Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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We just went through our State of Texas tax free weekend.  In a post years back I explained that  I buy jeans on this weekend.  My jeans are numbered by date purchased on the inside of the right pocket  - lose you?   I take a marks a lot and write the purchase date on the inside of the pocket.  It doesn't fade with washing.
When I retired, I owned one pair of jeans.  I never wore them.  So over the years, I have built a collection of different colored jeans.  I have tried to honor one of my favorite people, but have not been able to find any Green Jeans.  
I don't buy any of those holy - oops - wholy - or is it wholie - ones with Holes in them. That seems stupid to buy a new pair of jeans that already has a hole in it.  For years I had a problem buying faded jeans instead of washing my own (my wife does this for me) and let them fade naturally.  So, I have a new pair of black jeans and a pair of faded blue.  I wanted to buy a baby blue faded pair, but couldn't find any.  Maybe next year.
This was the year for me to buy socks - 10 pair.   Maybe next year will be the time to buy fresh unmentionables.  I need some undies that are printed with the names of the week.  Then, I wouldn't have to decide which pair to get out of the drawer.  We'll discuss colors later.
This tax free weekend is accompanied by a list of products which are free.   School supplies - clothes - backpacks - so forth.  Screwdrivers?  not so much.  Can openers - maybe so if you are attending a cooking school.  
I got an email from our local candy factory yesterday.  Russell Stover's candy company.  They try to get people to order chocolate online.  But their premise this time was getting ready for the start of school.  Now that makes sense.  Let's all go stock up on chocolate so we'll be ready for school.

So, So, I was chatting with the spouse about all of this when it came to me that we are missing a bet.  The state of TX needs to install other tax free weekends for different type of products.  It would be a boon to our economy.
First of all:   Dark Chocolate tax free weekend.
For the guys:  Tools tax free weekend.
Quilters  (to appease my wife):   Sewing materials tax free weekend.
Senior Citizen tax free weekend.
The possibilities are numerous.
aside:  yesterday's post about the scam email - it was legit.  I wrote them, and they replied timely.  good company.
Time to take dogs out - good night all.

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