was the mascot of the band.  He even had a small uniform that matched, along with a small baton.  My mom use to brag in order to win marching contests she would have her majorettes do cartwheels in front of the judges.  Actually, I feel that was not valid plan.  Those must have been good years.   

When I went through high school, Texas was not racially integrated yet.  There was a black school on the other side of town - yes, it was on the other side of the tracks as well -  you might have guessed.  Spanish kids were not over there.  I had several Spanish friends.  We didn't use the word Hispanics back then.  The word Mexican was more prominent at that time.  We were just high school students.  I mention this because we have just finished February, black history month.

Levelland High School grades 10-12; JHS grades 7-9; 3 elementary schools grades 1-6 (East, West, and South).  I went to South & my future wife went to West.  My mom taught at East, which was really in the Northern part of town next to the JH .... just not far enough north to cross the tracks.  When Levelland built a new elementary, it was in the actual eastern part of town.  They named it Cactus.  I suppose that made sense.

Since I was raised in this band/music environment with my brothers, it should be no surprise that we grew up playing music together.  I had my first cornet about 5 years old; the piano came before that.  We were all taught cornet, accordion, and piano.  Later Jim switched to trombone and got a string bass.  I can remember performing with my accordion at a civic club during the 3rd / 4th grade somewhere in Kansas.  Strange thing to remember: one of our songs was "songs my mother taught me."

When we lived in Dodge City (yes, Kansas), brother Marshall was about a 9th grader - Jim and I were in the 3rd & 4th grade.  Dodge City had a municipal band which did concerts in the Park.  We three boys were featured on one summer concert - cornet trio - played a song called "Three of a Kind."  When we got to the triple tonguing section, Marshall did the triple tonguing while Jim & I just played the first note of each set.  In my stuff, I have the newspaper clipping of the performance.  Bet we were really cute.
Skip forward a little:  There is a this guy who lives in Spain.  He found me a few years back.  He was a fan of Sonny West.  Who?  Sonny West.  Sonny lived with his uncle in Levelland when he was in his 20s.  This Spain guy would write me emails asking all sorts of Sonny West questions.  A true fan.  I have a limited knowledge of Sonny.  But, I tried to answer the questions - good will and all that stuff.  Below is an AUGMENTED reply I sent to him once.  It is augmented because some things need to be stretched out to explain what I was explaining, if you understand that explanation.
I quote:  " I'll put a few things down here right now - maybe something else will come to me later to tell you.  Jimmy was my older brother as you know.  Later in life, he went by Jim; but, in high school he was Jimmy.  Of course, when my mother was mad at him, she called him "James Lee!!"  Jim was about 5' 9" and fairly muscular built.  He was not afraid of very much.  My father was known to call Jim a "Bull in a china closet."  My father would know because he was a reformed "Bull in a china closet."  Jim had a high I.Q. and made excellent grades in high school and throughout college.  His College degree was in Physics with a Master degree in Math.  [aside: he started Tx Tech as a chemistry major.  After he failed chemistry 3 times, he changed to physics.  Go Figure.]

Jim worked for several companies over the years:  Boeing Aircraft and LTV as the top two.  I am not sure what he did for LTV (which now has a different name) - he said that he couldn't talk about it.  LTV helped make stuff that was used in the Spy networks (sometimes referred to as "spook" business).  I do know 2 things he did.  He worked on a radar type unit for small fast flying planes which flew close to the ground.  Hmmmmmm   And he help to design the automated government  postal mail system that is used in the USA today.   He refused to discuss this stuff so we would make up our own stories.
Back to high school.
When we were in the junior high years, we formed a band - not really rock n roll - just a group.  Rock n Roll was not quite going yet.  We called our band The 3 M's.  Metze, Metze, and McKay.  Jim played upright (string) bass, Doc McKay was the drummer, and I played piano or Accordion.  We had a small following of fans (our mothers and fathers, very close relatives, and girl friends if we had one).  

