Monday, February 28, 2011

news from Libya


Thought you might like to know!

Latest News from Egypt & Lifya.........

\نور اگر رفت سایه پیدا نیست نقش دیوار و چشم خیره

ما نقش سا دگر نمی دان نور اگر رفت سایه. ر رفت سایه پیدا

نیست نقش دیوار و چشم خیره ما نقش سایه دگر نمی دان

نور اگر رفت سایه پیدا نیست نقش دیوار و چشم خیره ما

If I hear anything else I will let you know.....


(side bar: you can try this. When I got this thing, it was an email forward with a lot of stuff to clean up in it. So I did. I put the pointer in front of the word "Thought" and hit back space which got rid of a blue line on the left.

I kept doing this till I got to the words I couldn't read even if I went to a Muslim school in my youth. I hit the back space and the pointer went to the right. I hit left and right arrows and the pointer always went in the wrong direction.  I don't know if it will work that way here on the block - but it sure did on my email.

If I remember correctly, they read from right to left just as it is with Hebrew. If I remember correctly. But, how did my computer know to change directions. It is always an amazement to me. Sometimes I just walk around with a dazed look saying, "Really. Wow. Really. I didn't know that. Lookee there!  Golllllleeeeyyy"

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hoe Stone

Went to an estate sale today - everything 50% off.  We go into Corsicana on Saturdays, sometimes, to do garage sales.  Map in hand - this process is used to learn the town.  New towns have so many abnormal quirks- you get lost navigating the streets.  The older the town, the more problems.  So it is with Corsicana.

Estate sales are sad to me.  So much of one's lifetime just laid out for a dollar or a dollar  and a quarter.  And in the middle of the garage, a walker.  It makes me worry about so many things that I prize but are not revered by anyone else.

Like:  my music boxes, my key chains, my Bach trumpet, my pink dental cabinet (known locally as the pink thing), post cards - I have several hundred, old and newer, ya get the idea.  Back to the estate sale.   

It was picked over since Thursday.  We still found a couple of blankets for our dogs - 3 pots for outside plants - and cassettes of old radio western Gunsmoke on the radio and others.  I am looking forward to these.  I 'd bet I have 30 to 40 hours of casette shows.  Should be fun.  We'll see.

The best thing I bought was a hoe.  This is a Hoe Stone.   It was old and $1.50.  The handle is old and worn.  The head is worn down on one edge more than the other.  It must be sharpened soon.  My last hoe broke.  Now I have a new old hoe.  My own children will inherit my new old hoe and tell their grandchildren that it came from their great grandfather - a hoe that has been in the family for 3 generations.  It hasn't of course.  But that is the story I plan on promoting.  

"See this old hoe?  Well children, I inherited this here hoe from my father who inherited from his father.  And now, 75 years later, I pass this hoe on to you my wonderful descendants."

and, that my friends, is a Hoe Stone.

Heart Worms and no more

My next door neighbor has 2 black labs,  Sue and Heidi.  Heidi is about 9 yrs old and takes arthritis medicine regularly or she cannot stand to bark.  It is sad when this happens.   This past week Heidi developed a cough; it sounded like she had something stuck in her throat - y'know like a cat's hair ball.

She was missing the other day - I thought it strange when she did come over for a belly rub - boy that dog has a big belly compared to my Doxies.  Her head is as big as Greta is total.  But, am off subject.  A day passed and here comes Heidi.   She had a shaved spot on her back with a small bloody area - I figured dog bite and trip to vet.

Her mama brought me up to date.  Heidi has heart worms.  And  Y E S  Heidi has been taking Heart Guard regularly.  Now figure- this is mid-winter - we have no mosquitos in the middle of the winter.  Does this mean Heidi was bitten last fall?  C'mon now.  The Mama continued.  She said that her Vet said - there is a new variety of heart worm which cannot be stopped by Heart Guard.  They are changing to a new pill

I do not know what the pill is - but will tell when I know.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

FYI - Sat PM / Sun AM

1. on the AOL news thing they had the following paragraph:
But, when you consider that only 34 percent of Americans live in a
single-family home, according to the
National Multi Housing Council ....

