Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday nothings

Weatherman said cold weather is on the way -- brrrrrrr
I have surely mentioned in the past that I have 5 wire-hair dachshunds. The two newest, Oscar and Bruno - chocolate boys - are coming up on their 2 year birthdays. They are so cute. Oscar walks around with a ball in his mouth. He owns maybe 10 different balls - and is an equal opportunity ball chaser. Any ball is a good ball. I am the chief bottle washer and ball thrower around here.
Bruno is much more quiet even though he has an evil streak. All of sudden, he will get up - walk over to Oscar - take Oscar's throw ball in his mouth - walk over to some isolated spot and just lay down on the ball...disinterested in playing. Oscar starts his chirping noises until someone - big people size - gets involved to retrieve the ball.

You know how little boy dogs lift a back leg when discharging? Bruno is just now getting that process down. He will hike a leg and teeter back and forth until he loses his balance trying to act like a big boy. He is getting better.
My wife told me that she let the 3 boy dogs out together the other morning. The three wandered the back yard until Fritz (the elder) sidled up to the concrete birdbath and let flow. Oscar lined up right behind him waiting and Bruno pulled in behind Oscar waiting. It was a conga line 3 deep waiting for a fresh turn at the birdbath. Fritz usually will return and re-spray when the little boys have completed their mission. Our girl dogs have no interest in this adventure at all. They are such good dogs.
It has been simply beautiful (weather wise) here in Corsicana these past few days. Gorgeous-Gorgeous-Gorgeous. I sat out on the back porch rocker today and read my newspapers. Not a breeze bothered me. Of course, little Oscar demanded my attention since he needed me to throw his ball - and throw his ball - and throw his...well you get the idea.
Finally I tired of the game - went into the house - dug out several rawhide chew type sticks and distributed 'em to the mutts. They do love me (and my chew sticks).

1. From the newspaper the last few days: The AKC decreed the Labrador as America's favorite dog followed closely by the German shepherd. Yorkies were 3; beagles were 4th; and golden retrievers 5th. Obviously these people have never had a wire-haired dachshund.
The article also said 3 new breeds have been recognized. I wrote a stone about one of these a while back - the Mexican breed Xoloitzcuintli - comes in hairy or hairless varieties. ( shoh-loh-eets-KWEEN-tlee ) known as the Xolo (SHOH-loh). I just found that interesting. Just in case you care, the other 2 added were the Norwegian Lundehund and the Entlebucher Mountain Dog.

2. Been reading about a guy named Robert Burton who gave $3 mil plus to UCONN - He wants his money back because he was not consulted when they hired their new football coach. The newspaper article was long and cited many things Burton had said and done - You can find it online I am so sure. The arrogant rich guy. Jerk.

3. Little town near here HUBBARD just hired a new AD and football coach. His name is CRAIG Horn. Actually that is worthless info unless your name is Horn or your father is that guy. I suppose Hubbard folks care some. What caught my eye was the names of his 4 sons. At times I wonder what people are thinking.
So Craig and his lovely wife had 4 boys: C.J. age 11, CAHL age 9, COLT age 6, and COLDYN age 4. The named their kids after a Jeep, Crow sound, pistol, and a cough medicine. C'mon Folks !! Crimineee !!! Wait, that name is probably being saved for their 5th kid (hope it is a girl).
I think - yes I do at times - I think that if my name were Horn, I would have named my kids: French, English, Blatty, Shoe, or - as a real stretch here now - when one's name must be listed Last Name First, First Name Last:
Horn, Ontha Cobb

4. Short article - typed just as it appeared in my paper:
" Washington -- The U.S. government says candy imported from Pakistan called Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge is not safe to eat. Who would have guessed? "

5. I heard that the Super Bowl folks have sold all 3,000 tickets for the people to stand outside the stadium in the cold and watch TV monitors while over spending on food and drinks. $200 a pop for tickets. This next Super Bowl tidbit is amazing to me:
Estimated food sales will include: 12 TONS of Ultimate Nachos, 5 TONS of cheese steak, 8,000 LBS of hot dogs, 800 GALS of ketchup (yuk), 1250 GALS of wine , 15,625 GALS of soft drinks, 8K GALS of bottled water (so dumb), 160 TONS of ice and 5,000 LBS of popped corn.
There is so much to say about all that. So much. Won't, but could/should.
Enough of the newspaper. I thought I'd tell you my favorite TV shows right now. First of all, there is Pawn Stars. Sure, a lot of this show is staged but I find it interesting what comes through the door. Recently (right after Christmas), I went to Corsicana's 2 pawn shops just to look. They are NOTHING like the one on TV.
Of course, there is the other pawn shop show: Hardcore Pawn. Now there is a dysfunctional family. Brother Jim thinks this show is all faked for ratings. I just wonder. They are so stupid regarding their personal lives. Who would want that reputation being broadcast to all of America much less the signal being zoomed out into space for aliens to watch?
Now, American Pickers is sorta of interest too. I'm sure there will be a copy cat version any day now. The shows about going to storage sheds and bidding on the contents -- there are 3 diff shows covering that storyline lately - not to forget the Auction Kings fiasco. Take these shows and add all the poker shows and WWII specials - life is grand.
Coming this Friday, the show about tracing ancestors.
y'all take care now - and don't forget to stock up on supplies for the Super Bowl. I know that my house will be prepared for the entire experience (that my friends was an effort at sarcasm).

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