Friday, June 14, 2024

seal & rock

 My promised bluggy on Fetishes will have to wait.

a quickie instead (or is THAT a fetish)

Our housing development - for 2 days - has experience road work.  I appreciate what they are doing and will never complain about the work.

They are putting a sealant on our roads - looks a bit like oil to me - and covering it with a layer of gravel.  They say, "we'll be back in a week to sweep up all the extra rock."  Meanwhile, slow down and don't throw rocks into your neighbor's windshield.  


For a normal household, this is a nothing.  But, if you have DOGS!!!!  it is an adventure.  Our dogs are getting their heart rates up.  Every time a truck passes - a worker saunters by - a giant rock truck rumbles through the neighborhood.  Doesn't matter.  We gotta bark.  I think there is a country song with that title.  
My wife says it is a good thing I am deaf, because I can't hear all the noise.

I admit, my hearing aids are resting on the bathroom cabinet.  You do what you can do.   You don't fuss about what you can't fix (border issues included).   You are thankful when it is OVER!!!!

Now, at noon, the dogs are napping.  I'm guessing my wife is into her 2nd nap.  The roads are done.  They look beautiful.  The trash truck has come and gone.  All that is left is that neighbor yokel who walks his 3 big dogs about 4:30.  School is out, no buses till August.  All is well.

smiley face :)     


Monday, June 10, 2024


 I'm not really aghast at anything.  Just wanted you to know that I am capable of being aghast.   Wait, maybe I am aghast.

Went to HEB, our favorite grocery store of course.  Unloading the groceries at home later I found a cold power-type can drink named Ghosts - red berry flavor.  I suppose it is really good.  I didn't buy it.  It was in our grocery sack.  I think, perhaps, I did pay for it.  $5.18 out of the ice box at the store.  I've always heard of people putting food in other people's buggies.  A Joke?  Not funny McGee.  My plan was to take it back with the receipt and get a refund (next week when we go again).  But, my oldest decided she wanted a taste.  Old commercial: Feed it to Mikey.  He'll eat anything.

She liked it.  Now I have an empty Ghosts can.  Can't return an empty can - for cash refund.  Learned a lesson.

Side Note:  was in Walmart yesterday and found a can of Ghosts on the shelf for $2.18.  I bought one and brought it home for the child.  Now, she knows she can get them at Walmart.  Ghosts is loaded with caffeine.  

So ---- I am aghast at the person who decided to put the can in my basket.  AGHAST!!!


I have noticed that certain titles (see title above) seem to get more readers.  We'll see how aghast works out this week.

I've been planning a discourse on the word "Fetish."  That should bring in some readers.

Had my 6 months diabetes doctor appt. last week.  A1C is setting at 6.0.  This is really good for me.  In 2008 when I started this diabetic journey, I think it was in the 20s.  I was not a well person.  My doc in Corsicana put me on Metformin - 4 pills a day.  The number dropped and we were happy.  Now I do 2 pills a day.

This doc has put me on Ozempic - almost wrote Olympic - He believes it is helping me keep the number low.  Ozempic, as you may know, also will help you lose weight.  I actually gained some this past 6 months.  Go figure.

The doc wants me to go walking more.  Get exercise.   I explained it wasn't happening due to my bad knees.  After some discussion - he suggested a    {stationery, stationary}    bike.  I can't spell that word & spell check didn't pick up on it.  I'll give you both words and you can circle the one you prefer.  BIKE.  I started looking and found several in the $120 to $250 range which looked good.  Kept looking.  One for over $6000.  C'mon.  For an uninspired exercise human, you want $6 grand?  Kept looking.  There it was... one of those small things that set on the floor and weigh about 8 lbs.  $45 tops.  Table top device.   Bought it.  Thanks Amazon.  

Now it is on the floor in front of a chair on top of a small carpet to keep it in place.  Maybe tomorrow I start pumping on it.  Better yet, Wednesday.  No recumbent bike for me.


We have a fairly large yard...front & back.  Bushes and the like are scattered here and there in addition to the veggie garden out back.  We have dogs - 3.  Are you following me?  And we have a rabbit, not domesticated.  There may be 2 or more rabbits.  I don't know.  The rabbit apparently likes to roam the front and back yards - other places I suppose.  He leaves his scent everywhere. Two of our dogs are worked up about this - obsessed, you might say.    They will go out and search for hours -- smelling -- looking.  They almost caught it one morning.  That would be sad.  Our rabbit has found entrances in-out of the yard.

Dogs go out.  They come back in hot and bothered, tongues hanging out to the floor.  Panting.  I've caught them hunting in the middle of the night.  Obsessed.  My wife is obsessed with chocolate.  I've caught her looking for chocolate.  Of course, I have no obsessions  (wait till the Fetish blog comes out).

One final thing.  Our shark died.  He was about 4 inches long.  Pretty little red finned thing.  He did have a terrible attitude when it came to the other fish.  Snippy critter.   The other fish are glad he's gone.   Told me so.

later, mtz