I think that number is interesting. Living in a smaller town in Texas - I don't see all those apartment houses and big ole buildings that others do. Surely, these folks know what they are talking about. Only 34% live in a house, single-family. That means 66% (I did that math in my head) live in places that house more than one family.
2. We got a couple of new recliners delivered today. Mine is wider than hers. I was surprised how big the chair looks in our living room. But, I now have room enough to hold more than 3 dogs at a time. Bring em on.
3. Presidents Day is Monday. Is it like Mum's day and we should send presents. Please note the lack of an apostrophe on the word "Presidents." That is really my point here. Is it the Day of remembering all Presidents. Or is it President's Day - and they get ice cream / cake / and don't have to go to work. You follow me?
4. I had a revelation today: I don't understand Quantum Physics. I'm not even sure how to spell it. Now, do only 34% of Americans understand Quantom Fisics? Or is it a different, yea lesser, percentage. Let's have the govt. do a survey.
5. The Great Backyard Bird count is upon us - Friday through Monday (right now). If you'd like to participate for free, go to their website and read. Better hurry. It is about over - oh, wait, the newspaper article didn't bother to give us the website. Maybe it will be at GBBC dot something or another.
6. another news clipping -- remembering that the state is having financial probs.....
"The Garland school district was presented $96,000 on Tuesday night, its SHARE of a STATE GRANT for hosting the 2011,2012 and 2013 Southwest Athletic Conference men's and women's basketball tournaments. The money comes from the state's Events Trust Fund program, revised and EXPANDED in the 2009 legislative session ..... The amount is based on the ESTIMATED added state and local taxes that will result from the event."
Doesn't that seem like a tad bit of overkill for a basketball tournament? I am willing to go rent a small gym if they'll include me in the payout next time.
7. Never did mention seeing the SWINGLE SINGERS at the recent TMEA convention (TX Music Educ Asso). Of course they were not the original singers - taking in consideration they were really popular in the late 60s. They were fun. I loved them. They have a lot of stuff on the You-Tubby thing.
Also enjoyed a concert by the Dallas Brass - a quintet of fun-loving brass players. I betcha they are on UUU also -- frankly, 5 brass and a drummer. They remind me a bit of the Canadian Brass, if you have heard them.
8. Had a conversation with my oldest Granddaughter this week. She is in elementary school. The band directors have started recruiting her class to join band next year. On the phone I explained all the different instruments, their problems and blessings, and so forth. I could actually feel her eyes glaze over as I talked. The telephone must not be the proper way to talk band instruments.
I understand that her dad ( Bass Trombonist ) has nixed Saxophone and Drums. He ain't nobody's fool. His pitch for a family oboe player probably is going to fail.

the saga shall continue & be reported here, on this page.

m3 / MTZ

Beer Tank Clarification

clarification: I watched part of the redneck wedding ( see previous post ) = the tank filled with beer --

Y'know how you go to the carnival and some yokel sits on a diving board - you throw a ball at a small hole - you hit hole and the guy falls in the water ??? Y'know ???

That is the type of tank they filled up with beer. When the hole was hit, down went the clown into a tank of beer, foamy beer = yes, they drank as they sank.

Would you really want to be the 4th or 5th person to plop into that tank - guzzling?

Reminds me of a great Ella Fitzgerald song: "But Not For Me"

Friday, February 18, 2011

newspaper & Migraines

#1 Front page of Corsicana newspaper today:

tells about a TV show on tonight, Friday, CMT Channel (CMT???) 7:30.
Big Redneck Wedding. Young couple get married in Camo. Has a Camo Ring. 2nd marriage for both. They actually 50 miles from here in Palestine, but attend the local Jr. College. She is becoming an Occupational therapist assistant. The article never says what he is studying; instead, it says: "Bradley was a scout in the U.S. Army who lost a hand in the Iraq war."

Camo wedding dress, camo vests and hunter orange ties for groom and groomsman. A preacher dressed as Elvis. Reception has a hunting carnival theme with games such as archery competition and fool-proof horseshoes. Reception held at Mud Creek in Jacksonville.

Theme was bow hunting. Their daughters (remember 2nd marriage for each) 6 and 3 wore dark brown insulated bib overalls, camo jackets and camo head bands with orange bows. They threw corn instead of flowers.

