Monday, March 28, 2011

New Band Nerd

I spent my life as a public school band director.  I would still be doing it except that I am somewhat older now and it started getting to me in a negative way.  Teaching wasn't bad - I love standing in front of a band - the other things like administrators and parents made it less than 100% fun.  Wasn't heading to this subject now.  I got off focus.

I have a 5th grade granddaughter.  Smart, intelligent, brilliant, cute, well-mannered, lovely parents (am I spreading it on thick enough here?).  She reminds me of other 5th graders I have had in class over the years.  The band directors in her school are starting the process of recruiting beginning band students for next year's 6th grade beginning band. 

Of course, this process is fun for me.  As she begins, I do hope that she will enjoy the band life as much as I did.  .   .  .  not sure I want her to enjoy it enough to major in music and be a band director.  Teaching became harder as I aged.  Would I want her to do that?  HEY!  She could become a race car driver or sumpin' instead...maybe mess with computers like her fadder  or go into the medical field like her mudder.   A lot of water still has to travel under that bridge. 

Right now, I am just pleased that she wants to become a band nerd.  That is NOT an insult.  My band kids over the years have worn the band nerd title with pride.  That could be a different blog at a later date.   Yessir, I am looking forward to a future new load of band candy.

Over their spring break they visited our little mansion.  We had several discussions about band instruments.  She must pick one by summer.  Her father wants her to play oboe.  He sees the demand for great oboe players.  She doesn't see it.  I have always that oboe players had problems because of the air pressure they built up behind the reed - y'know, like it blows their brains out the ear lobes.

She talked about clarinet or flute or cornet or....  Her father, a trombonist, nixed that instrument because of the trombone crowd she'd have to be compete with.  Trombonist (in lower grades for sure) seem to enjoy making physical body noises and other classy things.   That is  okay.  She leaned towards the cornet and the flute - which, as you might guess, I owned one of each for her selection.   Saxophone and Drums were nixed too.

I oiled up the King Silverbell and she blew a good strong upper C on the first try (not high C, the other one).  Many starting cornet players have trouble with that.  I always felt this was a good sign for picking potential cornetist.  And, she made a sound on the Gemeinhardt flute.  So often young students have issues understanding how to make a first tone on the flute - they pucker too much.  She had no problem.  Both horns left our town and now reside in Lubbock.  I will be pleased if she picks anything:  even clarinet, trombone, saxophone,  oboe, etc.   No drums.  I wish I could draw a circle here with a slash going through a drum....No Drums.  (If one buys into this idea that young boy trombonist make classy body noises - you should see what drummers can create.)

Let me summarize.  In the Metze Clan, a new generation of band kids begins.  It will be fun for me to watch from a distance.   This past week, she sent me a i-tune type of thing with her playing "Saints" on the piano.  Genius, pure Genius - and I'm not even prejudiced.  Nope, not prejudiced at all

Nuff.  mtz

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Me Bachelor

I am babysitting the puppies this weekend as my spouse has journeyed to Austin this morning to walk in some sort of race--not really a race, sorta a walk ...  on Sunday.  Daughter Christine does these things often and the wife will be joining this latest adventure.  If I paid enough attention I could give  you more info.  Apparently, there are costumed walkers, strange people walkers, and exotic walkers.   Surely my family is in that exotic class.

The race / walk is about 6 or 7 miles long, whatta I remember details?  See if this computes.  To get ready for the walk, she spent several days walking our hills.  Because I am so wonderful, I walked the practice with her.  She  does the performance, I attend the practice.

But, to show ya how spoiled I am - my wife got up this morning and created a green chili stew in the crock pot before she left.  I slept through that part.   The stew was ready after she drove away.  I think that was good - the stew and her creating it before leaving.  I am not spoiled;  not spoiled at all.