We played our first dance that year for the Lubbock Country Club.  I was an 8th grader; they were in the 9th grade.  Doc's parents got us the gig.  Just couldn't say what possessed them to do that.  We were good of course (JHS students).  Played all the regular songs - well, I played them on the accordion and the other two kept rhythm.  We played on a little stage.  The audience sat and wondered.  

After about 15 - 30 minutes, they paid us off - $5 each.  We left and drove downtown Lubbock to see a movie - Doc's parents stayed behind and danced the night away to the Country Club's juke box.  It was a good thing Doc was there to drive them home later.  We were dumb enough to think that was fun.  And, it was fun.  Made 5 bucks - got to see a movie - my first taste of drunken adults dancing at a country club.

Over the years we would add and subtract a few people to the group.  That was all there was to that.  Later in H.S. we would use the name Saints at times.  That seemed good.  Several of our local h.s. band fellow members played with us.  We didn't use music.  Had none.  

You may have to think about this for a moment.  One of our band members was Frank Lawlis.  He would play the bass fiddle when Jim played trombone.  There is a guy on TV who does the psychology shows - I forget his name Dr. what's his name -- Oft times he goes out in the audience to talk with his his college mentor - Dr. Frank Lawlis.  touch of fame there.

One time we were hired to play for a dance at the local rodeo.  We knew lots of songs and people could dance to our stuff.  Rodeo Dance.  An Experience.  Well, some folks thought we might not be fully okay - bunch of high school kids.  So, they hired this local guitar playing man to play with us.  We were not consulted before hand.  He was a country guitar player.  Only songs he knew were country and western - all in the keys of E or B.  For those uneducated in this, those are tough keys.  Lots of sharps.  We were (pardon the expression) Classically Trained musician.  He wasn't.

His big song was the Sheik of Araby.  I had never heard of it before the dance;  I knew it by the end of the night - in the key of E.  Couldn't tell you how the audience enjoyed the dance music.  We boys had a good time - and so did the Sheik.  The guitar player?  not so much.   He never did call us back and offer to go on tour.  That was okay; we were in h.s. and couldn't leave town anyway.

An extra aside here = Levelland had a strong population of Baptist and Church of Christ members.  They had a pretty good strangle hold on the town.  Our school never had dances.  Dancing was not allowed.  However, during my Junior year (Jim & Doc's senior year) protesters sponsored a dance at the new hotel downtown.  It was quite scandalous.  We didn't have one the next year.  Our group, the Saints, played for the dance splitting time with a local h.s. rock group, the Sparkles.  I think the Sparkles are still performing out there at local taverns.  

We were able to play a 4 hour dance.  One of my favorite stories about that night - - as with most groups, we'd play some song and then take individual solos to stretch the music out longer.  We had this rock-type riff that we played early in the show.  Play the riff, take a solo; play the riff, someone else makes up a solo;  and so forth.  The kids (hs dancers) kept coming back up and asking us to play the song again.  We did, of course.  Who doesn't like getting requests?  It turns out that our riff that we made up had been recorded by some name group - Nowadays they call it Tequila.  We didn't know.  But the audience did.   Play it again, Sam.

During Jim and Doc's last couple of years in high school, they somehow met up with this Sonny West character.  He was an Elvis almost look alike - actually a lot different looking, but the same type of snear.  Sonny had a lead guitar player named Buddy Smith.  I do not have the slightest idea what happen to him after Sonny quit working with Jim & Doc.  Buddy was a terrific guitar player.  Sonny pretty much played rhythm guitar.  All of this was done in Levelland, which is located 30 miles west of Lubbock.  They usually rehearsed at Doc's house.  Doc's mom was the local dance teacher (ballet, tap, etc.) so she had a fairly large facility for them to use.  It had a low ceiling, but that just made the music better and louder.

