Tuesday, February 21, 2023

my palm itches

    We have heard stories over the years about things which are true.  There was one about ear itch that meant someone is talking about you.  They are out there.  Old wives tales - not that I don't like old wives.  I'm married to one.  Broken mirror equals 7 years bad luck.  Feed a cold; starve a fever.  How about the bit that people go crazy when there is a full moon?

     Aside:  I think I should be using an "  '  " after the word wives.   Is it wives (plural) or wives' possessive? Could it be plural possessive?  Perhaps that is best put off for another time.  That I shall do.

    When I retired to my bed chamber last night (I went to bed), the palm of my left hand started to itch.  I thought about lotion, but, cheeee, lotion has always been a last resort for me.  Even, then, I've NEVER noticed an itch solved by lotion or itch cream.  Maybe it is just me.

    So, my left palm itches.  I awoke my customary 5 times during the night to  - well, you know -  each time, the palm still had an itch. Then, I remembered the old wives' tale:  If your palm itches, money is coming your way.  Word it anyway you like, this is one tale that I am choosing to believe.  

Whar's the Cash?  

    I'm still waiting.  Nobody has knocked upon my door - or called from Pub. clearing house (you have to enter, to win) - none of that has happened.  My neighbor to the east just got a delivery left on the porch.  A quick trip over there might deliver a profit.  Just a thought.

Maybe, certainly Maybe, in today's mail.   Money to sooth the palm.  C'mon, sooth me baby.


I am using the word "just" too often in this missive.

I might mention here, that I just had a thought.  I turned on the cell phone - typed - and whammo, the internet has listings of old wives' tales.  I can see a book being written.   The Idiot's Guide to Old Wives' Tales.  It could be as helpful as Poor Richard's Almanac  - with a nod to Benjamin Franklin.  I'll get started on that tomorrow.  


Speaking of that, here's another book that I wanted to write, actually several books, a series:     

    49 Things To See & Do in ____________.   Put the name of a town or a county or a state or a community into the blank.   Example:  I live in Bell County.  49 Things To See & Do in Bell County.  Now you start to make a list.  Of course, you could pick the easy way out.  List all the towns in the County.  But, no, you must actually do the leg work.  .  .  . .  Each item must by listed with a photo.  Take a picture of the courthouse.  Then, give a short history of the courthouse.  Salado has its mermaid lore.  Killeen is right there next to Fort Hood - soon to be renamed because Hood was a Confederate.  East of Temple is a little community with Green's meat market and cafe.  I'd list Buc-ees in north Temple.  

    Can you see the possibility?  Every town in Texas surely can find 49 things to see.  Certainly, every County could.  Perhaps 49 is the wrong number.   I do like odd numbers like 77, 49, 53, or 61.  Numbers like 25 and 50  are "just" too plain.  But to keep the book(s) consistent all over the State, one number must be used by all.   Each book must have a different color cover...maybe, in the local school colors - if only one school is to be had.

    These books could be printed at home - those would resemble a pamphlet.   37 things to do in Waco.  I smile with inner-glow at my brilliance.  

Ooooo Ooooo Ooooo   Franchise.   Sell the concept to a local historian.  They gather the info - you print, staple, art work - deliver  - take a nap on the couch.  

Now where can I find that financing?

The palm is itching again.

Hey! Somebody bring me some Lotion?

Love,  m3   

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