Am somewhat concerned about tomorrow morning.  My wife is out of bed about 6 each morn to let dogs go outside after a long night of imprisonment - and then to feed.   They are not really that anxious to eat except for Fritz.  That boy has eating ADHD.   There is no food that is his enemy.  Not true really.  He doesn't like to even smell onions, which is good since onions will poison a dog.  We can be eating and drop a piece of food - he is on that particle like a duck on soup.   But, drop a piece of onion, it stays right where it bounces.  good dog.

if you read this regularly you know that the neighbor's dog has heart worms.   $1200 to fix.  It is really dangerous.  Heidi has had her second $400 shot and seems to be coughing less.  I understand that heart worms get into the lungs and are truly nasty.  She is such a sweet black Lab, I do hate to see her sick.   I believe that I once wrote there is a new medicine for preventing heart worms.   My Vet told us last week to stay with Heart Gard.  We are; you should.

Bedtime - dogs need to go out one last time...Fritz will get a cookie for being a Good Dog  in the Pit.  That boy loves cookies.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mowing and a List

I have noticed that nobody comments on my blogs.  This is fine with me.  What it shows is that I am not argumentative or whatever-enough for the attack dogs.  Not going to dwell on it - but here are a few things I am for and against.    Obama, Republicans, walking, chocolate, smoking, tattoos, General Motors,  Ford, yard work, greasy foods,  meatloaf  and  Meatloaf the guy,  TV,   History channel, CNN and NBCNNaaabbbcccbbbsss, illegal aliens, legal aliens, 7 deadly words, snakes, words I cannot say or write ever again  (I quote:   "I have not said the N.....   word in 15 years."  Forgot what lawyer said that, but he did - something to do with OJ ),  OJ,  tea,  drugs,  people who justify drugs,  purple martins, tulips --  that is enough for now.   You will have to assign the  FOR  or  AGAINST  title to each of those for me.  I don't care to justify my opinions.

and now for the real reason I am here.

I have been mowing the yard.  While we have less than an acre, much is on a slope or splotted with trees and little fast moving dachshunds.  The next door neighbor hires the yard done.  I started off this morning and the Professional Yardies showed.  I don't like to share my mowing experience so I did most and have come inside to rest and drink tea  (see above list).

Mowing is a three part project here.  Each part could be divided into other parts.

Part 1 is the John Deere riding lawn mower, affectionately called "the Tractor."  The tractor mows part of the front yard, but not close to the house.  It has an affliction of gouging long lines of grass.  One side is higher than the other  AND  the side changes depending upon the wind, direction of mowing, and God made little green apples.   So, I mow the top of the front hill and down within 15 ft of the house.   At this time of the year, the process includes dodging our fledgling blue bonnets.  Ya can't mow one of them little beggars down.

Next I do the side of the house and the grassy part of the cul-de-sac.  Ya See, the more grass is cut, the fewer snakes like it.  They seem to prefer the higher grassy areas.  The part of the lower hill down by the lake is next.  This extends into the southern neighbors empty lot (again, see snakes above list).   This area is where I usually see lizards and snakes if they are there. 

The final area is the Hill just outside the back door.  Our house was built on a hill.  They brought in over 100 loads of dirt to make a pad.   Right off the pad, the hill is great.   If one can enjoy mowing (see list)  this is the most fun part.  I drive the mower up the hill till it won't go any more, then I let it slide back down, moving over 3 feet to try again.  Rarely do I make it all the way up to the house.  It do slope.  or does slope.  You English majors can figure that one out.

When I bought the Deere, the man lectured me about the width of the cutting area and how close my trees are.  I came home and measured the distance between trees.  The mower would fit.  I forgot that trees grow.   Do the best I can, I do.   Part C solves the problem.

Part B:   I have a regular lawn mower.  It does the remaining 15 ft in the front, the remaining slope behind the house - we go sideways for safety, the flat areas created by the retaining walls, and of course THE DOG PIT.   Some day, we will discuss the Dog Pit.  Yes, I do have a stone about this mower.