During that time, they recorded Rock-Ola-Ruby and some other songs.  It was released on a 45 rpm record.  Sonny used his recordings as demonstrators to sell his original songs to other performers.  Yes, he had dreams of making the big time and selling a million records.  None of his own records sold that much.  A couple of his songs did quite well with other performers.  Buddy Holly did a couple of his songs.  Sonny eventually was put in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame for his writing.  Now that is note worthy.

Sonny's group performed in the area several times.  Back then, many small town local movie theaters would put on a stage show sometimes between feature films on Friday or Saturday nights.  Different bands would perform.  "Battle of the Bands"   I never played for any of these shows, but attended a couple as I rode along with Jimmy and helped Doc set up his drum set....nowadays, I would have been a roadie.

As a side thought. They recorded at a studio in Clovis, New Mexico  - at the Norman Petty studio.  Norman Petty was a known professional jazz organist whose recording of  "Mood Indigo" seemed to be a big deal ... I knew it at the time.  Played it for my dances ... on accordion / piano.

Now this next part I cannot verify - Apparently, Norman was not always a nice person.  People would record in his studio - tapes and vinyl - and Norman would put his name on the recording as a co-writer.  He'd get the performers to sign contracts before recording.  I'm not sure of the details.  It is just something I've heard.  More Money.  Most area bands were just so glad to be recording, they never quite figured out that he was messing with them.  It is my understanding that Buddy Holly and the Crickets recorded out of that studio.  I do not know if Sonny West had any problems with Petty.

I recorded two songs with them.  I will try to remember the names of the songs.  Sonny, Buddy, Jim, Doc, and me on piano.  He brought in 3 local high school girls as backup singers.   Tilghman, Tyler, and Beck ---- Betty Tilghman, Sandra Tyler, and Betty Beck.  They did a good job as back up doo-wops.  The recording session lasted most of the day in Clovis.  I remember a couple of nonsense things - Norman Petty was a really friendly guy to us - and helpful with suggestions.  To make Doc's snare drum sound better, he had Doc beat on a cardboard box.  It made a good sound for the recording - you couldn't tell it was a box, which says a lot for the snare drums in those days. 

During one break, I did start playing Mood Indigo.  Norman Petty looked up from behind the glass and broke into a smile.
Now this is just another bit.  Most songs were written in the keys of E or A.  Apparently, those are easier keys for the guitar. Since most of these guitar players were playing "by ear," one key was just as good as another especially if it laid well on the guitar.  As a piano player, I was raised playing in Bb, F and C - cause those are the easiest for inexperienced piano players - no sharps or major flats to speak of.   I had fits getting the rockabilly boogie type bass line going in the key of E.  It was good for me to play in that key though ... great experience.  They gave me an 8 bar piano solo in one of the songs.  I played primarily a chord progression on that solo - absolutely nothing to brag about - if you ever find that record, I missed one chord on the final recording.

Doc was an excellent drummer for the time.  I believe it comes naturally to some people.  He played well and kept time great.  Many drummers can't seem to keep time straight.  Doc was good - a barrel of laughs - and ready for about anything.  After high school, I believe he went to Hardin Simmons Univ in Abilene - He eventually ended up in Denver as a EMT.  Emergency Medical Technician - ambulance etc.  His wife Bonnie still lives in Denver.  Her maiden name was Bonnie Brooks.  Back then, she was a perfect fit for Doc - fun loving - full of energy.  My brain is failing me here, Doc is not his given name.  He had a regular given name - which I should remember.  Nobody called him anything except Doc.

Jim's slap bass playing - it was the style and self learned.  Nobody taught him how.  He did not have an expensive string bass (bass fiddle).  The slapping would mess up his right hand.  He learned to cover his right hand fingers with tape or band-aids to keep the blisters from forming.  Regarding Jim's bass playing, he had a good ear and knew where the appropriate notes were found on the bass.  He played the right notes for the chords.  I have seen other bass players who just slapped around and made noise - Jim's noise was actually music.  We both had been trained to read music and hear right notes.   

