Thursday, August 20, 2015

rain and comments

I complain that I don't get any comments on my blog - If truth be told, I don't relish comments as much as praise for my brilliance.  Apparently, nobody feels the need to lavish praise down upon me.  This is fine because I really don't expect the New York Times to start following this missive proclaiming me heir to a Pulitzer Prize for Literature.  I'll try to suffer in silence.   (Too late.)
Yesterday, I did get a comment.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the blog.  Some guy named Steve expounded upon his views on global warming ( if there is such a thing - my words, not his)  and the roll God has in the process.  That's fine.   But it has nothing to do with what I do here.  If this were a blog on all things environment, hey, (in the words of Yoda)  welcome he would be.  It's not.  He's not.  and we move on to bore readers in other areas.  But this Steve is certainly welcome to follow this blog and learn what he may learn.
It is raining in Corsicana.  Thursday.  I predicted it would rain on Thursday.  I made the prediction last weekend.  On Richland-Chambers Lake we are under a two day a week  ( I think that should have a hyphen or three   "two-day-a-week" ) watering schedule. We water on Thursday and Sunday.  Thus, naturally, if it is going to rain, it has to do it on Thursday or Sunday.  'Tis a bit akin to washing your car or planning a picnic.
My little Liesl is afraid of thunder.  We are having an emotional run-off here inside the mansion.Close time.  More thunder.  More hugs.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Inservice - a reason to retire early

In Texas we have a band director's Yellow board where directors write in and ask questions or make comments.  I say "we" but I have nothing to do with it.  Some director runs it.  He seems to be very level headed and  runs a tight ship.  I enjoy reading the Yellow Board daily, sometimes adding comments to other questions.
My daughter Laura re-enters the teaching world this year.  On Monday she has inservice training. Training is required by the State and local people.  New concepts are introduced - teachers get to meet each other - bosses (not all) get to show their muscles so you won't make waves during the year.  All in all, I have NEVER been to an inservice that amounted to anything good.
Some band director posted this comment on the Yellow Board.  I loved the thoughts.  I certainly hope the Yellow Board is not copy writed and  I am breaking any laws by posting this.    His website is listed below.  Go visit it and buy something off their advertisers.
She starts Monday. I told her to sit with the band directors on Monday - it might help the day go better. 

    worst inservice
    Posted by bored in Texas on 8/13/2015, 2:46 pm
    I am sitting through 6 hours of being lectured about testing data....what is the worst inservice you've had to endure??

      Posted by GD on 8/13/2015, 9:16 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      Around 1990, TEA sent a video to all the schools concerning the teacher appraisal system. It was probably 2 hours of a talking head..."now, let's look at indicator 4.12."

        Posted by texasoverseas on 8/14/2015, 5:28 am, in reply to "Re: worst inservice "
        Was that the guy sitting in an easy chair wearing pink socks?

        Posted by Lol on 8/13/2015, 5:49 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
        My Inservice is fun. We had to lip sync songs in groups and our principal did one to Seussical.
      Posted by How about these... on 8/13/2015, 4:50 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      First year of teaching: Eight hours of training on a Saturday about teaching bilingual math. There were over 20 teachers; only one taught math.

      Years later, I'm with about 100 teachers at an inservice about using computers to teach English and math. Presenter says, "So, how many of you teach English or math?" No one. Not a single soul.

      Finally, there's coming to school on a work day to discover that you will spend all day learning about Coaching. That happened three times, and it was the same material each time.

        Posted by I think... on 8/13/2015, 5:09 pm, in reply to "Re: worst inservice "
        ....we have a winner here!

      Posted by Director 3:16 on 8/13/2015, 4:50 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      Any inservice that I'm forced to sit through, and is completely irrelevant to the band world. For example, this is one that always catches me about every other year. The district brings in an "expert" who talks ad nauseum about classroom strategies. As the rest of the faculty are salivating over how amazing the guy sounds, I raise my hand, and ask them, "How would this need to be modified so it could be implemented in a performance ensemble setting, such as marching band, or string orchestra?" After about 30 seconds of uncomfortable silence, they would say, "I dunno, I don't have a clue."