Back in the 80s we lived outside of Gainesville, on a hill natch, beside Moss Lake - named after a man, not the plant.  I bought a Sears mower and began mowing.  It is a great mower.  Even after 3 years in storage, started on first pull.   I have replace wheels and other gear.  The motor keeps chugging.  About a year ago, I found that the parts to replace the front wheels had gone out of sight  $$$$ wise.   It would be best to get a new machine.   In addition, keep in mind my age here, once in a while my wife wants to mow   (see my list above) -- She just cannot pull that rope hard enough to start the mower.

I decided upon a new Sears mower, electric start, so the wife could mow the yard....when / if she wants.  I have a Sears credit card that gives points.   For well over a year, I used that card to buy everything I could, gathering up points.   It was like 33,000 points to get a $350 Sears gift card.  I collected and saved.  The day came and the machine was bought.  Since we bought a discontinued model, the price was reduced and I acquired it for  $369.88 plus some tax.   This is a deal.   It started via key, the first turn.   Part B should be a bit easier this year.  My old mower is setting beside the house.  It needs a good home - still works really.

Part C:   this 'tis the toughest.  Weed Eater.   I have had this wead eater for a long time.   I loaned it to a neighbor several years back - that guy nicknamed it  "The Terminator."   I love that machine.  Once again, starts easy.  The bad part is where you must journey to Eat Weeds: sides of hills, gullies, ditches, fence line, along the water way - it is a project.  Then, think snakes.

For this project, the boots are revisited.  I have killed a couple of snakes with the machine over the years.  What can one say about a great weed eater?    I love you man.

Every week or other week, the mowing begins.  My wife does the trimming - which bothers me a bit since those little sneaky snakes can hide anywhere.

That's enough for now.  The neighbor's hired professionals have packed up and left.  I can continue my Part A.  Tomorrow is B.   Maybe Friday will be part C.  Y'know it isn't really looking all that bad, maybe Part C on Monday...

later guys,
remind people to sign on to my blog.  Tell your friends.  Call your neighbors.  Write the President (see above list one final time).   I do wish to be famous.  There is an automatic notice available to you for notification of when I am babbling.  And should you choose ( no pressure ), click on an advertisement.  I get a penny each time you do.  You did know I am saving to buy another new tool?
mtz, m3, etc.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Family, House Sale, Nose, plus

Started this on Sunday before midnight and finishing it after.  figure out your own date - get a felt tipped pen - and write it on your monitor  right here

This is a bit mind boggling to me - I just checked the stats on this bloggy thingy - 1,695 folks have read it at one time or nother.  Now you must admit, that's a lot  - not as many as 2 million - but lots for my mind to wrap around.  My mind doesn't wrap around lots of things - warp around perhaps, but not wrapped.

Nothing in this one that will set the world on fire.   'Tis Sunday - my granddaughters and kids have all been here at one time or another this week.  Laura and Tom were up Tues & Wed. with their Peke Susie.  They caught no fish which probably is a negative for Laura.  Tom on the other hand has to clean the fish when LJ catches them - so, maybe not so much for him.

Two of the g-kids have been here since last Sunday.   The two oldest are starting to grow up and are becoming humans instead of babies.   The third child had tonsils out last Sat. so stayed at home with her mummy to heal.  Rog & Pen brought her on down Friday along with their 4 dachshunds - we had a pretty good weekend...boat ride, trip to Russel Stover's candy factory, Collin Street Bakery, Walmart and all.   Dotter Christine made it up Friday with her 3 dogs and that was good too.   Had a lot of dogs here.
For Father's Day LAST YEAR Christine had given me a wooden bat house to hang in a tree.   With her holding the ladder, the bat house finally went up yesterday.  It will be interesting to see if bats find it or the yellow jackets will just turn it into their condo.

Took the 2 g-girls to see "Gnomeo and Juliet" this week.  Cute movie - has a bit of a lesson about getting along with people who are different - still okay though.  Appropriately Penney and Roger brought me my birthday present (they have had it since my birthday in November).   It was this old lady gnome figurine - garden type - dressed in red and black with a Texas Tech emblem.  So I have a Texas Tech Gnome for the garden / flower bed.  It is so great, I can't put it outside to get ruined.  It has a place of honor on a table by a window where she can survey the landscape sans weather issues.