Later when we traveled for some jobs, he would put that big ole bass over the front & back seats of the car, letting the neck extend into the front seat.  There wasn't much room for humans in the car after the bass went inside.    During 1963 I bought a big Pontiac, and we carried the bass inside the trunk of the car - much safer.
When Jim & Doc went off to college, that pretty much ended their time with Sonny.  After my recording session, Sonny found a better piano player which was fine.  I can't remember the guy's name.  Strange kid from somewhere back east who was living with his Levelland uncle, a chiropractor - but he could play piano ... lot better than me.  I was jealous.

Now for a couple of things you had in your first note.  [remember that I am writing to a guy in Spain]  Jim played trombone, not sax.   He was a terrific trombone player.  I still have the trombone in my garage.  I was the trumpet player of the bunch.  When we had certain songs and extra people, we would play our horns more than the bass and piano. 

I wish I could give you more Sonny West info.  I will look for photos & the record.  I have a lot of stuff in storage since I am getting older and running out of space in my house to keep treasures.  As I get older, I talk too much.  You may have noticed that old guys can ramble and ramble.  That's me.

One of the things I remember about Jim and Doc.  They played pinball daily.  I believe they had a skill here too.  If I come up with something else, I'll let you know.   Got questions?   I may know the answer.  May not.
Mike mtz "

Sunday, March 10, 2024


 Daylight savings time.  We rejoice.  I don't know when, but eventually the States will make it permanent.  Why they insist on putting it off?  Beats me.  I don't really care.  It will work out for me.

This morning, I slept in and forgot all about the clock. My wife & I both got out of bed at 11:30.  I have not slept that long since I was in college.  I plan to do better in the morning.  Tomorrow.  Y'know I haven't slept past 10:30 more than 4 times a week lately   (do the math).


running joke in the comic strips:

Have you ever wondered why we don't hear about Areas 1 through 50?



Saturday, March 2, 2024


 Who knows why?  

Today the Budweiser Clydesdale horses came to Salado.  March 2nd, Texas Independence Day.  Of all the towns in Texas, why Salado?  I betcha somebody local has some influence.

It was great.  They arrived and did a "parade" down main street - U turn and back up main to their starting point.   8 beautiful Clydesdales pulling the big  Budweiser wagon - 2 drivers dressed in Green  - and a black and white dalmatian riding on the wagon seat alongside the drivers.

After the parade, the group stayed for over an half hour - close to an hour.  The crowd took pictures and talked to the handlers.  It was a good time had by all.

Then, we stood and watched as they unhooked the horses and led them into the trailers.  I'd guess there were at least a dozen workers.  They had a process.  Do this. Do that.  Do this.  Everyone had a special job to do.  It was fun to watch the organization.  

I would hope for you to be a part of this festival someday.  Watch for when the horses are coming to your town/area,  Get there early and enjoy the show.  

They are such beautiful animals.


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

see short meat stone below

See the short meat stone about 4 entries below ...

I'll never do that again.  We cooked up the steaks.  They were okay, but they did have some gristle.  I learned a lesson.  I'm not rich enough to spend that kind of money on a piece of meat that - well - 

y'know, if you spend that kind of money, you can go to a fine restaurant - they'll cook it and you will get a baked potato and salad and perhaps an onion ring or two - all for the same overprice.  And, you will look like you are taking your wife out for a special meal to celebrate her birthday, mum's day, anniversary, EVEN HALLOWEEN.  Now, that is a tradition to begin.

It's Halloween; let's go to the steakhouse.  Sure save money on chocolate treats for little monsters and fairies and ghouls.

That's it.  I wanted to admit that I was just flat stupid.  The door to door guy will be back.  He thinks he has found a life long sucker.  What is that old saying?  something about you are stupid if you make the same mistake more than once.

For the musicians in the crowd, think of a song with more than one C flat or B sharp.  Try to not miss both of them in the same rehearsal.

Luv ya,


Thursday, February 22, 2024

bark box humor quickie

A friend gives my daughter's dogs The Bark Box.  { You can find it on line. }  He babysits 2 of our dogs on a fairly regular basis.  He is known as Uncle Thomas.  Of course, the dogs know that.

