Monday, February 14, 2011

Westminster Dog Show

Just for the record, I am unplugging my phone while the Westminster Dog show is on tonight and tomorrow night. Especially - if someone calls when therre is a wire-hair dachshund on TV, I will take a sledge hammer to the phone - and, always keep in mind: I know who you are (caller ID) AND I know where you live.

[ Actually, all of that is a bluff; but, I do not intend to answer the phone. If you need me, send an email or something by Federal Express. Better yet, since it is Valentines Day, have the FTD florist deliver me some flowers with your important message attached - that should about do it.]

{ I thought about writing: "Gawd Awfully Important Message." That did seem to be a bit over the top and in very bad taste. }

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