New Subj.:   In our housing development out hereabout the lake, a 2 story house (with dormers) is for sale.  It is a nice brick up on the hilltop looking down upon the lake - fab lake view.  Two guys lived in it.  Never did see them outside the house.  They have this lake view 2 story, 3 bd, 2 bath, no garage, 2 fireplaces,  1.5 acre house listing for $74,900.  You might ponder this money:   Ponder.  Ponder.  Ponder.

Wife and I went up and looked through the windows today - house is empty -  They have ripped out all carpet leaving a bare concrete floor - the stairs going up are just raw crummy wood.  Outside the yard is a mess.  I am not sure I could ever tidy up that area.  But, the kicker?   Large cracks  running up the brick outside walls.  Such a pretty place from a distance and inch + wide cracks on the outside.  Never have done foundation work personally but I betcha it will take a pretty penny to fix that mess up - plus carpet - plus all appliances are gone.   Wonder if the guys are getting a divorce?

okay, one last thing.   I asked my family about this on Saturday.   Your nose.   I don't know if everyone has the same structure as I, but right inside the tip of my nose is an area, sorta like a small pocket at the tip of my nose - both sides.  This area / pocket collects things at times.  I don't know if all humans have this pocket cause I rarely go about shoving my finger up people's noses or other places for that matter.  It never really has come up for discussion in the Teacher's Workrooms at the schools I taught in.

Well, the inside of my left nostril has developed a bit of a sore - more like a pimple.  It is so tender in there.  HURTS!!  Normally (at my age for sure) if I get a pimple anywhere I rejoice at returning to my adolescent years.   In my nose can and shall be another issue.  You just simply cannot go inside there and bust up that little booger - uh, pardon me, little white head.  Frankly, I don't know if it is a little white head.  Once again, how would a feller know about this type of things.   There are no    Noses for Dummies     books out there for consumption.

So I asked the relatives and seemed to get the idea that everyone has this little pocket at the tip of the nose, both sides.   You can check your nose right now while nobody is looking and see what you think.  I can't say that I am waiting to hear from any of you about this.  I shall just suffer alone (but not in silence).


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Liesl to the vet

With 5 dachshunds one can expect to make a road trip to the Vet. This past week we loaded all five into the back seat of the Marauder and headed to town. It was a fun adventure for us - not the dogs. Some had shots, all were weighed, things were put inside unmentionable places - nobody complained except Oscar. And the Vet felt and prodded them all.

The Vet was in such a good mood.   He talked about his own dogs (3)  and had a great time with Oscar and his white mohawk.   The vet has a mongrul that must be quite a lot like dear sweet Oscar.

May have mentioned it before - Fritz does have a heart murmur - doc is not too concerned at this time.   Heart murmurs are a heart desease; one of his valves is leaking blood.   We have heard this before.

Liesl had a broken tooth. I looked inside her mouth with the Vet and saw it cracked right down the middle. Liesl had no idea - and I did ask her later about it.  She seemed very very unconcerned with the whole thing.

Today Tuesday - Liesl went in for the extraction and some teeth cleaning. I felt so sorry for her - but, again, she had no idea what was happening until she walked into the Vet's office...even then am not sure what she suspected.  Liesl is our little girl that gets so worried about everything.  I am sure that being alone in the back room cage - this was traumatic for her.

I went in and picked her up at 4:45. The nurse brought her to me and set her at my feet. Her little tail just wagged as she collasped on the floor.  I picked her up and talked nice things into her little ear.  Poor little girl was still out, but she was happy to see me.  Not going to tell you what it cost.  She gets medicine for a few days - goes back next Tues for stitch removal.   The tooth was abcessed and would have been a major problem soon. 

