Tuesday, January 31, 2023


 Why did I choose to move south instead of north?  Cold weather.  I should have moved even further south.  Does it ever snow in  / ice in Panama?  Of course some drug lord may do you bad.  But, it is not cold.  If you - a reader - lives north of here, you probably think this is just whining.  And, you're right.



In earlier years I have lived through winter in Amarillo, Lubbock, Oklahoma, Kansas, and one full year in Nebraska, albeit I was much younger in some of those years.  In Kansas, I walked to school on top of snow drifts higher than my head.  Of course, I was in 1st through 3rd grades.

Here I am.  Central Texas.  Ice storm outside.  Temperature dropped below freezing yesterday and has not broken back through the glass ceiling of ice.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe not.  In the past 24 I have received lectures from various relatives about how to stay warm.  It never ceases.  

So, here we sits - staring out the window at the wet - if it were just 20 degrees warmer, we could sits - staring out the window at the dry.  There is just something about dreary days that eat on you.  It is a wonder residents of Seattle ever live to be over 30.  (For the uninformed: it rains a lot in Seattle.  This was just an example.  I could have used St. Paul instead.  Up north winters seem to linger into eternity.)

With this I close.  My winter coat is draped over a chair, waiting.  My dog is snuggled under a nice quilt.  Y'know, if  I had some carrots and potatoes, we could have a steaming hot crock pot full of beef stew - if we had some stew meat.  Well, maybe a can of Wolf Brand chili instead.  That would be warm and comforting...cold crackers and a slice of  onion on the side.


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