The bride made a point of saying "we're not redneck, just country." I continue to quote: "Our wedding was definitely different, but, it wasn't trashy. The worst thing we had was the dunk tank full of beer."
Tonight at 7:30.
#2 A burglary suspect was arrested in Arlington. They had to cut Justin Cain, 21, out of the chimney. Yep, he was "shimmying" down the chimney about 2 a.m. Got wedged in - something about this puts new meaning to getting a wedgie. They found drug stuff in his car and marijuana. He is still trying to raise bail.
#3 All over TV and U-tubby is this news reporter lady who had problems talking on the air. They first thought she had a stroke on air. The video sees her trying to talk and the wrong words come out.
House had a similar story one time. But he solved the problem. The doctors have blamed her problem on an aural (?) Migrain. She is fine now. The doc described the flashing lights, etc. and the progression it went through until she had the verbal problem.
I am not going for sympathy here. Years ago, say 20 plus, I was teaching an elementary music class in Van Alstyne. I was banging on the piano while the urchins yelled out their song. I tried to say something (little fuzzy on this fact) and it became apparent that I was having a problem - to me, the kids never figured it out. I stood up at the piano between songs and started writing a note - my plan: Send a note to wife or anyone telling them to get down to my room.
The words went down on the page but nothing made sense when I read it back. The letters were funny, the words were jumbled, the entire note could have been used on Star Wars by the mysterious Alien Race.
Things cleared up pretty fast. I could play piano as they sang - the whole time, so I thought it couldn't be too bad.
Within a couple of days Marshall booked me into a brain guy who game me test after test at Baylor. They found nothing. At the end, I was told that it was probably a migraine.....not to worry. Years have passed and never another episode.
I do have migraines of a sort. No pain. I have a flashing light that moves from the lower right of vision, slowly crossing my field of vision until it exits the upper left. The lights are there whether eyes are opened or closed. It is getting so I only have these every 3 or 4 months anymore. Had one last week so I am good till June.

I empathize with the lady.

Time to watch the Redneck wedding. Where is that Tank filled with beer? I'm not a redneck.
m3 / Mtz

Thursday, February 17, 2011

surprise gift

As you may remember, our mail is delivered to a main box collection up the hill. Each of us has our little mailbox. Should we get a package, it is placed inside one of two mailboxes on the side - and the key is placed in our mailbox.

Yesterday, after an exciting day in town to see my doctor for the semi-yearly doc visit, we pulled up to our little mail box and opened the door. A tiny key fell out and clanged against the side of the car. We must have a package.

"So what are you expecting?"
"I haven't ordered anything."
"Well, I haven't either. It must be a bomb from Obama."
"Maybe the IRS is sending us a package of all the errors we made last year."
"Why don't you pull up and get out of the car and see?"

So, I pulled up. I found the little key in the dirt and opened the big box mailbox.

There was a box in there that was the exact size of the mailbox. It was flush with the front of the box; it was even with both sides; and, there was a tiny gap across the top. So, I don't guess it completely fill the whole box. It was big enough though.

I tried to grasp it, couldn't. Finally with the help of a tiny knife inserted in the edge of the box, I moved it 1/4th inch. Then, another 1/4th inch. To say I inched the box out of the container would be accurate. After several quarter inches, I was able to put my hands on both sides of the box and pull.

Oops, left something out. This may be hard to comprehend. When you open up the front of the mailbox, the door swings out of the way, but the edge of the front is still there. Apparently, at the back of the box, where the postman slides the box inside, there is no edge or hinge in the way.

I had to bend the edges of the box just a bit to get by the edge & hinge. This is did with the help of my tiny knife.

I carried the box to the car and plopped it on the wife's lap. She just sat there and look at the box. We drove home, carried the box inside the house, found a dagger to remove the miles of tape - and thrust open the box lid. Inside? Another box surrounded by those little white peanut thingys. Actually, these peanuts were about the size of a size D battery. Much too-doo, we got the 2nd box out.

It was a gift from brother Jim and spouse Earline, known around here as Jim&E. A squirrel proof bird feeder - if you know our squirrels, you know how good they are. It is is is is is is is beautiful and totally unexpected. I love presents....especially when they are unexpected. Almost rhymes. Especially Unexpected. I am going to place it under the squirrel's tree highway and just wait for him to try.

Thanks Earline. Thanks Jim. It is a great addition to our mansion by the sea. I love birds. I love squirrels. I love dachshunds. This was the perfect item for us today. Someone in Pottsboro has good taste in bird feeders.

