Saturday, March 26, 2011

Me Bachelor

I am babysitting the puppies this weekend as my spouse has journeyed to Austin this morning to walk in some sort of race--not really a race, sorta a walk ...  on Sunday.  Daughter Christine does these things often and the wife will be joining this latest adventure.  If I paid enough attention I could give  you more info.  Apparently, there are costumed walkers, strange people walkers, and exotic walkers.   Surely my family is in that exotic class.

The race / walk is about 6 or 7 miles long, whatta I remember details?  See if this computes.  To get ready for the walk, she spent several days walking our hills.  Because I am so wonderful, I walked the practice with her.  She  does the performance, I attend the practice.

But, to show ya how spoiled I am - my wife got up this morning and created a green chili stew in the crock pot before she left.  I slept through that part.   The stew was ready after she drove away.  I think that was good - the stew and her creating it before leaving.  I am not spoiled;  not spoiled at all.

Am somewhat concerned about tomorrow morning.  My wife is out of bed about 6 each morn to let dogs go outside after a long night of imprisonment - and then to feed.   They are not really that anxious to eat except for Fritz.  That boy has eating ADHD.   There is no food that is his enemy.  Not true really.  He doesn't like to even smell onions, which is good since onions will poison a dog.  We can be eating and drop a piece of food - he is on that particle like a duck on soup.   But, drop a piece of onion, it stays right where it bounces.  good dog.

if you read this regularly you know that the neighbor's dog has heart worms.   $1200 to fix.  It is really dangerous.  Heidi has had her second $400 shot and seems to be coughing less.  I understand that heart worms get into the lungs and are truly nasty.  She is such a sweet black Lab, I do hate to see her sick.   I believe that I once wrote there is a new medicine for preventing heart worms.   My Vet told us last week to stay with Heart Gard.  We are; you should.

Bedtime - dogs need to go out one last time...Fritz will get a cookie for being a Good Dog  in the Pit.  That boy loves cookies.

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