Saturday, March 5, 2011

Misc. things of little importance to Libya

just now got another of the mass emailings which are trying to get my money.  This one is not from Nigeria - they say it is from London.    I am so sure.

The subject is not much different - it is the title that gets my eye:


I do love getting a good massage from a minister.
Today was somewhat of a disappointment.  Just when i was getting ready to be in full blown spring, we get that blasted cold front through here.  Blasted is the right word.  The wind has been blastin us all night and day.  My little Greta went to the back door unsolicited - door opened and the wind blew right through her ears - she made an immediate U turn and headed back inside.  Three times I had to turn her around till we (that would be we) found a patch of inviting grass.  It was a race to get back inside.

My plan was to go to Canton today to the First Monday flea market.  I do enjoy that outing.  If you have not been, the main flea market is several acres of good and bad stuff.  Everything is worth a short gander.  About 3--4 blocks away is the animal area with puppy after puppy.  We normally spend half day looking at pups and another half day in the regular area.  think they call it dog town or something equally profane.

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