This weekend, he paid a visit with the February Bark Box in tow.  The dogs attacked the toys immediately.  No bars held.  Hold no bars.  What is that saying?   (cookies were saved till later)

As dogs will do (congrats to Bella), eventually a dog toy split in half and the blue squeaker hit the floor.  I grabbed it.  A dog does not need to eat a squeaker.  It does still squeak though.

The squeaker has a message which seems to exemplify the humor of the Bark Box people:





Wednesday, February 21, 2024

left side vs. right side vs. spectracide

                      So, which are you?  You should know y'know.

First of all, spectracide has nothing to do with this.  I used the word because it rhymes & is spelled differently than the other two.  The first word I thought of was suicide.  That rhymes too.  People get really worked up when suicide is mention however in passing.  That was cute.  Passing / suicide.  Wish I had planned the connection ahead of time.  Anyhoo, I abhor suicide.  I don't understand how someone could get so messed up they think this is a solution.  Yeah. Yeah.  It is a solution sorta.  But, it is not a good solution.  The suicide person is not the victim.  Those left behind are the ones who suffer.  I'd think that was a tad bit selfish.  Maybe I don't understand it all completely.

Moving on.  Spectracide is a weed poison.  Use it at your own will.


When I was much younger, I went to bed at night by lying on my stomach with my head facing to the right, right arm bent in front of the nose.  I did that for years.  Of course things changed some when I married.  That has a tendency to alter past habits to some degree.  

Aside:   When I went to college, Tech, I had to live in the dorm my Freshman year.  Brother Jim was my roommate.  We could function together.  Jim's previous roomie was Gerald Heath, a hometown Levelland boy who was a pretty good friend throughout high school.  Gerald's father was our barber. . . a real cut-up.   (wish I hadn't said that)  Before the year was out, Jim and Gerald were growing apart.  Gerald loved Jonie James, a female singer in the 50s.  He played her records often.  Personally, I can't stand the way she sings - all that scooping and namby pamby voice.  Apparently, Jim couldn't either.  He took one of her records and rolled it down the dorm hallway with satisfying results - for him, not Gerald.

Soph. year, we found a garage apartment just a block south of the campus.  In the beginning it was roach infested.  Several efforts were made to correct the problem.  Jim & I had twin beds stuffed in a tiny bedroom.  They were probably 12 to 15 inches apart. As a joke one night, as I climbed into bed, I used my hand to beat on the bed  "to kill any bugs in the bed."  We thought it was funny at the time.  I did it again the 2nd night.  Not as funny.  By the 10th night, Jim was getting upset.  It became a habit that year.  I couldn't go to sleep unless I patted the bed - even so slightly and quietly.  Jim had certain names for me...won't list here.


Time went by.  I evolved into a left side sleeper on the left side of the bed.  it seemed that was the most comfy position.  Streisand has a song about rolling over and going to sleep.  I suppose this was me.  Then, about 4 - 5 years ago, I was dreaming that a ball was rolling past me.  I grabbed for the ball and rolled out of bed.  I cut my left ear pretty good on the bedside table.  Wrote about this in a previous episode.  This bothered me a bunch.

Now, right now, we moved to Salado.  We have always had a double bed.  There is a certain closeness that comes with a double vs. the queen and king.  We seemed to like it.  Then, my wife's illness came up.  I figured I needed a bed where the individual sides would raise and lower.  I could see her spending extra time in bed.  It hasn't happened yet.  There is so much extra room in that bed.  Equivalent to two twin size beds, there is room to toss and turn without bothering anyone.

What has happened is that I have turned into a right side sleeper.  I can face to the inside of the bed and not be breathing on my wife.  There is so much room.  Turns out the raising and lowering has no effect - or is that affect?  It is both.