Hey Squirrel: Nyah, Nyah, Nyah. Thuuuuppppttttttt!!!

p.s. Might note here that we are accepting surprise gifts 24-7 should anyone care to contribute. I promise to write a tribute 'bout chu.

pps. Little side note here. Our little boy Fritz sniffed around the box and grabbed one of the peanuts. He clamped his teeth shut and started gumming it. I rolled him over and tried to get him to spit it out. Dreamer. He gummed; I put my finger inside his mouth, clamped shut. Eventually a small melted portion was extracted from the top of his mouth where it melted into a glob. I used my finger and scratched it off the roof - reminded me a bit of peanut butter stuck to the roof of the mouth. Once again, this proves, My Boy Fritz will try to eat anything or anybody. Line forms on the right.
M3 / Mtz

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hutto Hippos close school

It is sorta fun seeing your daughter's photo in the NY Times - and she didn't even have to rob a bank or shoot a terrorist to get in.

Laura teaches elem music in the Hutto schools @ Veterans Hill Elem. She loves the school and the principal. Hutto is closing the school for money reasons. Frankly, they overbuilt schools before the people moved to town. It is not "build it and they will come." When the housing boom went boom, the school was already open. Now, Hutto, with a new Superintendent on board, is closing the school because of the lack of students.

The article below was in the NY Times today. The 2nd photo is my daughter teaching one of her music classes. She is worried about the future. Anyway, I have never been in the NY Times. Maybe it is just as well if it takes a situation in order to get in.

This is close to our home & world. Thought the article was interesting.

Search All

Aid Cuts Have Texas Schools Scrambling
Published: February 14, 2011

HUTTO, Tex. — The school superintendent in this rural town outside the state capital has taken steps to trademark the district’s oddly un-Texan school mascot — the Hutto Hippo — in a frantic effort to raise cash. He is also planning to put advertisements on school buses and to let retailers have space on the school Web site.
Enlarge This Image Erich Schlegel for The New York Times
Case Sherva, a fifth grader, helped a teacher, Paul Suddeth, lower the Texas state flag after school at Veterans’ Hill Elementary School in Hutto, Tex. State budget cuts are forcing the district to close the three-year-old school.
Enlarge This Image

Erich Schlegel for The New York Times
Veterans’ Hill Elementary in Hutto, Tex., is being closed to save money.
“I’m doing some weird stuff in the district because we are low on money,” said the superintendent, Douglas Killian, sitting in an office full of Hippo figurines.
He added, “We hope to make our hippo as recognizable as Mickey Mouse.” (The mascot was adopted shortly after a hippopotamus escaped from a circus train in 1915 and took up temporary residence in a local creek.)
But the money expected from the sale of “Hustling Hippos” merchandise would be peanuts compared with the hole expected to open up in the district’s budget, as the Legislature moves to slash about $4.8 billion in state aid to schools over two years to close a budget gap.
So Mr. Killian and the beleaguered school board have agreed to shut down a recently built grade school and to cut a 10th of the staff, among them a principal, 2 assistant principals, 4 librarians and 38 teachers. That round of staff cuts is a just first step, he says, and layoffs will follow if the budget bills proposed in the Legislature are enacted without changes.
All across Texas, school superintendents are bracing for the largest cuts to public education since World War II, and the state is not alone. Schools across the country are in trouble as billions in emergency stimulus grants from the federal government have run out, and state and federal lawmakers have interpreted the victory of fiscal hawks in November’s midterm elections to mean that tax increases are out of the question.
Nowhere has that political trend been more potent than in Texas, where Republicans who ran on a promise to never raise taxes not only retained every statewide office, but also added to their majorities in both houses of the Legislature.
Gov. Rick Perry, easily re-elected in November, made it clear in his annual speech to lawmakers last week that he regarded raising revenue for schools as out of the question, saying Texas families “sent a pretty clear message with their November votes.” He has also refused to consider using $9.4 billion in a reserve fund to bail out the schools.
“They want government to be even leaner and more efficient,” Mr. Perry said, “and they want us to balance the budget without raising taxes on families and employers.”
To balance the budget with cuts alone, the governor and Republican leaders in the Legislature have put forth bills that would reduce the state’s public school budget by at least 13 percent — nearly $3.5 billion a year — and would provide no new money to schools for about 85,000 new students that arrive in Texas every year. School administrators predict that as many as 100,000 school employees would have to be laid off to absorb the cuts.
Not only are the proposed cuts to school aid draconian, but in addition the Legislature in 2006 put strict limits on how much districts can raise local property taxes. That means local school boards find themselves trapped amid rising enrollment, double-digit drops in state aid and frozen local taxes.
Many school administrators attribute the current budget crisis to an overhaul of the school finance system five years ago, which Mr. Perry and Republican leaders pushed through in response to popular anger over high property taxes. The Legislature put a cap on property taxes for schools and promised to make up the difference with a new business tax. But that tax has never produced enough revenue to make the districts’ budgets whole.
The chronic shortfall in money for schools was papered over in the last two-year budget passed in 2009. Mr. Perry and Republican leaders in the Legislature used about $3.3 billion in federal aid under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to plug the hole. That aid has disappeared this year.
“We had a problem before the shortfall ever occurred,” said John M. Folks, the superintendent of Northside Independent School District in San Antonio. “Now we have put this shortfall on top of an already horrible funding situation.”
Mr. Folks said the proposed budget bills would require him to cut about a sixth of his budget, and he sees see no way to avoid laying off teachers and letting classes become larger.

