Tuesday, January 31, 2023


 Why did I choose to move south instead of north?  Cold weather.  I should have moved even further south.  Does it ever snow in  / ice in Panama?  Of course some drug lord may do you bad.  But, it is not cold.  If you - a reader - lives north of here, you probably think this is just whining.  And, you're right.



In earlier years I have lived through winter in Amarillo, Lubbock, Oklahoma, Kansas, and one full year in Nebraska, albeit I was much younger in some of those years.  In Kansas, I walked to school on top of snow drifts higher than my head.  Of course, I was in 1st through 3rd grades.

Here I am.  Central Texas.  Ice storm outside.  Temperature dropped below freezing yesterday and has not broken back through the glass ceiling of ice.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe not.  In the past 24 I have received lectures from various relatives about how to stay warm.  It never ceases.  

So, here we sits - staring out the window at the wet - if it were just 20 degrees warmer, we could sits - staring out the window at the dry.  There is just something about dreary days that eat on you.  It is a wonder residents of Seattle ever live to be over 30.  (For the uninformed: it rains a lot in Seattle.  This was just an example.  I could have used St. Paul instead.  Up north winters seem to linger into eternity.)

With this I close.  My winter coat is draped over a chair, waiting.  My dog is snuggled under a nice quilt.  Y'know, if  I had some carrots and potatoes, we could have a steaming hot crock pot full of beef stew - if we had some stew meat.  Well, maybe a can of Wolf Brand chili instead.  That would be warm and comforting...cold crackers and a slice of  onion on the side.


Monday, January 30, 2023


With an apology -  I have just reread what I wrote below.  It is nonsense to read.  How often have I been stuck beside some old person who just rants and raves about some meaningless subject.  They don't know when to stop.

Here is my  meaningless rant.  Try to enjoy.  You won't.


 Here is the deal.  A while back I had dealing with the First National Bank of Omaha.  I owed them some money.   I'm gonna make up some dates and $$ amounts here.  I don't remember the facts.

Anyway, lets say that I owed them $100 and it is the end of April, 2019 or so.   I received their statement; and, I mailed them a check for $100.  Well it seems that in between the dates that I don't really remember, I had used their card and charged something else - let''s say it was a purchase for $50.  

Fine.   According to their printed paper, if I paid off my debt, I would not be charged interest.  These clowns charged interest on the $50 when it was still in "it's" first month.   I called to explain.  The girl on the phone recited some garbage - I asked to speak to someone higher up.  If I am going to call and sit through the phone nonsense, I want good results.  Higher up person listens.  He recites some garbage.  I questioned.  He gave me the name of someone else to call - tomorrow.  I did.  Got another young girl on the phone and we repeated yesterdays adventure.  

After 3 calls and same garbage response, I gave up.  The interest was only a couple of dollars.   At that time I sent them a message to forget that I existed, and I cut up my card.  Done.  Over.  Complete.

Now that was when I lived in North Texas.  I moved to Central Texas in my motorhome and used the mailing address of my daughter for business.  That was about 2 years ago - the moving that is.

My daughter moved.  I moved up here.  The now resident of her old place gave her a letter addressed to me from this company. . They were sending their yearly credit rules.   

GADZ.   I have not done business with them for over 2 years.  How did they get my new/old address?  Mind boggling.

I am mailing them the following letter ( which I modify here because some folks like to do bad things when they get certain info).


TO:  First Natl Bank of Omaha 


I have a problem. 

You recently sent me a letter regarding my account.  It went to the {new/old} address listed below. As an FYI, I have not lived at that address for about 2 years.  The above address is my current address. {address listed on letterhead by me}  

Frankly, I cannot find this card.  I do not have the slightest idea where it has gone.  Digging in my stuff, I found an old letter that I had written to you; otherwise, I would not have known how to contact you.  Apparently, I have not used the card for well over 2 years.

I had one account with  you that had made me angry.  I didn’t like the way you charged interest on certain items.  On the phone, I just got a run-a-round story.  This may be the card that I vowed never to use again.  Beats me.  I’m old.  Who can remember being mad over 2 years and 2 house changes ago?

Do what you want.  Send me a replacement card or cancel the account.  But, most importantly, if you are going to keep me on the books, change my address – please.


