Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hoe Stone

Went to an estate sale today - everything 50% off.  We go into Corsicana on Saturdays, sometimes, to do garage sales.  Map in hand - this process is used to learn the town.  New towns have so many abnormal quirks- you get lost navigating the streets.  The older the town, the more problems.  So it is with Corsicana.

Estate sales are sad to me.  So much of one's lifetime just laid out for a dollar or a dollar  and a quarter.  And in the middle of the garage, a walker.  It makes me worry about so many things that I prize but are not revered by anyone else.

Like:  my music boxes, my key chains, my Bach trumpet, my pink dental cabinet (known locally as the pink thing), post cards - I have several hundred, old and newer, ya get the idea.  Back to the estate sale.   

It was picked over since Thursday.  We still found a couple of blankets for our dogs - 3 pots for outside plants - and cassettes of old radio western Gunsmoke on the radio and others.  I am looking forward to these.  I 'd bet I have 30 to 40 hours of casette shows.  Should be fun.  We'll see.

The best thing I bought was a hoe.  This is a Hoe Stone.   It was old and $1.50.  The handle is old and worn.  The head is worn down on one edge more than the other.  It must be sharpened soon.  My last hoe broke.  Now I have a new old hoe.  My own children will inherit my new old hoe and tell their grandchildren that it came from their great grandfather - a hoe that has been in the family for 3 generations.  It hasn't of course.  But that is the story I plan on promoting.  

"See this old hoe?  Well children, I inherited this here hoe from my father who inherited from his father.  And now, 75 years later, I pass this hoe on to you my wonderful descendants."

and, that my friends, is a Hoe Stone.

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