Coming back into the house, all 4 dogs greeted her, smelling her mouth of all places - how do they know that?  Remember that I said that Liesl worries?  She is my one dog who is afraid of storms - the thunder is just more than she can handle.  YOUR GUESSING TIME:  What did we have come roaring through here this evening.   Yes, today was just not Liesl's day.  No breakfast, trip to vet, strange people, home to smelling dogs, and a loud storm.  Not a good day for Liesl.  Tomorrow should be better.   At this moment, she is resting at my feet, snoring contently. Good Dog.

Little extra bit if you are feeling sorry for her....we feed dry dog food.  Vet said to give her soft food so I bought 7 cans of soft food.  She had a half can for supper.  This was a happy dog - even though she slept through supper as she gobbled down the soft food, it was a positive in her mind.================
short bit: Our housing development / area by the lake has private roads. The real estate developer purposely failed to put a proper base down under the road.  He is a jerk. The HOA paved 1000+ feet during the fall. We are putting down base today to pave another 1500 ft. or so. It SHALL be nice when it is done.

That's it.  Y'all take now, y'hear?
m3,mtz, et al.

I am learning so much about building roads.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's go to Canton

After a blustery Saturday all day and being holed up inside the mansion with our dogs - they were SO ready to go outside .... we finally made it out of the house Sunday. Had to do something in the morning but eventually made it to Canton.

I love going to Canton. It can be exhausting (especially if nobody will buy me a bowl of dippin dots). First Monday @ Canton (see internet) is a really an enormous flea market. Sure they have the fancy buildings (too) filled with high priced new & used stuff and one building seemly overloaded with jewelry and fine glass. But they have the outdoor tables of really junky stuff too....really stuff.

My favorite place is Dog Town. It is located about 4 blocks east of the main flea market area. How do you spell Scuzzy? It isn't really all that bad. . . just not clean cut and easy to get through. Streets go every which way and people & cars confuse me. The public restrooms were not designed by Tiffany. Nuff.

Port after Port, Dog after Dog, Pen after Pen, Puppies and Sellers everywhere - (or you can get goats, chickens, ducks, fowl of various types, etc.) This month they had a lot more puppy dachshunds. There were these four chocolate dapple, & spotted doxies. If I had nothing at home, they all four would have come here with me. Another lady had these 4 dogs - one was priced only $150 cause it had a hernia ( leave financial room for "you" to get it fixed ). What? One Pen had 7 baby great danes - another 4 quite fuzzy German shepherds. The dane's paws were as big as my little Greta's head. I love puppies. ( little aside here for bro Jim and E = I only saw 4 poms this trip - but there was a gray pom - never seen a gray pom )

We walked up to this one pen area and 3 elementary age girls (best guess 6th grade) were in the pen with a dog. All the girls were on the floor trying to cover up with blankets for an afternoon nap. One had on tiger striped tight pants - y'know, those stretch things.  I walked up and asked the lady, "So how much do you want for this striped one?"      "We can let you have her for free."       I followed up with, "Has she had her shots?"      "Don't know," was the reply.     The striped pants girl never flinched nor acknowledge my brilliant humor. Kids, today, what'll ya gonna do?

There was one sign that bothered me though: "Our puppies are USDA approved." Must have been there for the Vietnamese / Chinese market.

Before I close, here are a couple of observations from today.

1. Passed a heavy set lady, probably in her 60s, dressed from head to toe in Pink sweats. The sweatshirt said: P. U. and in small print PINK UNIVERSITY.

2. Keeping in mind this was a Sunday, moved over to let a teenage girl pass whose T-shirt read: Holy Ropers.

3. Found a brightly colored metal dachshund, probably imported from south of the border.  No bullet holes.

4. So many of the dogs had signs broadcasting they were Designer Puppies. This means they breed a great Dane to a Chihuahua and it becomes a Danhuahua or ChiDane. Mixing with poodles produced so many precious names. Personally I think it is a shame to mix the breeds like this; I don't care if they produce a fluffy dog that doesn't shed or a Pit Bull that sticks his pinky out when he drinks a cup of cinnamon tea; It just seems wrong.

