Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mowing and a List

I have noticed that nobody comments on my blogs.  This is fine with me.  What it shows is that I am not argumentative or whatever-enough for the attack dogs.  Not going to dwell on it - but here are a few things I am for and against.    Obama, Republicans, walking, chocolate, smoking, tattoos, General Motors,  Ford, yard work, greasy foods,  meatloaf  and  Meatloaf the guy,  TV,   History channel, CNN and NBCNNaaabbbcccbbbsss, illegal aliens, legal aliens, 7 deadly words, snakes, words I cannot say or write ever again  (I quote:   "I have not said the N.....   word in 15 years."  Forgot what lawyer said that, but he did - something to do with OJ ),  OJ,  tea,  drugs,  people who justify drugs,  purple martins, tulips --  that is enough for now.   You will have to assign the  FOR  or  AGAINST  title to each of those for me.  I don't care to justify my opinions.

and now for the real reason I am here.

I have been mowing the yard.  While we have less than an acre, much is on a slope or splotted with trees and little fast moving dachshunds.  The next door neighbor hires the yard done.  I started off this morning and the Professional Yardies showed.  I don't like to share my mowing experience so I did most and have come inside to rest and drink tea  (see above list).

Mowing is a three part project here.  Each part could be divided into other parts.

Part 1 is the John Deere riding lawn mower, affectionately called "the Tractor."  The tractor mows part of the front yard, but not close to the house.  It has an affliction of gouging long lines of grass.  One side is higher than the other  AND  the side changes depending upon the wind, direction of mowing, and God made little green apples.   So, I mow the top of the front hill and down within 15 ft of the house.   At this time of the year, the process includes dodging our fledgling blue bonnets.  Ya can't mow one of them little beggars down.

Next I do the side of the house and the grassy part of the cul-de-sac.  Ya See, the more grass is cut, the fewer snakes like it.  They seem to prefer the higher grassy areas.  The part of the lower hill down by the lake is next.  This extends into the southern neighbors empty lot (again, see snakes above list).   This area is where I usually see lizards and snakes if they are there. 

The final area is the Hill just outside the back door.  Our house was built on a hill.  They brought in over 100 loads of dirt to make a pad.   Right off the pad, the hill is great.   If one can enjoy mowing (see list)  this is the most fun part.  I drive the mower up the hill till it won't go any more, then I let it slide back down, moving over 3 feet to try again.  Rarely do I make it all the way up to the house.  It do slope.  or does slope.  You English majors can figure that one out.

When I bought the Deere, the man lectured me about the width of the cutting area and how close my trees are.  I came home and measured the distance between trees.  The mower would fit.  I forgot that trees grow.   Do the best I can, I do.   Part C solves the problem.

Part B:   I have a regular lawn mower.  It does the remaining 15 ft in the front, the remaining slope behind the house - we go sideways for safety, the flat areas created by the retaining walls, and of course THE DOG PIT.   Some day, we will discuss the Dog Pit.  Yes, I do have a stone about this mower.

Back in the 80s we lived outside of Gainesville, on a hill natch, beside Moss Lake - named after a man, not the plant.  I bought a Sears mower and began mowing.  It is a great mower.  Even after 3 years in storage, started on first pull.   I have replace wheels and other gear.  The motor keeps chugging.  About a year ago, I found that the parts to replace the front wheels had gone out of sight  $$$$ wise.   It would be best to get a new machine.   In addition, keep in mind my age here, once in a while my wife wants to mow   (see my list above) -- She just cannot pull that rope hard enough to start the mower.

I decided upon a new Sears mower, electric start, so the wife could mow the yard....when / if she wants.  I have a Sears credit card that gives points.   For well over a year, I used that card to buy everything I could, gathering up points.   It was like 33,000 points to get a $350 Sears gift card.  I collected and saved.  The day came and the machine was bought.  Since we bought a discontinued model, the price was reduced and I acquired it for  $369.88 plus some tax.   This is a deal.   It started via key, the first turn.   Part B should be a bit easier this year.  My old mower is setting beside the house.  It needs a good home - still works really.

Part C:   this 'tis the toughest.  Weed Eater.   I have had this wead eater for a long time.   I loaned it to a neighbor several years back - that guy nicknamed it  "The Terminator."   I love that machine.  Once again, starts easy.  The bad part is where you must journey to Eat Weeds: sides of hills, gullies, ditches, fence line, along the water way - it is a project.  Then, think snakes.

For this project, the boots are revisited.  I have killed a couple of snakes with the machine over the years.  What can one say about a great weed eater?    I love you man.

Every week or other week, the mowing begins.  My wife does the trimming - which bothers me a bit since those little sneaky snakes can hide anywhere.

That's enough for now.  The neighbor's hired professionals have packed up and left.  I can continue my Part A.  Tomorrow is B.   Maybe Friday will be part C.  Y'know it isn't really looking all that bad, maybe Part C on Monday...

later guys,
remind people to sign on to my blog.  Tell your friends.  Call your neighbors.  Write the President (see above list one final time).   I do wish to be famous.  There is an automatic notice available to you for notification of when I am babbling.  And should you choose ( no pressure ), click on an advertisement.  I get a penny each time you do.  You did know I am saving to buy another new tool?
mtz, m3, etc.

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