Monday, March 21, 2011

Family, House Sale, Nose, plus

Started this on Sunday before midnight and finishing it after.  figure out your own date - get a felt tipped pen - and write it on your monitor  right here

This is a bit mind boggling to me - I just checked the stats on this bloggy thingy - 1,695 folks have read it at one time or nother.  Now you must admit, that's a lot  - not as many as 2 million - but lots for my mind to wrap around.  My mind doesn't wrap around lots of things - warp around perhaps, but not wrapped.

Nothing in this one that will set the world on fire.   'Tis Sunday - my granddaughters and kids have all been here at one time or another this week.  Laura and Tom were up Tues & Wed. with their Peke Susie.  They caught no fish which probably is a negative for Laura.  Tom on the other hand has to clean the fish when LJ catches them - so, maybe not so much for him.

Two of the g-kids have been here since last Sunday.   The two oldest are starting to grow up and are becoming humans instead of babies.   The third child had tonsils out last Sat. so stayed at home with her mummy to heal.  Rog & Pen brought her on down Friday along with their 4 dachshunds - we had a pretty good weekend...boat ride, trip to Russel Stover's candy factory, Collin Street Bakery, Walmart and all.   Dotter Christine made it up Friday with her 3 dogs and that was good too.   Had a lot of dogs here.
For Father's Day LAST YEAR Christine had given me a wooden bat house to hang in a tree.   With her holding the ladder, the bat house finally went up yesterday.  It will be interesting to see if bats find it or the yellow jackets will just turn it into their condo.

Took the 2 g-girls to see "Gnomeo and Juliet" this week.  Cute movie - has a bit of a lesson about getting along with people who are different - still okay though.  Appropriately Penney and Roger brought me my birthday present (they have had it since my birthday in November).   It was this old lady gnome figurine - garden type - dressed in red and black with a Texas Tech emblem.  So I have a Texas Tech Gnome for the garden / flower bed.  It is so great, I can't put it outside to get ruined.  It has a place of honor on a table by a window where she can survey the landscape sans weather issues.

New Subj.:   In our housing development out hereabout the lake, a 2 story house (with dormers) is for sale.  It is a nice brick up on the hilltop looking down upon the lake - fab lake view.  Two guys lived in it.  Never did see them outside the house.  They have this lake view 2 story, 3 bd, 2 bath, no garage, 2 fireplaces,  1.5 acre house listing for $74,900.  You might ponder this money:   Ponder.  Ponder.  Ponder.

Wife and I went up and looked through the windows today - house is empty -  They have ripped out all carpet leaving a bare concrete floor - the stairs going up are just raw crummy wood.  Outside the yard is a mess.  I am not sure I could ever tidy up that area.  But, the kicker?   Large cracks  running up the brick outside walls.  Such a pretty place from a distance and inch + wide cracks on the outside.  Never have done foundation work personally but I betcha it will take a pretty penny to fix that mess up - plus carpet - plus all appliances are gone.   Wonder if the guys are getting a divorce?

okay, one last thing.   I asked my family about this on Saturday.   Your nose.   I don't know if everyone has the same structure as I, but right inside the tip of my nose is an area, sorta like a small pocket at the tip of my nose - both sides.  This area / pocket collects things at times.  I don't know if all humans have this pocket cause I rarely go about shoving my finger up people's noses or other places for that matter.  It never really has come up for discussion in the Teacher's Workrooms at the schools I taught in.

Well, the inside of my left nostril has developed a bit of a sore - more like a pimple.  It is so tender in there.  HURTS!!  Normally (at my age for sure) if I get a pimple anywhere I rejoice at returning to my adolescent years.   In my nose can and shall be another issue.  You just simply cannot go inside there and bust up that little booger - uh, pardon me, little white head.  Frankly, I don't know if it is a little white head.  Once again, how would a feller know about this type of things.   There are no    Noses for Dummies     books out there for consumption.

So I asked the relatives and seemed to get the idea that everyone has this little pocket at the tip of the nose, both sides.   You can check your nose right now while nobody is looking and see what you think.  I can't say that I am waiting to hear from any of you about this.  I shall just suffer alone (but not in silence).


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