One last bit.  We ate at a Chinese buffet. It was busy busy busy.  A sign on the front door: "We are out of crab legs so the buffet is only $8.79 today."   I was heartbroken. But they had crawdads by the bucket load.  One gentleman in a 3 piece Sunday-go-meetin' suit had a plate piled high working diligently poppin' off their little heads.

I stood behind a 30 - sumpin' lady with 2 plates. On each plate was one piece of pizza, a pile of red jello, a roll, and a large spoon of canned peaches. I figure she had 2 little kids waiting back in her booth.  Booth - that shows you we only visit the highest class places - no white table cloths for us.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, in walked a dressed up party of 14 including their preacher. What was interesting to me was the preacher. The group was a mixture of white, black, and brown.  He was 6 ft 5" black guy with little hair, wire rimmed round glasses, the white collar shirt of a priest type, tanish-dapple alligator shoes with a fancy tall heel, a solid yellowy- tan sport coat, black shirt of course to go with the white reversed collar, and funny gray patterned slacks that came to about his ankle - allowing his special shoes to glare forth.  I bet he is a fun guy on his podium.

And THAT is way too much for tonight. Y'all be good.
m3,mtz, et al

p.s. ya know - if you'd click on some of these advertisements, I make money. I think I get about a penny a click. They don't pay till I get up to $5, so we DOES have a long ways to go.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Misc. things of little importance to Libya

just now got another of the mass emailings which are trying to get my money.  This one is not from Nigeria - they say it is from London.    I am so sure.

The subject is not much different - it is the title that gets my eye:


I do love getting a good massage from a minister.
Today was somewhat of a disappointment.  Just when i was getting ready to be in full blown spring, we get that blasted cold front through here.  Blasted is the right word.  The wind has been blastin us all night and day.  My little Greta went to the back door unsolicited - door opened and the wind blew right through her ears - she made an immediate U turn and headed back inside.  Three times I had to turn her around till we (that would be we) found a patch of inviting grass.  It was a race to get back inside.

My plan was to go to Canton today to the First Monday flea market.  I do enjoy that outing.  If you have not been, the main flea market is several acres of good and bad stuff.  Everything is worth a short gander.  About 3--4 blocks away is the animal area with puppy after puppy.  We normally spend half day looking at pups and another half day in the regular area.  think they call it dog town or something equally profane.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Septic Stone

Today I was up at 7 - early for me.   A guy was coming to work on our septic system.  We have had a problem since last fall.   Out on the other side of the fence, water has been bubbling up - the weeds are especeially green.  They like that sewer water, personalize fertilizer fluid, you might say.  I wouldn't, but you might. 

I've let it go for a while for a couple of reasons: 
I am cheap. 
I don't know a septic guy
It was leaking way out there
It has been cold and I could ice skate on the small sewer lake

What got me off dead center was the actual septic tank.  Wate was squirting out the side of it forming a small creek winding across the lawn towards the lake.  It squirted with vigor.  Being Mr. Handyman, yesterday I removed the green septic tank cover to see.  The discharge line had come unglued from the outlet pipe.  I shut off the unit and shoved the two pieces back together.  I turned the machine back on and quickly received a shower.   A septic shower is certainly fun.  Don't let anyone tell you it is not.   Fun - gurgle - spash - of course, no smell.

I shut it off again and opened a bi-pass valve  - turned it back on - worked like a dream.  Then, who knows why, I decided to close the bi-pass just a little bit in order to get some water out of the tank into the discharge lines.  Those valves do not have any markings - one slight twist a little too far and guessed it...  I got my 2nd shower.

Through trial and error, my septic showers stopped.

A young guy named Chad was to be here about 8.   At 9:30   -   there he was with his hired helper, a nice guy named Henry.  They had stopped for a real breakfast.  I had sat by the window, waiting and working on my taxes.  They went right to work - dug a hole and fixed the line outside the fence.  Went back to the tank and fixed 2 different problems.  They were gone in 1 1/2 hours, all fixed - total charge, which I think was quite reasonable- what do I know,  $175.  