      I think to myself, "The 'expert' doesn't know how to work in an unstructured classroom setting? Thank you for wasting my day."

        posted by lol on 8/13/2015, 7:49 pm, in reply to "Re: worst inservice "
        My principal would say "Well we are buying into this as a campus since we want vertical alignment" and then force us to use writing prompts as exit tickets to our class...

          Posted by Director 3:16 on 8/13/2015, 9:56 pm, in reply to "Re: worst inservice "
          That's when I'd say, "Vertical alignment? I'm the ONLY music teacher in the district! Yeah, buying into it as a campus...until next year when we buy into whatever the next schmuck is pedaling."

          Obviously, I would not recommend saying this out loud unless you have some serious stroke in the district.

      Posted by Good one... on 8/13/2015, 3:39 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      We have Scott Lang coming tomorrow for ours... I am actually looking forward to this inservice.

      Posted by Hank Scorpio on 8/13/2015, 3:06 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      My first year teaching the Superintendent read us a children's book in its entirety.
      posted by Hmmm on 8/13/2015, 3:04 pm, in reply to "worst inservice "
      This is a hard one to choose:

      Bert Simmons Rep that insulted teachers and resulted in teacher arguing with them and getting reprimanded... that one was interesting.

      I consider everything with John Samara to be right up there... That may count for worse, not sure.

      Umm... Then you have Kagan Structures...

      Of course Marzano's is always an enjoyable one...

      I think I've only ever had one day, maybe, of this crap that I didn't bash my head against the table. Not looking forward to starting these meetings! Very little, if anything pertains to band without doing a lot of BS'ing to make it work. Thank God I have a principal who leaves me alone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

tax - last post

We just went through our State of Texas tax free weekend.  In a post years back I explained that  I buy jeans on this weekend.  My jeans are numbered by date purchased on the inside of the right pocket  - lose you?   I take a marks a lot and write the purchase date on the inside of the pocket.  It doesn't fade with washing.
When I retired, I owned one pair of jeans.  I never wore them.  So over the years, I have built a collection of different colored jeans.  I have tried to honor one of my favorite people, but have not been able to find any Green Jeans.  
I don't buy any of those holy - oops - wholy - or is it wholie - ones with Holes in them. That seems stupid to buy a new pair of jeans that already has a hole in it.  For years I had a problem buying faded jeans instead of washing my own (my wife does this for me) and let them fade naturally.  So, I have a new pair of black jeans and a pair of faded blue.  I wanted to buy a baby blue faded pair, but couldn't find any.  Maybe next year.
This was the year for me to buy socks - 10 pair.   Maybe next year will be the time to buy fresh unmentionables.  I need some undies that are printed with the names of the week.  Then, I wouldn't have to decide which pair to get out of the drawer.  We'll discuss colors later.
This tax free weekend is accompanied by a list of products which are free.   School supplies - clothes - backpacks - so forth.  Screwdrivers?  not so much.  Can openers - maybe so if you are attending a cooking school.  
I got an email from our local candy factory yesterday.  Russell Stover's candy company.  They try to get people to order chocolate online.  But their premise this time was getting ready for the start of school.  Now that makes sense.  Let's all go stock up on chocolate so we'll be ready for school.

So, So, I was chatting with the spouse about all of this when it came to me that we are missing a bet.  The state of TX needs to install other tax free weekends for different type of products.  It would be a boon to our economy.
First of all:   Dark Chocolate tax free weekend.
For the guys:  Tools tax free weekend.
Quilters  (to appease my wife):   Sewing materials tax free weekend.
Senior Citizen tax free weekend.
The possibilities are numerous.
aside:  yesterday's post about the scam email - it was legit.  I wrote them, and they replied timely.  good company.
Time to take dogs out - good night all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Very short.
this blog goes through a company called Hover.  I never have problems with them.
I received an email tonight from Hover saying my password had been changed.  So, I came here and signed on.  Nope, it didn't give me a problem - the password hasn't changed - So is it a SPAM or a SCAM.  I don't know.  Over and out.