Sunday, February 26, 2023

quickie- Home & Garden show

 I'm not sure that it is called the home and garden show...but something very similar.  I have seen the show advertised for a couple of months. I got rather excited about the show - plants, seeds and all.    It is held at the Bell County  bright silver dome on hwy 121 south of Belton.  

We went today, Sunday.  Entrance is $7. 

The show was primarily people selling new windows, hot tubs, makeup, 2 chiropractic folks, Ford truck, insurance, water stuff, bath tubs, remodeling - I won't go on.  What is was Not:  GARDEN.   In spite of the title, no garden stuff.  We didn't go to be sold stuff.  We wanted GARDEN stuff.  We will save our $7 next year.

Pause now as I let you know that hiccups just started.  I am starting to have hiccups about once a day.  Now, they are gone.  Do they make a drug for hiccups?   I mean, do they make a legal drug.  If you take the wrong stuff, you 'll never know you had hiccups.   Great word:  hiccups.  Some folks put a hyphen in the middle: hic-cups.  Nuff.

No garden stuff.  We finally found the Bell county master gardeners who were selling trinkets instead of gardening. And then we found storage sheds.  Sheds could be gardening.   Do you need some pavers for your backyard?  How about a walk-in bathtub with appropriate remodeling of your bathroom?  So it goes.  something to complain about.  needed something to complain about.  it makes my day.  One young lady trapped my wife at a makeup booth.  I told the boss standing there, that I needed to save her because my wife wasn't going to buy anything.   Eventually, I believe I made the young lady mad as I whisked off my wife.

It never dawned on me  until now that my wife might have been enjoying that attention.  Too Late.

later.  GARDEN SHOW!!!!    nevermind


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