A version of this article appeared in print on February 15, 2011, on page A16 of the New York edition.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Westminster Dog Show

Just for the record, I am unplugging my phone while the Westminster Dog show is on tonight and tomorrow night. Especially - if someone calls when therre is a wire-hair dachshund on TV, I will take a sledge hammer to the phone - and, always keep in mind: I know who you are (caller ID) AND I know where you live.

[ Actually, all of that is a bluff; but, I do not intend to answer the phone. If you need me, send an email or something by Federal Express. Better yet, since it is Valentines Day, have the FTD florist deliver me some flowers with your important message attached - that should about do it.]

{ I thought about writing: "Gawd Awfully Important Message." That did seem to be a bit over the top and in very bad taste. }

Sunday, February 6, 2011

snow dogs and more

Oscar at top.
Fritz 2nd one
Bruno the bottom 2
Am gonna ramble for a while...
1. My last posting was about the start of the snow. Let me tell you that we had about 4 inches. I have about 250 photos of the snow days - or daze. When we awoke that morning, snow was everywhere. It took 3 days before I could get the Marauder out of the driveway. Keep in mind that North Texas went below freezing on Tues and stayed in the teens and 20s for about 4 days. Sure, the guys up north think this is a lark, but we don't down in Texas.
Dallas area had the snow on Tuesday, and we saw none. Then it came here from south of us...across the southern part of the state & up into our arms. Cheeeeee
My dogs (uh, the boy dogs) loved it. They were out running. The two girls went out and tolerated the white.
2. after 3 days of 20 degree weather, I went out and started my little Ford Explorer. It took a bit more cranking than normal. (This was before the snow) I started backing up the driveway and the car died. I drove it to the mailbox (about 2 mile round trip), everytime I lifted my foot off the gas - died. In my youth, we'd lift the hood and adjust the idle screw. Not anymore. One foot on the brake; one foot on the gas. Parked that rascal in front of the house on the hill, not in the driveway. Then I worried. My theory was that something (like a roller) was frozen and would not let the belt turn properly, pulling down the engine.
Bottom line: after the snow and it was 50 degrees out, car started and ran fine. Unworried.
3. We have several bird feeders and squirrel feeders out back. In this weather, flocks of birds zoom in on our estate. Little yellow birds & big honkin' black birds. They ate and ate. The squirrels enjoyed their treats too, often times they tried to steal the sunflower seeds from the birds. Open the back door and let the dogs out.
The boys fly out of the house after the squirrels. They have never gotten closer than 5 - 7 ft, but they still try. The squirrels scramble up the oaks staring down the boys, who, if left alone, will gobble up any bird food or corn on the ground. Someday I will be able to get a photo of them launching off the back porch towards the feeders. They truly fly.
4. The snow has gone. The backyard is mud. The boy's toes are mud. Our kitchen has bits of mud, discarded by unconcerned pups.
5. enough of the snow for now. It has taken its toll on this household - cabin fever. I will end with something from the paper way back when. (Keep in mind that I do support the Republicans and their efforts at most things.) The Williamson county republicans were sorta called on the carpet because they had listed certain items with Texas Ethics Commission as expenses. They showed an expense of $5,272,010 at Round Rock Donuts on Sept 20th and $9,082,010 at Applebee's restaurant in Georgetown on Sept 8.
Y'know folks, no matter how great those Round Rock doughnuts are - and I can tell you from personal experience, they be tasty - $5 mil for donuts on one day, that seems somewhat excessive. And, while an expensive place to eat lunch for me, $9 mil at Applebees is a long way from hamburgers all the way $9 mil, me thinks they could feed all of Williamson County a burger....with cheese.
Have you figured it out yet? It seems some yahoo entered the dates in the wrong slots: so, Sept 8 became 9082010 or 9/08/2010. They actually only spent $13.99 on donuts.
An aside here: Round Rock Donuts are made with a yellow flour. The donuts, when bitten, have a yellow inside. . . sorta pretty if you think about it. They are good.
I stop now and take the kids to the dog pit for our last adventure of the night. I am sure it will be fun for all. Fritz is the most willing to go out. He knows, yes, he knows. When we return to the house, he will get a cookie. Yum.
Sign me,
Mike, M3, Mtz, Papa, Hey You!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

