Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wed - it is cold + Bruno

Before I begin - let me invite you to invite anyone and everyone to visit my blugs. I do love the idea of being read. Now this one may not be the best. I'm cold and that has slowed down my brain.

We begin.

My boy Bruno would like a bit warmer weather.

Groundhog saw no shadow in North Texas today. Him a good boy.

It is so cold here, we have started leaving the refrigerator door open for warmth.

Notice: the Westminster Dog Show starts on Monday.

The wind here has been relentless. Cold in the late teens or early 20s. We have not experienced any of the rolling blackouts - yet. Brother Jim&E have been blessed with them up in Pottsboro - so I hear. They say another wave of colder weather is heading this way from north of El Paso. I would guess that we'll get actual snow this wave. . .shoot far, I hear that Houston will see snow this time.
I have acquired a new camera and taken photos of my dogs. Bruno is attached.
Drove up to get the mail yesterday while listening to a guy on talk radio. He was moaning about the cold. I quote: I got up this morning and there was a six inch drift against the door." six inch drift. I roll my eyes, not like Ernie and Judy up in New Hampshire; but I do roll my eyes. 6" cheeeeeee
Tried Pepsi Max this week for the 1st time. It taste like Pepsi. Now back to diet Coke and Zero thank you.
My mama always told me to wear good clothes when I travel - you just never know what will happen. It was so cold here this morning that I worried about potential problems, so I put on my good undies. You just never know when you will turn into a popsicle - and I don't want the guy with the hair dryer to catch me in a holy
T-shirt. At my funeral they might sing: "Holy Holy Holy" Or they might not.
Last thing: yesterday's paper Super Bowl Road Test by Terry Box
Seems there is a company in Dallas that rents fancy cars. The 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia goes for $1500 a day. If you are in the know, you call it a Scud. They have others. Platinum Motorcars of Dallas. I'd guess they have a website. A Ferrari 599 goes for $3,500 per day. Find the article from Dallas News. My favorite line came at the end. "Terry Box, who covers the auto industry, has been addicted to cars since he was a toddler and remains resolutely immature."

My plan is to write something about the Super Bowl and the process that I see on TV and in the paper. But I am a bit busy shivering and holding my boy Oscar. He does love to be held when he is not chasing the ball - not THE ball....ANY ball. He is an equal opportunity ball chaser (I may have used that line before - still like it though)
m3 mtz

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