Thursday, August 20, 2015

rain and comments

I complain that I don't get any comments on my blog - If truth be told, I don't relish comments as much as praise for my brilliance.  Apparently, nobody feels the need to lavish praise down upon me.  This is fine because I really don't expect the New York Times to start following this missive proclaiming me heir to a Pulitzer Prize for Literature.  I'll try to suffer in silence.   (Too late.)
Yesterday, I did get a comment.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the blog.  Some guy named Steve expounded upon his views on global warming ( if there is such a thing - my words, not his)  and the roll God has in the process.  That's fine.   But it has nothing to do with what I do here.  If this were a blog on all things environment, hey, (in the words of Yoda)  welcome he would be.  It's not.  He's not.  and we move on to bore readers in other areas.  But this Steve is certainly welcome to follow this blog and learn what he may learn.
It is raining in Corsicana.  Thursday.  I predicted it would rain on Thursday.  I made the prediction last weekend.  On Richland-Chambers Lake we are under a two day a week  ( I think that should have a hyphen or three   "two-day-a-week" ) watering schedule. We water on Thursday and Sunday.  Thus, naturally, if it is going to rain, it has to do it on Thursday or Sunday.  'Tis a bit akin to washing your car or planning a picnic.
My little Liesl is afraid of thunder.  We are having an emotional run-off here inside the mansion.Close time.  More thunder.  More hugs.

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