Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eye Prob & FUMC

This is going to be one of those misc. blugging.   First of all this is Tuesday night or Wed. morn.  Went to see my eye doc (opthamalogist-OR somethin' or nuther).  I woke Sun night with an urgent mission - the older I get, the more nighttime urgen missions - On the way back to bed I had a pain either in my eye or forehead area.  When you are sleep walking to the bathroom, it is sometimes quite hard to make an accurate description of pain areas unless it is a toe stubbing.

Back in bed - forgot about it.   Monday morn. looked in mirror as we are all want to do and noticed my right eye was red.  No pain; just red.  Bloody, if you will.  This happened last year once.  Of course, it was Saturday morning when I saw it.  What self-respecting eye guy doc is in his office on Sat. or Sun?  Not mine.  Called his office anyway and was cycled to him through answering service.  Nice guy.  He called me back.

I told him the prob.  He said it looked worse - or is it worsted - than it really t'was.  Suggested I put some eye drops in if I had discomfort.  Discomfort?    All was fine.

It hit me again this Sunday night  ( if you have been paying attention, you already know that ).  I knew it was no big deal; but my wife was concerned.  She could actually see the bloody eye - you might say I am on the inside looking out and can't imagine the prob. 

Recently I have been nagging her about seeing a doc for her flu-like symptoms - thus, it made sense for me to go to doc "to make a point."  I called - I went - he said, "It looks a lot worster (or is is worsterino?)  than it rally is."  I like Dr. Cole.  Friendly and happy all the time.   He gave me some drops.  I bet he'd be fun at a bridge party.

Little aside:  since I was diagnosed as diabetic in 2008, I am suppose to see eye doc and foot doc and real M.D. on regular basis.  My sugar numbers are controlled by diet and pretend exercise instead of medicine.    All is well.    Medicare will pay for eye doc visit once a year.  So, why not?  It has been a year and a half;  I went and got some of my medicare money back.  It is over, and I am fine.  Test showed my left eye is tiny bit not as good as it was last year; but doc wouldn't change lenses - so it is over for another year.
one final stone for the night:
For the first time in my life I am on a committee.  Sure I have had band parents work on comm sorta under me - but it is not the same.  I was asked to serve on what I call the "hiring and firing" comm of the Corsicana First Methodist Church.  I don't think I will have to be involved with hiring / firing cause this church seems to be quite happy.  I like that.  Nobody wants to be on this comm if church is in conflict.

The meeting was Monday night and has about 9 lay members plus the church staff folks.  It was really interesting, and I understand a bit better now how that area of the Methodist church works.  The District Superintendent was at the meeting even.  I don't believe I have ever been this close to an actual Big Boss Methodist before.  He was interesting to hear....even made a good joke about  - well, that is unimportant right now.  I am looking forward to serving these next 3 years in the group.  

It is so hard for me to be an active member of things like this - my insecurities and shyness in unfamiliar surroundings - I work to overcome them - grit my teeth and blunder forth.   Even singing in the church choir is an ordeal for a recluse like me.  Working on "coming out of my public shell."  Even wore Jeans to the meeting. 
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