Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Liesl to the vet

With 5 dachshunds one can expect to make a road trip to the Vet. This past week we loaded all five into the back seat of the Marauder and headed to town. It was a fun adventure for us - not the dogs. Some had shots, all were weighed, things were put inside unmentionable places - nobody complained except Oscar. And the Vet felt and prodded them all.

The Vet was in such a good mood.   He talked about his own dogs (3)  and had a great time with Oscar and his white mohawk.   The vet has a mongrul that must be quite a lot like dear sweet Oscar.

May have mentioned it before - Fritz does have a heart murmur - doc is not too concerned at this time.   Heart murmurs are a heart desease; one of his valves is leaking blood.   We have heard this before.

Liesl had a broken tooth. I looked inside her mouth with the Vet and saw it cracked right down the middle. Liesl had no idea - and I did ask her later about it.  She seemed very very unconcerned with the whole thing.

Today Tuesday - Liesl went in for the extraction and some teeth cleaning. I felt so sorry for her - but, again, she had no idea what was happening until she walked into the Vet's office...even then am not sure what she suspected.  Liesl is our little girl that gets so worried about everything.  I am sure that being alone in the back room cage - this was traumatic for her.

I went in and picked her up at 4:45. The nurse brought her to me and set her at my feet. Her little tail just wagged as she collasped on the floor.  I picked her up and talked nice things into her little ear.  Poor little girl was still out, but she was happy to see me.  Not going to tell you what it cost.  She gets medicine for a few days - goes back next Tues for stitch removal.   The tooth was abcessed and would have been a major problem soon. 

Coming back into the house, all 4 dogs greeted her, smelling her mouth of all places - how do they know that?  Remember that I said that Liesl worries?  She is my one dog who is afraid of storms - the thunder is just more than she can handle.  YOUR GUESSING TIME:  What did we have come roaring through here this evening.   Yes, today was just not Liesl's day.  No breakfast, trip to vet, strange people, home to smelling dogs, and a loud storm.  Not a good day for Liesl.  Tomorrow should be better.   At this moment, she is resting at my feet, snoring contently. Good Dog.

Little extra bit if you are feeling sorry for her....we feed dry dog food.  Vet said to give her soft food so I bought 7 cans of soft food.  She had a half can for supper.  This was a happy dog - even though she slept through supper as she gobbled down the soft food, it was a positive in her mind.================
short bit: Our housing development / area by the lake has private roads. The real estate developer purposely failed to put a proper base down under the road.  He is a jerk. The HOA paved 1000+ feet during the fall. We are putting down base today to pave another 1500 ft. or so. It SHALL be nice when it is done.

That's it.  Y'all take now, y'hear?
m3,mtz, et al.

I am learning so much about building roads.


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