It has re-begun

As I wound down for the night, I took the dogs to the Pit for their "last" expulsion of the night. Fritz loves to go to the Pit because it is always followed with a cookie, good cookie = then to bed and covered up for the night...Bruno covered in waiting for any noise which might allow him to bark and alert the household or world, if possible.

A surprise at this time of night. I opened the door and the ground was covered in snow. There is about an inch right now. The weatherman said 1 to 2 inches starting around 4 or 5 a.m. This has started much earlier. Now I am worried that we might have a 6 inch snow drift against our door in the morning and we won't be able to get out. Help!! send the National Guard to rescue us.

So I close with a true understanding as I watch the boy dogs do their conga line in the snow....."Don't eat yellow snow!"


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


this is a revelation - not a religious revelation, just a revelation.

I clicked on the word "stats" on my blog writing page and it shows me how many folks have read these things. That was really interesting. I would love to become famous and get to go on the Johnny Carson show. I might have to settle for Regis and Kelly though.

So then I clicked on the word "Monetize" above. I apparently have made money off this blog. It has gained almost a whole $1 in money for me. That means somebody has clicked on the advertisements. $1. can you believe it.

I encourage all of you to start a blog and join me on my way up to prosperity.

Now I ask: did you actually learn anything on this one?

Wed - it is cold + Bruno

Before I begin - let me invite you to invite anyone and everyone to visit my blugs. I do love the idea of being read. Now this one may not be the best. I'm cold and that has slowed down my brain.

We begin.

My boy Bruno would like a bit warmer weather.

Groundhog saw no shadow in North Texas today. Him a good boy.

It is so cold here, we have started leaving the refrigerator door open for warmth.

Notice: the Westminster Dog Show starts on Monday.

The wind here has been relentless. Cold in the late teens or early 20s. We have not experienced any of the rolling blackouts - yet. Brother Jim&E have been blessed with them up in Pottsboro - so I hear. They say another wave of colder weather is heading this way from north of El Paso. I would guess that we'll get actual snow this wave. . .shoot far, I hear that Houston will see snow this time.
I have acquired a new camera and taken photos of my dogs. Bruno is attached.
Drove up to get the mail yesterday while listening to a guy on talk radio. He was moaning about the cold. I quote: I got up this morning and there was a six inch drift against the door." six inch drift. I roll my eyes, not like Ernie and Judy up in New Hampshire; but I do roll my eyes. 6" cheeeeeee
Tried Pepsi Max this week for the 1st time. It taste like Pepsi. Now back to diet Coke and Zero thank you.
My mama always told me to wear good clothes when I travel - you just never know what will happen. It was so cold here this morning that I worried about potential problems, so I put on my good undies. You just never know when you will turn into a popsicle - and I don't want the guy with the hair dryer to catch me in a holy
T-shirt. At my funeral they might sing: "Holy Holy Holy" Or they might not.
Last thing: yesterday's paper Super Bowl Road Test by Terry Box
Seems there is a company in Dallas that rents fancy cars. The 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia goes for $1500 a day. If you are in the know, you call it a Scud. They have others. Platinum Motorcars of Dallas. I'd guess they have a website. A Ferrari 599 goes for $3,500 per day. Find the article from Dallas News. My favorite line came at the end. "Terry Box, who covers the auto industry, has been addicted to cars since he was a toddler and remains resolutely immature."

My plan is to write something about the Super Bowl and the process that I see on TV and in the paper. But I am a bit busy shivering and holding my boy Oscar. He does love to be held when he is not chasing the ball - not THE ball....ANY ball. He is an equal opportunity ball chaser (I may have used that line before - still like it though)
m3 mtz