So which are you?  left side sleeper?  right side sleeper?  back sleeper?  stomach?   I ALWAYS wake up on my back.  It doesn't matter the starting position, the back wins at night.  In 63 years of marriage, I've always slept on the left side of the bed.  Is that normal for people?  Even on the honeymoon, I can remember sleeping on the left side because it was closest to the door - being closer to the door was me protecting my bride - I was so naive.

---- smiley face ----

I was once told (gossip) about a man who would get naked, wrap himself up completely in a sheet like a mummy or cocoon, lay down on the foot of the bed crosswise in order to sleep.  Wonder where his wife slept.  Maybe she was really short.  Sometimes when I think my sleeping habits are strange, I think of this guy.  He needs help.


Here is the real question:  Now that you have read this, are you glad you read to the end?  I appreciate your effort.  Next week we take up the riveting issue, how to sit in a recliner vs. high back wooden chairs.

Little next aside.  Son Roger just sent a text that his PSA is <.01.  Considering the prostrate problems we have all had, this is great news.  Didja ever notice, men never talk about the prostrate in public?  Why is that?  I guess we are too tough to whine.



Tuesday, February 13, 2024

short meat stone

I did something today that I have never done.  I bought some meat from a truck that was cruising the neighborhood.  I've seen them around before.  The company is out of Ft. Worth - something like 3 brothers.   Put a question mark on that ??  Anyway, the family & I had discussed it before.  So, I bit the bullet and bought a box with 4 steaks.  I figure we'll eat them sometime way down the road.

In my opinion they were too expensive.  I don't ever plan to do it again.  Why did I do it this time?  Suppose I was hungry for real meat - other than hamburger and chicken bits.  I'v seen the Schwann truck selling meat over the years.  Thought I'd try it once and no more.  This company is not schwann.  Next time when I want real meat, I'll just go to the grocery store.

That's the end to this tune. There will be no D.C. or D.S. with a coda.  Fine.  

Friday, February 9, 2024


 I do love puppies.  They can gnaw on your fingers with minor pain..And their breath - puppies have a special "puppy breath."  Once you've smelled it, you'll never forget.

Tomorrow, Sat., a bookstore in Belton is having a get together for folks - Rock and Read.  Cute name.  Some proceeds going to some charity; I don't know which - didn't bother to read the article close enough. The best part (bring your children) is for $5 you can go into the Puppy Kissing Booth.  I know a great bit when I hear it.  This is a great bit.  I'd almost (ALMOST) be willing to do that myself.  I do love puppies.

Puppy Kissing Booth.  What a deal!!!

Reread the article.  Benefits Tiny Hooves Rescue.  Cost $12 to enter.  Free pizza, etc. and a free children's book.  Add $5 for the Kissing Booth.  I wonder if you could have a giraffe kissing booth at a zoo?  Those giraffes have fabulous tongues.  A cat on the other hand probably wouldn't mess with kissing.  Their tongues are a bit rough for a festival.

Then, on Sunday = S U N D A Y !! = we have the puppy bowl on TV.  I have tried to watch that show.  I have tried.  It is cute to watch if you can do it with sound off.  The narrators really ruin it for me.  Maybe, I just haven't watched & listened to it enough.

But, most will watch the Super Bowl.  Do they watch for the game or the commercials?  There is something wrong with watching any show just to see a commercial.  I try to record most shows so I can zoom past the commercials.  I must have an attitude.  Not being a massive football fan, watching any game rarely happens.  As a matter of fact, I can proudly say that I have never watched one Super Bowl Game (other than a moment or two)  AND  I have been around for them all.

Yep, I'd rather watch my Supper Bowl.  

My running bit is to predict the winner (sinner) of the game.  Here it is!  Call Las Vegas and get down your bets!

The Brooklyn Dodgers will handle the Washington Senators 24 to 12.

see ya,



Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Hoxie Bridge revisited

This is a post I posted in 2010.  It was originally written in 2005 as my wife & I retired and begin to do a bit of motorhome travel.  Once in a while, I like to re-post something just because.  Can I really expect folks to go back and read what was scribbled in 2010?  Nah.  Most of them are probably not worth reading regularly.  Nuff.   Here is HOXIE BRIDGE unabridged.  If I add a comment, it will be in green or white.


