Wednesday, February 1, 2023

brrrrr 2


Day 2 of 24 hours under 32 degrees.


Tomorrow, Day 3; however, they talk warming.


Looks like we are back above 50 degrees - some into the 60s.

Nobody has asked me today.  I thought I made it perfectly clear in "brrrrr."  {See below.}  I don't like cold weather.  never have.  never will.  never.  ever.

When I was a fourth grader in Crete, Nebraska.  It snowed in the winter.  My folks had bought us shoes with deep treads on the bottom - seems like those would be forerunners to waffle stompers.  My spell check doesn't like "stompers" as a word.  

In the fourth grade at school, there would be a tall pile of snow.  The boys would climb up and slide down the hill, standing up.  Seemed fun.  No sleds; just feet.  I gave it a try and was immediately ostracized by the others.  My waffle stomper's soles dug out ditches in the slide.

Nobody loves me.  It was a relief to move to Texas.  We only had sand dunes for sliding.  That was fun. You can roll down a sand dune.  Never tried rolling down an iced hill.

Have you ever noticed that a furnace never fails in the summer.   My rent house up in north Texas.  It is failing to ignite.  Of course.  One more thing to whine about.  It's like the ice fairy has focused in on me.   Nobody loves me.

It is sorta like you never have a solar eclipse around midnight.   But, you could have ( I believe ) a lunar eclipse in daylight.  Actually, I am not sure about that since the placement of the moon in the Earth's shadow might not do that.  Don't quote me on that moon thought.

Now I am going to list all the good things about winter:



I'll try to return tomorrow with more.


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