Credit Card

0123 4567 8910 etc. 

Former addresses:

{old address}                                               {new/old address}



This brings my questions.  Why would anyone do business with a company that has lost you for over 2 years?   Obviously, I am not a good source of income for over 2 years. Why do they mess with me?  I am willing to bet they will send me a new card.  I have another account with them - different company on letterhead - but still FNBO.  

I close.

tomorrow, I will try to write much better babble.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Big Three

 Last December, I made a resolution to post more often.  Now that I have messed that up, in January, I am making a resolution to post more often even if I don't feel like it.

Moving on.



No, I am not talking about Russia, China, & the good ole USA.

No, I am not talking about Cancer, Heart Disease, & Warts.

And, NO, I am not talking about Trump, Polunkski, and/or Biden.

This list could be extended for several pages.  Make your own list of Your Big Three.  Let's see what you come up with . . , The, And, & You Know . . . Football, Baseball, & Basketball . . . Roast Beef, Pork Chops, & Fried Chicken . . .  Easter, Christmas, & Thanksgiving (with a nod to the 4th of July) . . . Christians, Jews, & Muslims 

We could go on with this for hours:   Rain, Snow, & Hail   You get my drift here.


My big three:


I  live in a nice little neighborhood / housing development.  You can look it up online - love the title - Amity Estates.    Not Amityville, just Amity Estates.  I understand that our HOA has a new website going up yesterday or thereabout.  There is a facebook page too.

It's a nice area.  As of this year, the development is "built out."  This means that all lots have houses.  There will be no more building here. Of course in our associated close-by village - Salado - many many many more developments have been started.  These houses are not mansions.  They're just nice little, over-priced homes with grass and few trees.  I'm getting to the big 3.

We moved here about 2 years back in a house that was  probably built 5 years ago.  It is fine.  We're happy.  Now, that is the rub.  Sometimes we are not happy.  You sit back in your easy chair, relaxing your eyes.  They flutter shut.  There is a hint of a mild snore.  All three dogs  (ANOTHER BIG 3) have settled down for their afternoon nap.  Anna, Bella, and my own Sadie.   Sadie has a cushion by the front door and keeps a look out for killers and muggers and teenagers  (3).

All relaxed.  Settling down.  At rest  (3)

ALL OF A SUDDEN, YES -  ALL YOU KNOW WHAT BREAKS LOOSE.  The dogs have seen, smelled, or sensed (big 3) movement outside.  Let the barking begin.  Anna, the big girl, has the biggest bark.  It could cause deafness in the more fragile.  The other two have annoying barks.  I'M SURE their sounds reverberate around the front porch before reaching the ears of .... you may have guessed it ....  One of the Big Three.

Our neighborhood - being fairly new - is prime resource for companies who want more money.  They are a bit wrong about Amity Estates.  On the average, someone comes to my front door at least 3 times or more per week.  Are you getting it yet?

Today, my front door visitor:  Two fairly young, good looking men with matching shirts and a small computer in the left hand.  I stepped outside and said, "No, I do not want my roof shingled;  or my house treated for bugs;   and I do not want to place solar panel thingys on my roof."  They both smiled, and we had a nice conversation about me having too many salesmen trampling down my front sidewalk.

They moved on to the house across the street.  I stepped back into the house to try and shush my vicious animals.  My wife came out of the bedroom and said that she had really enjoyed her non-nap.  I put my trusty 45 back in the drawer.  And - I use this word too often - And, we both tried to settle back in before the next visitor arrives.

An Aside:  last week I was visited by 2 different young ladies from the Salado M.S. Band selling World's Finest Chocolate (and girl scout cookies).  This is different to me and happened after nap time.

To sum it up, I will add the 4th Biggie.  I get phone calls DAILY of people who want to buy either this house or my Rent house.  Each promises big money.  I did that type of work back in the 80s.  But, I only called people who had FSBO (for sale by owner) listed in the paper.  They were willing to stop and listen to me.  That experience is a completely different stone for a later date.

I close now because ANNA is in the back yard barking at the school bus.  I think it is time for her to come inside and nap more.

Thanks for visiting and listening.  "Hey, would somebody grab that ringing phone?"