Considering I had that sewer creek running across the back yard.  This $$ was a blessing.  I like to say it was paid from my "Slush" fund. 

We have a bit of an odor out back.  The dogs don't care.  Skunks are not drawn to it for mating season.   Sooo,  I guess it will be okay till the next big rain sterilizes the area, hopefully tonight.
Little side bit.  Chad is a Texas Tech fan.  He loves Tech and wears a Tech hat when he is here.  He knows my Tech affliation, and we have had several lively talks about the future of the Tech athletic dept.  I am an expert on fixing athletic departments you know, you know.   Obviously, Chad has studied Administration de la Athletic Departments, too.   Chad has a girl friend and other folks out in Lubbock that he visits regularly.  I enjoyed chatting with him and Henry.    Suppose it is good to have a Tech buddy in the septic biz.  Rings a bit true for past athletic seasons we have had this year.

more later, y'all take care now
m3, mtz

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eye Prob & FUMC

This is going to be one of those misc. blugging.   First of all this is Tuesday night or Wed. morn.  Went to see my eye doc (opthamalogist-OR somethin' or nuther).  I woke Sun night with an urgent mission - the older I get, the more nighttime urgen missions - On the way back to bed I had a pain either in my eye or forehead area.  When you are sleep walking to the bathroom, it is sometimes quite hard to make an accurate description of pain areas unless it is a toe stubbing.

Back in bed - forgot about it.   Monday morn. looked in mirror as we are all want to do and noticed my right eye was red.  No pain; just red.  Bloody, if you will.  This happened last year once.  Of course, it was Saturday morning when I saw it.  What self-respecting eye guy doc is in his office on Sat. or Sun?  Not mine.  Called his office anyway and was cycled to him through answering service.  Nice guy.  He called me back.

I told him the prob.  He said it looked worse - or is it worsted - than it really t'was.  Suggested I put some eye drops in if I had discomfort.  Discomfort?    All was fine.

It hit me again this Sunday night  ( if you have been paying attention, you already know that ).  I knew it was no big deal; but my wife was concerned.  She could actually see the bloody eye - you might say I am on the inside looking out and can't imagine the prob. 

Recently I have been nagging her about seeing a doc for her flu-like symptoms - thus, it made sense for me to go to doc "to make a point."  I called - I went - he said, "It looks a lot worster (or is is worsterino?)  than it rally is."  I like Dr. Cole.  Friendly and happy all the time.   He gave me some drops.  I bet he'd be fun at a bridge party.

Little aside:  since I was diagnosed as diabetic in 2008, I am suppose to see eye doc and foot doc and real M.D. on regular basis.  My sugar numbers are controlled by diet and pretend exercise instead of medicine.    All is well.    Medicare will pay for eye doc visit once a year.  So, why not?  It has been a year and a half;  I went and got some of my medicare money back.  It is over, and I am fine.  Test showed my left eye is tiny bit not as good as it was last year; but doc wouldn't change lenses - so it is over for another year.
one final stone for the night:
For the first time in my life I am on a committee.  Sure I have had band parents work on comm sorta under me - but it is not the same.  I was asked to serve on what I call the "hiring and firing" comm of the Corsicana First Methodist Church.  I don't think I will have to be involved with hiring / firing cause this church seems to be quite happy.  I like that.  Nobody wants to be on this comm if church is in conflict.

The meeting was Monday night and has about 9 lay members plus the church staff folks.  It was really interesting, and I understand a bit better now how that area of the Methodist church works.  The District Superintendent was at the meeting even.  I don't believe I have ever been this close to an actual Big Boss Methodist before.  He was interesting to hear....even made a good joke about  - well, that is unimportant right now.  I am looking forward to serving these next 3 years in the group.  

It is so hard for me to be an active member of things like this - my insecurities and shyness in unfamiliar surroundings - I work to overcome them - grit my teeth and blunder forth.   Even singing in the church choir is an ordeal for a recluse like me.  Working on "coming out of my public shell."  Even wore Jeans to the meeting. 
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