Friday, February 18, 2011

newspaper & Migraines

#1 Front page of Corsicana newspaper today:

tells about a TV show on tonight, Friday, CMT Channel (CMT???) 7:30.
Big Redneck Wedding. Young couple get married in Camo. Has a Camo Ring. 2nd marriage for both. They actually 50 miles from here in Palestine, but attend the local Jr. College. She is becoming an Occupational therapist assistant. The article never says what he is studying; instead, it says: "Bradley was a scout in the U.S. Army who lost a hand in the Iraq war."

Camo wedding dress, camo vests and hunter orange ties for groom and groomsman. A preacher dressed as Elvis. Reception has a hunting carnival theme with games such as archery competition and fool-proof horseshoes. Reception held at Mud Creek in Jacksonville.

Theme was bow hunting. Their daughters (remember 2nd marriage for each) 6 and 3 wore dark brown insulated bib overalls, camo jackets and camo head bands with orange bows. They threw corn instead of flowers.

The bride made a point of saying "we're not redneck, just country." I continue to quote: "Our wedding was definitely different, but, it wasn't trashy. The worst thing we had was the dunk tank full of beer."
Tonight at 7:30.
#2 A burglary suspect was arrested in Arlington. They had to cut Justin Cain, 21, out of the chimney. Yep, he was "shimmying" down the chimney about 2 a.m. Got wedged in - something about this puts new meaning to getting a wedgie. They found drug stuff in his car and marijuana. He is still trying to raise bail.
#3 All over TV and U-tubby is this news reporter lady who had problems talking on the air. They first thought she had a stroke on air. The video sees her trying to talk and the wrong words come out.
House had a similar story one time. But he solved the problem. The doctors have blamed her problem on an aural (?) Migrain. She is fine now. The doc described the flashing lights, etc. and the progression it went through until she had the verbal problem.
I am not going for sympathy here. Years ago, say 20 plus, I was teaching an elementary music class in Van Alstyne. I was banging on the piano while the urchins yelled out their song. I tried to say something (little fuzzy on this fact) and it became apparent that I was having a problem - to me, the kids never figured it out. I stood up at the piano between songs and started writing a note - my plan: Send a note to wife or anyone telling them to get down to my room.
The words went down on the page but nothing made sense when I read it back. The letters were funny, the words were jumbled, the entire note could have been used on Star Wars by the mysterious Alien Race.
Things cleared up pretty fast. I could play piano as they sang - the whole time, so I thought it couldn't be too bad.
Within a couple of days Marshall booked me into a brain guy who game me test after test at Baylor. They found nothing. At the end, I was told that it was probably a migraine.....not to worry. Years have passed and never another episode.
I do have migraines of a sort. No pain. I have a flashing light that moves from the lower right of vision, slowly crossing my field of vision until it exits the upper left. The lights are there whether eyes are opened or closed. It is getting so I only have these every 3 or 4 months anymore. Had one last week so I am good till June.

I empathize with the lady.

Time to watch the Redneck wedding. Where is that Tank filled with beer? I'm not a redneck.
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