Monday, January 30, 2023


With an apology -  I have just reread what I wrote below.  It is nonsense to read.  How often have I been stuck beside some old person who just rants and raves about some meaningless subject.  They don't know when to stop.

Here is my  meaningless rant.  Try to enjoy.  You won't.


 Here is the deal.  A while back I had dealing with the First National Bank of Omaha.  I owed them some money.   I'm gonna make up some dates and $$ amounts here.  I don't remember the facts.

Anyway, lets say that I owed them $100 and it is the end of April, 2019 or so.   I received their statement; and, I mailed them a check for $100.  Well it seems that in between the dates that I don't really remember, I had used their card and charged something else - let''s say it was a purchase for $50.  

Fine.   According to their printed paper, if I paid off my debt, I would not be charged interest.  These clowns charged interest on the $50 when it was still in "it's" first month.   I called to explain.  The girl on the phone recited some garbage - I asked to speak to someone higher up.  If I am going to call and sit through the phone nonsense, I want good results.  Higher up person listens.  He recites some garbage.  I questioned.  He gave me the name of someone else to call - tomorrow.  I did.  Got another young girl on the phone and we repeated yesterdays adventure.  

After 3 calls and same garbage response, I gave up.  The interest was only a couple of dollars.   At that time I sent them a message to forget that I existed, and I cut up my card.  Done.  Over.  Complete.

Now that was when I lived in North Texas.  I moved to Central Texas in my motorhome and used the mailing address of my daughter for business.  That was about 2 years ago - the moving that is.

My daughter moved.  I moved up here.  The now resident of her old place gave her a letter addressed to me from this company. . They were sending their yearly credit rules.   

GADZ.   I have not done business with them for over 2 years.  How did they get my new/old address?  Mind boggling.

I am mailing them the following letter ( which I modify here because some folks like to do bad things when they get certain info).


TO:  First Natl Bank of Omaha 


I have a problem. 

You recently sent me a letter regarding my account.  It went to the {new/old} address listed below. As an FYI, I have not lived at that address for about 2 years.  The above address is my current address. {address listed on letterhead by me}  

Frankly, I cannot find this card.  I do not have the slightest idea where it has gone.  Digging in my stuff, I found an old letter that I had written to you; otherwise, I would not have known how to contact you.  Apparently, I have not used the card for well over 2 years.

I had one account with  you that had made me angry.  I didn’t like the way you charged interest on certain items.  On the phone, I just got a run-a-round story.  This may be the card that I vowed never to use again.  Beats me.  I’m old.  Who can remember being mad over 2 years and 2 house changes ago?

Do what you want.  Send me a replacement card or cancel the account.  But, most importantly, if you are going to keep me on the books, change my address – please.


Credit Card

0123 4567 8910 etc. 

Former addresses:

{old address}                                               {new/old address}



This brings my questions.  Why would anyone do business with a company that has lost you for over 2 years?   Obviously, I am not a good source of income for over 2 years. Why do they mess with me?  I am willing to bet they will send me a new card.  I have another account with them - different company on letterhead - but still FNBO.  

I close.

tomorrow, I will try to write much better babble.

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