Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's go to Canton

After a blustery Saturday all day and being holed up inside the mansion with our dogs - they were SO ready to go outside .... we finally made it out of the house Sunday. Had to do something in the morning but eventually made it to Canton.

I love going to Canton. It can be exhausting (especially if nobody will buy me a bowl of dippin dots). First Monday @ Canton (see internet) is a really an enormous flea market. Sure they have the fancy buildings (too) filled with high priced new & used stuff and one building seemly overloaded with jewelry and fine glass. But they have the outdoor tables of really junky stuff too....really stuff.

My favorite place is Dog Town. It is located about 4 blocks east of the main flea market area. How do you spell Scuzzy? It isn't really all that bad. . . just not clean cut and easy to get through. Streets go every which way and people & cars confuse me. The public restrooms were not designed by Tiffany. Nuff.

Port after Port, Dog after Dog, Pen after Pen, Puppies and Sellers everywhere - (or you can get goats, chickens, ducks, fowl of various types, etc.) This month they had a lot more puppy dachshunds. There were these four chocolate dapple, & spotted doxies. If I had nothing at home, they all four would have come here with me. Another lady had these 4 dogs - one was priced only $150 cause it had a hernia ( leave financial room for "you" to get it fixed ). What? One Pen had 7 baby great danes - another 4 quite fuzzy German shepherds. The dane's paws were as big as my little Greta's head. I love puppies. ( little aside here for bro Jim and E = I only saw 4 poms this trip - but there was a gray pom - never seen a gray pom )

We walked up to this one pen area and 3 elementary age girls (best guess 6th grade) were in the pen with a dog. All the girls were on the floor trying to cover up with blankets for an afternoon nap. One had on tiger striped tight pants - y'know, those stretch things.  I walked up and asked the lady, "So how much do you want for this striped one?"      "We can let you have her for free."       I followed up with, "Has she had her shots?"      "Don't know," was the reply.     The striped pants girl never flinched nor acknowledge my brilliant humor. Kids, today, what'll ya gonna do?

There was one sign that bothered me though: "Our puppies are USDA approved." Must have been there for the Vietnamese / Chinese market.

Before I close, here are a couple of observations from today.

1. Passed a heavy set lady, probably in her 60s, dressed from head to toe in Pink sweats. The sweatshirt said: P. U. and in small print PINK UNIVERSITY.

2. Keeping in mind this was a Sunday, moved over to let a teenage girl pass whose T-shirt read: Holy Ropers.

3. Found a brightly colored metal dachshund, probably imported from south of the border.  No bullet holes.

4. So many of the dogs had signs broadcasting they were Designer Puppies. This means they breed a great Dane to a Chihuahua and it becomes a Danhuahua or ChiDane. Mixing with poodles produced so many precious names. Personally I think it is a shame to mix the breeds like this; I don't care if they produce a fluffy dog that doesn't shed or a Pit Bull that sticks his pinky out when he drinks a cup of cinnamon tea; It just seems wrong.

One last bit.  We ate at a Chinese buffet. It was busy busy busy.  A sign on the front door: "We are out of crab legs so the buffet is only $8.79 today."   I was heartbroken. But they had crawdads by the bucket load.  One gentleman in a 3 piece Sunday-go-meetin' suit had a plate piled high working diligently poppin' off their little heads.

I stood behind a 30 - sumpin' lady with 2 plates. On each plate was one piece of pizza, a pile of red jello, a roll, and a large spoon of canned peaches. I figure she had 2 little kids waiting back in her booth.  Booth - that shows you we only visit the highest class places - no white table cloths for us.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, in walked a dressed up party of 14 including their preacher. What was interesting to me was the preacher. The group was a mixture of white, black, and brown.  He was 6 ft 5" black guy with little hair, wire rimmed round glasses, the white collar shirt of a priest type, tanish-dapple alligator shoes with a fancy tall heel, a solid yellowy- tan sport coat, black shirt of course to go with the white reversed collar, and funny gray patterned slacks that came to about his ankle - allowing his special shoes to glare forth.  I bet he is a fun guy on his podium.

And THAT is way too much for tonight. Y'all be good.
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