Over time I will revisit past etudes I have written to friends and relatives.  Here is one of my favorites written back n 2005.  [Side bar notes have been added in this obnoxious color.]
The Hoxie Bridge

After retirement from teaching, Brenda, my wife of 43 years, (it has been longer now - 43 years was then, this is now) (and about 62 in 2023) and I sold our house in Pflugerville, Texas, and moved into our motorhome. Journeying with us are our three wirehair miniature dachshunds (weiner dogs): (if you follow my blugs, you will know that I have 5 now {2010} - these three remain on staff.)

Greta, a cute little blond, is the smallest coming in at about 8 lbs.,
Fritz, a black & tan 20 lb. loving fuzz ball, and
Leisl, a brown & white piebald who gets nervous about things.

Last week, we moved to the Granger Lake Corps of Engineers park. Granger Lake is about 20 some miles east of Georgetown, TX, 8 miles north of Taylor, and right beside a nice little town of Granger. For those who haven't heard, Corps Parks are great for retirees. Once you are eligible for the "Golden Age" Passport, (cute title - probably dreamed up by a 22 year old girl in the front office) -- you can stay in a Corps Park for half price...dogs are free.

Half Price is about 9 or 10 dollars a night. For this you plug into electricity and hook up the water. Sewer does not exist at Corps Parks usually. Now, that's not true. Sewer is down the block. You go down there and empty your sewer tanks. Sewer Tanks can be a whole different subject for another day.

Granger Lake has 3 different parks or areas. We are on the south side at “Taylor Park” in space 4. This space backs up to a wall of trees and ground that falls off radically to somewhere green. A small dark creek trickles at the bottom of the green.

After we parked on Thursday - and rested appropriately, we rounded up the dogs for a short walk around one of the legs of the figure 8, or loops if you prefer. Not 20 feet down the road, I noticed an orange structure to the right, behind the motorhome, down in the creek bed. It is a bridge, a one way bridge going nowhere in the middle of the wilderness. A narrow path leads down to the bridge.

Taking the dogs in tow, we continued down the path. The bridge is at the bottom of a steep path - no road, old or new, is in evidence. It extends across a deep ravine with an ugly creek creaking along - or whatever a creek does. Babbling brook certainly does not apply to this waterway. The floor of the bridge is 2 x 8 boards fastened to the steel structure. At the far side of the bridge is a sign post explaining the reason behind the structure.

I paraphrase the sign: The Hoxie bridge was built in the early 1900s east of here. It was built with prison labor (local prisoners). One of them tried to escape and was shot. To make a point, the guards hung his body from a nearby tree. He was never given a proper burial. For years after, his ghost was said to haunt the bridge at midnight on Friday nights. At one point a priest came out and performed a religious service which was said to send the ghost on his proper way. About 15-20 years ago, the unused bridge was moved to its present location by volunteer workers and has set here since.

[So you will understand the "why" behind the next thing -- My process at bedtime is to take each of the 3 dogs out for a wetting. Greta goes first (she is the smallest) followed by Liesl and Fritz in that order. This usually happens between 11 and 1 a.m.]

The following evening as I prepared to close it down for the night, I held Greta in my arms and took the steps down to the grass. Usually when she is put down (she can't climb down the stairs by herself), Greta paces about sniffing until she locates just the right blade of grass - then she squats.

That night, hitting the yard, she immediately went into a freeze position staring into the thicket behind the motorhome. We stood; she did not wet.

I heard voices down on the bridge. It was a group of kids talking. On the road to my left 2 young girls walked. They were covered head-to-toe with beach towels. In the dark of the night, all I could see was the tuff of their hair and the flip-flops on their feet. They moved slowly to the edge of the bridge path. Greta watched; she did not wet. Behind me in the motorhome, Liesl and Fritz barked for their equal time.

The young girls slowly moved down the path, not venturing over 15 feet before freezing into their pose. Greta had not moved a muscle. From the bridge I heard an older voice speak,

"Oh Spirit of Hoxie Bridge, show yourself. Come to us ole spirit of Hoxie
Bridge. We want to see you." His voice continued; the girls didn't move;
I checked my watch. It was midnight, and it was Friday night. Greta
still frozen, watched; she did not wet.

I raised my extra heavy duty flashlight pointing it into the woods near the bridge; I flipped the switch on. All of a sudden everything broke loose. The people on the bridge began to run. The girls screamed, flip flops flip-flopped away from the bridge - up the path - back home as fast as their young legs could move, beach towels flowing behind like capes. Screams galore. The sound of many boys yelling and running across a wooden bridge is a racketing noise. They emerged from the woods. I would guess 8 to 10 bodies came flailing up the path.

Greta watched; she did not wet.

Within a moment or two, all was silent. There were no girls in beach towels flip-flopping. There were no boys yelling and running up the path. There were no more noises drifting up from the bridge. It was now past midnight on a Friday night. Oh, to be a kid again seeking ghost at midnight on a deserted, haunting bridge. I miss those days.

Greta and I stood, watching for another few minutes. She didn't move, and she didn't wet. Greta held it all night long. Liesl and Fritz came out and performed magically & quickly, each in turn.

We all went to bed dreaming of next Friday night at midnight on old Hoxie Bridge. Greta curled up waiting for the morning light.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Death by Chocolate

Salado library - this past weekend - they have an event known as "Death by Chocolate."  Even now, some are starting to call it Joy of Chocolate.  The word "Death" is probably a bit too strong for some.

Here's the deal.  It is a competition.  You sign up and make a chocolate something.  You bring it to the library in such a way that it  can be shared by all - and I mean all.

Daughter Laura and son-in-law Tom came to visit.  Today, Monday, is her birthday.  We celebrated a bit early since they don't live in Salado.  Visitors sometimes like to go into town to the happenings.  I was pressured a bit, but agreed to go to the chocolate death adventure.  It was nothing like I had imagined.

Contestants brought samples, yes.  I'd guess they brought enough for a hundred or more.  Each in a little cup - or plate.  There were full-sized chocolate cakes with plates and a knife.  You cut off how much you wanted to eat.  Crazy.  If you had wanted cake, you could have eaten an entire cake and NOBODY would have said a word.  Large and Small cupcakes .... Inch squares of brownies or other delights.  There were row after row of chocolate.

Walked in.  Signed a register. Were given a green and a red piece of paper.  Green was for YOU to vote on the Youth chocolate treats;  Red was for the Adult division.   You could have fed the Russian army with the chocolate available (not that anyone would at this stage).  I'd bet there were 15 to 20 or more entries in the youth division.  Adult section was even bigger.   Chocolate treat with Mexican hot chocolate.  Cupcakes adorned with bacon - everything is better with bacon y'know.

My wife, the chocolate Queen eater, was in Heaven.  Usually, I never capitalize the word "heaven" unless it is in the religion connotation.  But, in this case, HEAVEN is the word.  She went from one to another for a few minutes, and, then, made the comment, "I need a Coke."  They had little cups of cool water to hand out.  That worked for a while.  

There is no ending to this.  My wife was very happy.  And, it was FREE.  It cost nuthin'.  They had a cookbook thing titled "Death by Chocolate" that was printed a few years back.  It was not on the front burner = or pushed by the people.  If you happened to see it, you might pick it up and ask about it.  Yes, I bought one.  It has a few recipes and photos from the past.  Probably not worth what I paid.  But, how else do you show you support what they are doing?

It was nice.  Old and Young.  Gorging on chocolate treats.

Here is the bottom line - does your library lack participants?  Organize one of these.  The best thing is you will get to stuff your face with chocolate made by someone else.  The library might drum up a bit more business.  Fun.